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80% of Series A startup funding pitches fail to generate engagement with investors

The reason is trivial: most founders don’t adopt an investor’s viewpoint. Relying on generic pitch deck templates and convoluted financial models, they often miss communicating the core business fundamentals VCs actually want to see.

The biggest pitfalls in Series A funding pitches

Incorrectly presented traction

Absence of capital efficiency metrics

Weak or nonexistent customer retention signs

Lack of proof of the ability to build great teams

GTM strategy devoid of moat

Shaky or unambitious financial projections

No vision of becoming a $100M company

Tired pitch deck templates

Lack of compelling answer to the “Why invest now?” question

Four fits Series A founders must have to drive investor interest and conversions

  • Founder-market fit
  • Messaging-market fit 
  • Product-market fit
  • Channel-market fit


We help startups unlock investor engagement
and secure Series A funding

With our leading presence in venture capital advisory and dual-sided investment experience, Waveup’s team has helped hundreds of startups craft investment materials that raised over $3B of funding in total.



of Series A funding raised

Deals volume


Series A deals



unicorns in 2023

How we help

From analyzing the key metrics and financials investors want to see to crafting a powerful investment story around them to supercharging your investor outreach, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Business fundamentals & growth advisory

Startups often put their product front and center yet completely ignore business fundamentals VCs care about. We help you assess and enhance the critical metrics investors zoom in on during the Series A funding stage, ensuring they meet industry standards or repositioning them to spotlight strengths.

  • Revamping key growth, retention, and capital efficiency metrics
  • Filling gaps in your marketing and sales strategies
  • Auditing your business model
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Pitch deck consulting & design

Crafting outstanding Series A pitch decks and investment teasers that compel investors and 20X engagement and response rates. We envelop essential metrics and narratives in striking designs and gripping investment narratives.

  • Storytelling
  • Research
  • Design
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Financial model

Creating comprehensive, reliable, and flexible custom financial models that serve as a tool to fuel smart decisions and foster your fundraiser. Highlight the strengths of your business model, present exit strategies, justify your vision, and prove your sharp judgment to investors.

  • Comprehensive forecast
  • 100% defendable numbers
  • Expert guidance User-friendly
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Investor outreach

Helping you up your investor outreach game and secure meetings at scale. Tap into our curated database of accredited investors, refine your messaging, and launch omnichannel outreach sequences to maximize conversions.

  • 50k+ of validated investor contacts
  • Omni-channel outreach suite
  • Tailored messaging
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$50M pitch deck for a VC fund

The presentation that helped a VC manager to secure $50M in funding.


$500K pre-seed raise for a beauty brand

A pitch deck that helped the brand close an oversubscribed round
within 3 weeks.


$4M seed round for a prospecting automation platform

Pitch deck that helped to close the round at $40M valuation, without the product or traction.


The distribution deal with a Top-1 game console company

Strategy & Presentation for a local Saudi Arabian distributor that helped to secure a deal with the world’s biggest game console manufacturer.


$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace

$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace


Pitch deck that raised $1.7M for a vegan restaurant chain

The case study on the pitch deck that helped a vegan quick-service restaurant chain successfully raise $1.7M in seed capital.


$100M multifamily real estate fund raise

Taking the client from zero to the capital needed to secure property acquisition and a subsequent $100M investment


The pitch deck that raised $12M seed round

Fundraising support for a Latin American e-commerce aggregator


Game-changing financial model for a revolutionary fintech app

£3M Late Seed fundraise led by top-tier UK funds


Play-to-earn blockchain gaming revolution

Series A fundraise for world’s leading NFT-based P2E startup


M&A support

Building a global leader in lithium battery sector with bolt-on acquisition strategy


Digital strategy

Helping Top-3 global athletic footwear brand to realise its digital potential


Market entry plan

Turnaround strategy and market entry plan for Top-10 global footwear brand


Series A fundraising

Helping European SaaS startup to execute its $6.3 million Series A fundraising round

Why choose Waveup

Insider perspective:

  • With over 7 years on the investor side and a history of facilitating high-profile M&A deals, we intimately understand investor expectations and what it takes to meet them.

Startling funding rate:

  • Since Waveup’s inception, we’ve secured over $3B in funding for startups in various stages and industries across 1000+ investment materials.

Unparalleled expertise:

  • Our experience spans corporate finance, business analysis, market research, storytelling, and design, ensuring top-notch investment materials, both content- and form-wise.

80+ industries:

  • We’ve made a mark across a diverse range of verticals, helping both disrupt traditional sectors and pioneer emerging industries.
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Frequently asked

Who is a fundraising consultant in Waveup?

It is an expert or a team that assists you in formulating your fundraising strategy and helps in crafting investor materials all the way through. Drawing from extensive experience and past successes, they’re fully knowledgeable about effective fundraising practices, enabling founders to allocate their time to other strategic priorities.

How can I understand whether I need additional fundraising support from Waveup?

Every project is different, influenced by your expertise, internal resources, and the fundraising stage, among other things. Reach out to us, and we’ll offer a complimentary consultation. If you need further assistance, we’re here to support you. If not, we can provide guidance to help you proceed independently.

How many slides should be included in a typical Series A pitch deck?

A typical Series A pitch deck is around 20 slides, but the number can vary depending on the presentation’s purpose and sector. Some investors prefer a brief 2-slide overview, while others may want a more detailed 15-25-slide presentation.

What are the key elements for a successful Series A capital raise?

For a successful Series A capital raise, it’s crucial to demonstrate strong traction, a scalable business model, and a clear path to profitability. Engaging with the right Series A vc firms is also vital, as they bring not only capital but also valuable expertise and networks.

How much do your fundraising services cost?

All the information on the cost of our services is open and available on our pricing page.

How long does it take to create a Series A pitch deck?

Creating a Series A pitch deck can vary in time, influenced by the project’s intricacy, the type of deck (teaser vs. comprehensive), and our current workload. While it usually takes two to three weeks, in some instances, it might be as quick as three days or stretch out to a month.

Will the data I share with you stay confidential?

Of course! Each client is protected under our shared NDA agreements, allowing them to set their desired privacy boundaries. Some are comfortable with us showcasing their logos and successes, while others choose discretion or complete confidentiality. Whatever your preference is, it is always honored.

Need help raising your Series A funding round? We’ve got your back

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