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Traditional business plans are dead

To convince investors to finance your venture, these cumbersome, obsolete documents are about as effective as a half-baked idea jotted down on a napkin. Why then do some founders still opt for them? Because creating a lean, actionable, and investor-attractive business plan is hard and requires years of experience, skill, and relevant expertise.

Common mistakes in business plan writing

Using outdated, incorrect or incomplete data
Absence of a clear value proposition
Dry, lackluster narratives that don’t address investors’ needs
Unrealistic or flawed financial projections
Outdated corporate look with walls of text
Weak executive summary that fails to hook investors

We create business plans that do
your idea justice in the eyes of investors

Having sat on both sides of the investment table, we understand investor expectations like no other and use this knowledge to accelerate your path to fundraising. 

Business plan writing that makes sense:

  • Impressive results: over $2B in funding secured for our clients across 80+ industry verticals, with over $505M raised in 2023 alone.
  • Unmatched expertise: we combine knowledge in growth-hacking, corporate finance, storytelling, and design allowing us to transform even the most complex business ideas into winning investment stories.
  • Holistic approach: we go beyond templated business plan writing, providing a comprehensive analisis of your business fundamentals, crafting a powerful story and leveraging design to amplify your message.
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What you get 

  • Executive summary: a captivating and clear layout of your business plan’s core ideas
  • Funding request: a justified funding sum with a compelling use of funds breakdown
  • Go-to-market & marketing strategy: a razor-sharp plan to introduce your product or service to market and sell it
  • Organization and management: an organizational chart, job descriptions, and plan that aligns with your business strategy
  • Financial projections: realistic revenue and expense projections highlighting unit economics and expansion layers
  • Solution description: a persuasive product narrative that accentuates the benefits and features of your offering
  • Market research: deep market intelligence to inform your strategic decisions and demonstrate your profound understanding of the space
  • Competitive analysis: a thorough examination of your industry and competitors to carve out your industry positioning and competitive edge

Business plans that make a difference

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Our business plans writing services will help you

Raise funding
Attract, hire, and retaine top talent
Supercharge your growth strategy

This is how we roll


  • After we send you a signed NDA to ensure your confidentiality, we start gathering information about your project vision and business goals through calls and questionnaires.

Research & Analysis:

  • We begin researching your market using the latest market reports, industry databases, and expert insights to build compelling and data-backed arguments.
  • We also analyze all the information you provided through our calls and questionnaires to craft a winning business story reflecting your fundamentals, strategy, and vision.


  • At this step, we bring together all our findings from external research and analysis of the information you provided.
  • We then wrap hard data into powerful storytelling and sleek design that aligns with your brand, creating an investor-attractive and persuasive business plan.


  • Once the first draft is complete — typically within 14 days — we send it for your review. If you have any suggestions or changes in mind, we incorporate them right away to ensure the final product meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
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On top of professional business plan writing services, we provide a variety of fundraising and growth services to help you win. Lorem ipsum vitae risus non urna dapibus vehicula sit amet.

Frequently asked

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a roadmap for your business. It lays out what your business is about, its goals, industry position, and strategies to overcome challenges and meet your goals. It’s like a game plan for a sports team, detailing their standing, strategies, tactics, and resources needed to win the match.

What is the main structure of a business plan?

While you don’t have to rigorously follow a strict business plan template, there are some core elements that are typically present in a good business plan. These include an executive summary, company description, market analysis, product or service description, GTM or marketing strategy, financial projections, and appendix with documents and information supporting the main sections.

What are the 3 main purposes of a business plan?

1. Strategic planning: A business plan serves as a roadmap to achieving goals in everything concerning your business from product development to marketing and positioning to revenue strategies.

2. Fundraising: When seeking investments or loans, you need to convince investors in the viability and financial potential of your idea. A good business plan does this job very well.

3. Operational guide: A business plan acts as an operational guide for managing the company. It lays out key milestones, highlights needed resources, and sets a timeline for achieving goals, helping you track progress and make timely adjustments.

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