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Providing end-to-end support on developing compelling investment pitch decks guaranteed to capture investors’ attention and set your startup apart from mediocre businesses.

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Pitch deck rejection rates are very high

50% of startup pitch decks fail to pass initial screening process by investors. While founders focus on each and every detail and keep stuffing their deck with “investor-friendly” buzzwords they fail to come up with the fundamental things investors want to see.

Common pitch deck mistakes

Not understanding
market landscape

Information overdose

Poor visualisation

Lack of a coherent story

Flimsy business model

Lack of vision


We build pitch decks that increase investor conversions by 10x

  • Experience. Our pitch consultants are seasoned in the art of crafting pitch decks that stand out. With over $2B in funding secured for our clients across 50+ industry verticals, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the fundraising game.
  • Expertise. We combine unmatched expertise and knowledge in growth-hacking, corporate finance, storytelling, and design allowing us to transform even the most complex business ideas into a winning investment story.
  • Approach. We go beyond copyediting and design, providing a comprehensive analysis of your startup’s key business fundamentals to ensure your investor pitch deck communicates a clear and compelling investment story.


A $10M Series A round for a beverage company

A deck that secured $10M in funds for a healthy energy drink business.


$50M pitch deck for a VC fund

The presentation that helped a VC manager to secure $50M in funding.


$500K pre-seed raise for a beauty brand

Pitch deck that helped the brand close an oversubscribed round
within 3 weeks


$4M seed round for a prospecting automation platform

Pitch deck that helped to close the round at $40M valuation, without the product or


The distribution deal with a Top-1 game console company

Strategy & Presentation for a local Saudi Arabian distributor that helped to secure a deal with the world’s biggest game console manufacturer.


$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace

$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace


Pitch deck that raised $1.7M for a vegan restaurant chain

The case study on the pitch deck that helped a vegan quick-service restaurant chain successfully raise $1.7M in seed capital.


$100M multifamily real estate fund raise

Taking the client from zero to the capital needed to secure property acquisition and a subsequent $100M investment


The pitch deck that raised $12M seed round

Fundraising support for a Latin American e-commerce aggregator


Game-changing financial model for a revolutionary fintech app

£3M Late Seed fundraise led by top-tier UK funds


Play-to-earn blockchain gaming revolution

Series A fundraise for world’s leading NFT-based P2E startup


M&A support

Building a global leader in lithium battery sector with bolt-on acquisition strategy


Digital strategy

Helping Top-3 global athletic footwear brand to realise its digital potential


Market entry plan

Turnaround strategy and market entry plan for Top-10 global footwear brand


Series A fundraising

Helping European SaaS startup to execute its $6.3 million Series A fundraising round

Why choose us

Our team of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and certified pitch deck consultants is ready to elevate your pitch and take your business to the next level.

Customised pitch deck service

We create bespoke VC pitch decks that are crafted through in-depth investment research. No cookie-cutter templates or recycled ideas – only tailored solutions for every client.

Transparent collaboration with the client

Our collaborative and transparent approach ensures that your startup pitch deck benefits from the expertise of our team of strategy, storytelling and design gurus. Feel free to reach out to us for top-notch presentation design services

Reflecting an investor’s standpoint

Our pitch decks effectively communicate your key business ideas in a way that resonates with investors. With our support, you’ll secure valuable VC meetings and funding for your project.

Strategic & emotional storytelling

Our pitch decks blend financial narrative with strategic storytelling, including emotional appeals when appropriate. We aim to win both the hearts and minds of investors to help you secure funding for your project.

Pro-active support

Being a company that has helped raise billions, we are always happy to provide actionable feedback and share best practices to help you win.

Diligent business analysis

Too often companies focus on presenting the product, neglecting relevant metrics, business model economics and thorough go-to-market strategy. We help to cover those gaps.

What makes our pitch deck consulting
services stand out

Expert team

High funding rate

Competitive pricing

Holistic approach

Extensive knowledge

Fast, reliable turnaround

1000+ tailored pitch decks

100% project completion rate

Successful track record

This is how we roll


During this phase, we conduct a short overview of your project to better understand its current status, your funding objectives, vision, timelines, etc.


