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How do you win funding in the crowded market?

Thousands of startups try to raise capital every day. Only a handful in a month succeed. With $3B+ secured by our clients and over 100 VCs in the network, we know how to get into the winners’ camp.






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Professional fundraising services for startups

We are fundraising consultants for startups with experience on both sides of the investment table. We help you devise a winning startup fundraising strategy, create investment documents investors love, and support you pre- and post-raise.
Seed rounds for early-stage companies
Series A, B, C+ support for high-growth startups
Large-scale debt and equity financings for mature players
Funding rounds for RE, PE, VC and other investment funds

Successful fundraising campaign for B2B SaaS startup

See how Waveup helped European market intelligence startup to secure $6.3 million in financing

Pitch deck, IM and financial modelling support

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Market research and compelling insights

Support in market analysis, market sizing, customer segmentation, industry positioning and competitor research – leveraging access to proprietary data and reports by major research firms and investment banks to help your team and investors better understand market environment, competitive forces and future growth opportunities.


Business analysis

Too often, companies focus on presenting the product, neglecting relevant metrics, business model economics and thorough go-to-market strategy.

Having worked extensively with investors on assessing new investment opportunities, our startup fundraising advisors bring the quintessence of this experience. We know exactly how to structure the story and your pitch to attract the right attention, critically challenge performance and strategy to date, and build a defendable and well-executed plan going forward. If your track record is limited or appears bumpy, our fundraising experts work with senior management to find the underlying positive story and tie this into a longer narrative that supports future growth.

Structuring growth strategy, in terms of new opportunities, markets and segments

Reviewing and advising on revenue streams and business model economics

Helping to plan for business scalability with the right resources and personnel

Filling in gaps on digital and marketing strategies, sales, finance and operations expertise

Benchmarking performance against competition to identify cost savings and revenue opportunities

Auditing core documentation to check for consistency in financials, projections, and statistics


Financial modelling

The structure and valuation of a company’s institutional fundraising will set the tone for future rounds as well as potential exit strategy options. We help our clients build a compelling and bullet-proof financial forecast aligned with investor expectations.


Dynamic and flexible models that highlight the currents strengths of your business model


Comprehensive & financially sound forecasts that excite investors


User-friendly dashboard and key insights that allow to quickly grasp the essence of the business


Well-articulated and bulletproof defence of how the company will reach forecasts


Investment documents preparation

Strong marketing materials are integral to the success of the capital offering. We strongly believe the old fashioned 100 page documents are a legacy of the past. Over the past 5 years Waveup has been revolutionising the approach to writing business plans and information memorandums – focusing on succinct yet comprehensive materials that present all the right information – without unnecessary clutter.

Fundraising support on core investment materials

Perfectly tailored to your growth stage, investor audience and scale of the current operations; exceptional both in terms of the investment story as well as visual representation.

Pitch decks and investment teasers

Business plans

Confidential Information Memorandums

Valuation and financial forecasts

Execution roadmaps (pre and post raise)

Value creation plans

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$20M Gen AI Raise

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$400K Beauty Seed

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$1.5M Seed Raise

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$4M Vertical SaaS Seed

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Who is a fundraising consultant in Waveup?

It is an expert / team of experts who fully guide you on your fundraising strategy and provide hands-on support in the production of investor materials. With unmatched expertise backed by a solid track record, they know what works in fundraising (and what doesn’t) and apply it to their work, freeing up the founder’s time for other important strategic things.

What is included in the fundraising advisory from Waveup?

We provide end-to-end support in the production of investor materials and fundraising advisory which includes: pitch decks and investment teasers, business plans, CIMs, financial modeling, market research and competitor analysis, business analysis, investor communication strategies. Not sure which of these you need? Just contact us, and our experts will provide you with a free consultation.

How can I understand whether I need additional fundraising support from Waveup?

Each case is unique, it fully depends on your expertise and internal resources, the stage of fundraising, and other factors. Just leave us a request, and we’ll provide you with a free professional consultation. In case you need additional support, we are happy to help, otherwise, we’ll be glad to share insights and give you tips on how to move forward on your own.

How much time does it take to build investor materials with Waveup?

This varies depending on project complexity, industry, and our current workload. On average, it takes two to three weeks to produce the materials. However, there were cases where it took three months and sometimes only three days. The exact time required for your project is discussed individually.

How do I hire startup funding consultants?

There are a few field-tested practices for hiring the right fundraising consultants. First and foremost, study their track record and portfolio. It will tell you what industries they worked with and the results they achieved for their clients, and whether this aligns with your situation and goals. After that, look up the reviews from their clients on the Internet to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding their approach to collaboration and delivery. Then, schedule an intro call to see whether you are on the same page, that these people know their stuff and genuinely understand what you need in order to raise. Lastly, do the paperwork: study the contract and NDA to know exactly what you’re signing up to.

What types of startup funding exist?

Angel investors, which involves targeting wealthy individuals who invest early on in exchange for a share in the company.
Venture Capital funding, when you raise larger investments from firms that target high-growth businesses.
Crowdfunding, or gathering funds online from various small contributors, sometimes with the help of crowdfunding consultants.
Accelerators and incubators that temporarily provide funding, guidance, and resources to early-stage startups in a specific industry.
Grants and awards from the government or foundations in the form of non-repayable funds.
Debt financing, when startups get money through loans or credit lines.

How does a fundraising roadmap look like?

The typical fundraising roadmap includes a few key steps. First, you must establish your funding ask based on your financial projections. Then, you craft investment materials, including an investment teaser, pitch deck, business plan, and financial model. You then compile a list of suitable investors and start your outreach campaign, where you include your pitch deck. After investors get back to you, you schedule a call where you answer their questions, ask yours, and negotiate. Once you both agree on the deal, you finalize the agreement by completing the required legal paperwork and then receive the money.

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