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How we help

Providing end-to-end support in market analysis, market sizing, customer segmentation, industry positioning and competitor research – leveraging access to proprietary data and reports by major research firms and investment banks to help your team and investors better understand market environment, competitive forces and future growth opportunities.

Our key objectives

  • Data-driven scaling
  • Increasing market share
  • Driving market-powered growth
  • Improving brand image
  • Increasing brand penetration

80%+ of companies

plan to invest in analytics in the coming year. Take your data and analytics to the next level. Get deep market insights with Waveup – our expert team is ready to assist you in evaluating new markets, spotting trends, benchmarking competitors and leading you to win in your niche with our market research agency capabilities!

Ultimate market research solutions at your fingertips

Market Intelligence

Discover untapped opportunities in your target market with everything from market sizing, customer segmentation, industry positioning, and competitor research from a leading market research company.

New Market Entry Strategy

Whether you need to test initial concepts, refine your branding, or develop a pricing strategy, we’ve got you covered to help your next launch succeed from start to finish.

Brand Studies

Get the inside scoop on what makes your target audience tick. Our brand market research covers everything from advertising and message testing to uncovering the secret sauce that drives customer loyalty with qualitative market research.

Scope of our market research services

At Waveup, we turn data into business insights that drive results. Our expert market research agency helps companies excel in the competitive B2C and B2B spaces, delivering new customers and smart decisions. From designing your customized market analysis and market research report to delivering impactful results, we are your partner for success.

  • industry reports;
  • competitive analysis;
  • market analysis reports;
  • market research report;
  • business research;

Key vectors

Strategic market research

Brand market research

Company research

Business market research

Economic research

Financial research

Industry research

Competitive landscape research

Brand awareness studies

Our market research consulting process

Research scoping

Data collection and measurement



Empowering your next stage of growth

Strategic market research conducted at Waveup can help you:

  • Better understand market your company operates in;
  • Leverage numerous data sources;
  • Utilise secondary data and make a competitor analysis;
  • Analyse current sales trends;
  • