Financial Modeling

Creating bespoke financial models for startups and
established businesses to fuel smart decisions and
foster your fundraiser or M&A initiative is at the core
of our startup financial modeling services.

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Whether you want to strategize your next steps, attract investment, or engage in M&A transactions…

…your success will heavily depend on the quality of your company financial model.

Four qualities of an efficient financial model

  • Bespoke: Tailored to your business goals
  • Clear: Presents an easy-to-understand financial picture
  • Flexible: Contains adjustable formulas for long-term value
  • Comprehensive: Considers all financial aspects of your business

Financial modeling services that work

We build bespoke, reliable models that amplify your decision-making confidence and stakeholder value. Our startup financial
modeling services include:

Cash flow analysis

Unearth your company’s true financial health, mitigate risks, and make smart, data-backed financial decisions with our expert cash flow analysis as part of our business financial modeling.

Break-even analysis

Identify your path to profitability, set realistic sales targets and pricing strategies, and optimize your cost structure by building a financial model that analyzes your fixed and variable costs against the unit sell price.

Scenario analysis

Examine the impact of various business decisions and market conditions on your break-even point, helping you choose the most effective course of action regarding your cost structure as part of our corporate financial modeling.

What you get

Comprehensive financial forecast

A flexible, detailed monthly forecast covering all core revenue and expense categories, integral to creating financial models.

100% defendable numbers

Forecasts benchmarked against industry and competition to meet investor expectations and win financial due-diligence.

Expert support and guidance

Step-by-step guidance on the numbers and assistance in building a financial model that makes a compelling business case.

Why choose Waveup

Deep expertise:

Corporate finance experts from top global IB institutions with years of experience.

80+ verticals:

Wide experience across both traditional and emerging industries.

Exceptional design:

Top-class design practises for a clear and sleek-looking model.

Transparent collaboration:

Clear conditions, feedback receptiveness and proactive support.

You’re in a good company

Over 300 financial modeling projects that helped fuel strategic decisions for fast-scaling startups, Fortune 500 companies, and established funds.

Our game-changing financial model for a fintech app

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Use cases for our financial modeling services

  • Raising capital and refinancing
  • M&A, joint ventures, and divestitures
  • Initial Public Offering business plans
  • Infrastructure projects, including feasibilities for banks and regulators and tariff pricing
  • Real estate feasibility studies for various land use options
  • Financial planning, business case preparation and analysis
  • Capital allocation and budgeting
  • Reorganizations, restructures, and operational improvements

Here is how we achieve that

We gather and analyze information about your case through interviews, questionnaires, KPI sheets, brainstorming.

We build a reliable, actionable financial blueprint with benchmark analysis and defendable numbers as part of our startup financial modeling.

We guide you through the ready financial model to ensure you get maximum value and advise you on business aspects of the venture.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to develop a financial model?

Typically, developing a fully operational financial model framework takes up to 7 days from the moment we have received all the necessary client information and assumptions. Keep in mind, additional revisions could extend this timeframe.

I already have a financial model but I’m unsure about my numbers/assumptions. Can you revise my existing model?

Absolutely. We can review your existing numbers to make sure they make sense and, if needed, make adjustments, fill in the blanks and guide you through the revised model.

Are your financial models flexible? Can I further adjust my model if needed?

Yes, you can. We build fully flexible, editable models in which you can quickly adjust any assumptions and see immediate changes in your forecast. We also guide you through the model structure upon completion and explain the logic of all model sheets.

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