At this stage we dive into the business fundamentals – evaluating key metrics, positioning, business model, go-to-market strategy to spot any possible gaps and come up with a proven framework for structuring these elements into a compelling business narrative that will resonate with investors.


Once we’ve clearly structured key business foundations, we create a story supported by comprehensive content and sleek design to enable captivating storytelling experiences.


We work with you to ensure the timely delivery of your pitch deck for investors, incorporating feedback from you throughout the process to make necessary edits and ensure the final product meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Frequently asked

What is a typical pitch deck for startup?

A pitch deck is a presentation used by startups to tell investors a well-structured and coherent business story. It includes information about the company’s business model, market positioning, team, financial projections, etc. to provide a concise overview of the company’s growth potential and to persuade investors to fund its growth.

Will a presentation I make raise an investment?

There are no guarantees that a presentation will 100% result in an investment. Factors such as the viability of the business model, market trends, and various due diligence aspects may affect the final investment decision. However, a well-crafted and persuasive investor pitch deck can significantly increase the engagement rate and secure the first meeting with an investor.

What information do I need to include in my presentation?

Your investor presentation should provide a clear overview of your business, market, and growth potential, as well as a clear value proposition, vision & go-to-market strategy, positioning, and funding requirements. We can help you identify the key information to include and guide you in creating a compelling story for investors.

How many slides are included in a typical investor deck?

A short pitch deck typically contains up to 15 slides, but the number may vary depending on the purpose of the presentation. Some investors may ask for a brief, 2-slide teaser, while others may require a more detailed, 30-slide presentation later on.

How long does it take you to make a pitch deck?

This varies depending on project complexity, industry, and our current workload. On average, it takes two to three weeks to produce the materials. However, there were cases where it took more than a month and sometimes only three days. The exact time required for your project is discussed individually.

How do you protect my data that I share with you?

At our company, we prioritize the security and privacy of our clients. To safeguard against potential risks, we establish confidentiality agreements, implement secure storage and access control measures, and regularly conduct security audits. Rest assured that we take these steps to protect your data and ensure your privacy.

How much does your pitch deck service cost?

The cost of our pitch deck service is determined by the scope of services you require. We offer a range of options, from short teasers to comprehensive decks, and will work with you to customize a solution that meets your needs and budget. Our pricing is transparent, and we’ll provide a detailed estimate once we’ve assessed your specific requirements.

How are you different from other Pitch Deck Consultants?

We offer end-to-end solutions in investment storytelling, financial forecasting, design, and growth consulting. With a proven track record, we deliver winning investor materials tailored to match various business and cultural sentiments across over 80 verticals and 100 countries while providing unmatched knowledge and proprietary data to support your fundraising efforts.

Why should I hire a pitch deck consultant instead of a pitch deck designer?

A pitch deck designer can create visually appealing slides, but a consultant provides both strategic and creative expertise. While design can help explain your idea, it’s the consultant’s strategic insights that will tailor your pitch to meet the specific needs and expectations to win over investors.

I have an existing pitch deck, can you help me?​

Absolutely! 90% of our clients do, but in most cases, they need substantial improvements. Our first step is to review your presentation to identify any gaps or issues that may be impacting your ability to raise capital. If we find your deck is already strong, we will let you know. Otherwise, we can work with you to refine and improve your deck, thereby increasing its appeal to investors and ultimately improving your prospects for success.

How early can we start the project?

The time required to start working on your pitch deck varies depending on your ability to provide us with all the necessary information. Once we receive it, we are ready to start working on your deck straight ahead.

Will my order be treated confidentially?

Absolutely! Our pitch deck agency takes client confidentiality very seriously and will ensure that your information remains secure. While we are glad to share logos of successful clients and their testimonials, we always respect our client’s wishes and decisions.

Looking for pitch deck consulting? Talk to us

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