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Only 20% of founders raising seed funding ever hear
back from investors

The other 80%? Their pitches unequivocally fall through the cracks, failing to generate any investor interest. A typical founder bombards seed investors’ inboxes for months on end until they either change their tactic or run out of money.

The biggest mistakes in seed pitch decks

Weak, dull, or incoherent investment story

GTM strategy without a competitive moat

Unattractive business model economics

No answer to the “Why invest now?” question

Poorly articulated solution and its value

Lack of traction or interest from potential customers


Waveup helps early startups 20X their investor
engagement and raise seed funding

Being the frontrunner in seed venture capital advisory and having experience on both ends of the investment spectrum, we’ve dissected over 1000 of pitch decks and financial models. We know firsthand what investors want and how to present it to them—at the seed funding stage and beyond.



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Seed deals



unicorns in 2023


We provide all-around startup seed funding support to help you win your next funding round and supercharge your growth.

Pitch deck consulting and design

End-to-end assistance to build a killer seed pitch deck through revamping your existing pitch or creating one from scratch. From in-depth business analysis to the investor-attractive storyline to eye-catching design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Pitch deck consulting
  •  Presentation design
  •  Fast, reliable turnaround
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Financial modeling services

Custom financial models that serve as an actionable and reliable tool for better decision-making. Gain a realistic view of the resources needed to execute your growth strategy and demonstrate to investors your financial potential and sharp judgment

  • Comprehensive financial forecast
  • 100% defendable numbers
  • Expert support and guidance
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Growth advisory

Comprehensive growth support to assess your opportunities, develop competitive moats, devise winning GTM, sales and marketing strategies, execute on new bold ideas and improve operations to scale.

  • Market research
  • Business model&pricing 
  • Product, technology&innovation
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Investor outreach

Identify, target, and engage with top-tier VCs who are most likely to invest in your project. Access tailored and verified investor databases and secure meetings en masse.

  • Database with validated investor contacts
  • Omni-channel outreach suite
  • Post-investment reporting and communication
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A $10M Series A round for a beverage company

A deck that secured $10M in funds for a healthy energy drink business.


$50M pitch deck for a VC fund

The presentation that helped a VC manager to secure $50M in funding.


$500K pre-seed raise for a beauty brand

Pitch deck that helped the brand close an oversubscribed round
within 3 weeks


$4M seed round for a prospecting automation platform

Pitch deck that helped to close the round at $40M valuation, without the product or


The distribution deal with a Top-1 game console company

Strategy & Presentation for a local Saudi Arabian distributor that helped to secure a deal with the world’s biggest game console manufacturer.


$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace

$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace


Pitch deck that raised $1.7M for a vegan restaurant chain

The case study on the pitch deck that helped a vegan quick-service restaurant chain successfully raise $1.7M in seed capital.


$100M multifamily real estate fund raise

Taking the client from zero to the capital needed to secure property acquisition and a subsequent $100M investment


The pitch deck that raised $12M seed round

Fundraising support for a Latin American e-commerce aggregator


Game-changing financial model for a revolutionary fintech app

£3M Late Seed fundraise led by top-tier UK funds


Play-to-earn blockchain gaming revolution

Series A fundraise for world’s leading NFT-based P2E startup


M&A support

Building a global leader in lithium battery sector with bolt-on acquisition strategy


Digital strategy

Helping Top-3 global athletic footwear brand to realise its digital potential


Market entry plan

Turnaround strategy and market entry plan for Top-10 global footwear brand


Series A fundraising

Helping European SaaS startup to execute its $6.3 million Series A fundraising round

Seed funding consultants you’ve been looking for

Insider insight:

  • Our team has worked with the most renowned investment funds and facilitated high-profile M&A deals. We know firsthand what investors are looking for and how to present it to them.

High funding rate:

  • Since Waveup’s inception, we’ve aided startups in raising over $3B, boasting a 100% completion rate with a long list of success stories.

Powerful storytelling:

  • We craft stories that win both the minds and the hearts of investors. Our seed pitch decks combine sharp business and financial narratives with emotional storytelling, enhanced by stellar design.

Transparent partnership:

  • We’re with you every step of the way, valuing your input and providing post-project support to ensure the results meet and exceed your expectations.
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Expertise in 80+ industries

From traditional sectors to emerging verticals and groundbreaking business
models, our knowledge covers a vast spectrum of over 80 industries.


Apparel & fashion


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals



Media & Entertainment

Financial institutions




Technology & AI

Crypto & blockchain

Smart cities

SaaS & PaaS


Shared economy

Internet of Things

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Frequently asked

What is seed funding?

Seed funding for startups usually follows a pre-seed round, marking it as the second venture capital stage. To secure this funding, startups typically present a minimum viable product (MVP). Seed funding typically comes on the heels of bootstrapping, an initial angel investment, or a pre-seed round.

What should I have to raise seed venture capital?

The requirements may vary across verticals, but as a rule of thumb, to raise vc seed funding, you need to have:
– A strong core team of founders and experts
– A validated concept supported by thorough market research
– A rough prototype or MVP
– A convincing answer to the “Why now?” question
– Believable financial projections for the next 3-5 years

What’s the difference between raising pre-seed and seed funding?

The main differences lie in the amount of funding, the type of investors, the expectations, and the amount of equity startups give away.

1. Pre-seed funding generally hovers from tens of thousands to a couple hundred thousand dollars, whereas seed funding for startups can climb up to several million.
2. While angel investors and incubators usually foot the bill for pre-seed startups, seed rounds are predominantly backed by seed stage venture capital firms.
3. In the pre-seed phase, investors often eye equity ranging from 20% to 30%, and even 40% at times, whereas the seed stage sees them settling for about 10-25% on average.
4. By the seed stage, investors are keen on spotting an MVP, hints of product-market fit, and preferably an emerging customer community. In contrast, pre-seed startups are only expected to present a solidified idea, an ICP, and a dynamic core team.

Who is a fundraising consultant in Waveup?

It is an expert / team of experts who fully guide you on your fundraising strategy and provide hands-on support in the production of investor materials. With unmatched expertise backed by a solid track record, they know what works in fundraising (and what doesn’t) and apply it to their work, freeing up the founder’s time for other important strategic things.

How can I understand whether I need additional fundraising support from Waveup?

Each case is unique and fully depends on your expertise and internal resources, the stage of fundraising, and other factors. Just leave us a request, and we’ll provide you with a free professional consultation. In case you need additional support, we are happy to help. Otherwise, we’ll be glad to share insights and give you tips on how to move forward on your own.

How many slides should be included in a typical seed pitch deck?

A concise seed pitch deck usually caps at around 15 slides, though the slide count can shift based on the presentation’s goal. Some backers might request a quick 2-slide snapshot, whereas others could be after a comprehensive 15-20 slide deep dive.

How long does it take to create a seed pitch deck?

The duration to craft a seed pitch deck hinges on aspects such as project complexity, whether it’s a teaser or a complete deck, and our existing task load. Typically, the process spans two to three weeks, but occasionally, it might take a mere three days or extend to a full month.

Will the data I share with you stay confidential?

Definitely! Every client we work with is shielded by our mutual NDA agreements, granting them the liberty to dictate their privacy level. While some clients let us flaunt their logos and triumphs, others opt for anonymity or no sharing whatsoever. Whatever your preference, we respect it.

How much do your fundraising services cost?

The cost of our fundraising services is tailored to each project’s specific needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team. We’re here to provide you with a personalized quote and answer any questions you might have about our services.

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