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It seems you’ve already laid a strong foundation, but there are still a few details to fine-tune before you are VC-ready. Perhaps you need to refine your strategy, pitch deck, or investor lists, or maybe your team could use some additional assistance. The good news is that the bulk of the work is nearly finished, and you’re close to a successful fundraise.

How can you maximize your chances of success from here onwards?

  • Have a critical look at the business, existing team, and materials. Identify the weakest areas that need help and focus your attention there
  • Consider taking feedback from a couple of friendly investors/angels to see where you need help
  • Make sure your investment materials reflect the awesome work you’ve done. If you need help reviewing or putting together the right pitch deck and financial forecast for the investor, our assisted fundraise service might be a great fit. We are also planning to launch a fundraising co-pilot later in 2024—join the waitlist today to be alerted once it’s out.

If you have questions about the score (or think we are totally wrong!) – share your results on social media, tag Waveup, and we will provide more background on how you got the score above.

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Our assisted fundraising service takes you through every step

From the initial pitch deck and financial model preparation to assistance in refining the business model and go-to-market strategy, and finally, introductions to relevant investors. Depending on where you are in your fundraising journey, our team can oversee the process from end-to-end, or just assist with the elements where you need expertise the most.

Last year alone, our clients raised $505M. If you believe we can replicate this success with your business, please leave your information, and we will be in touch.

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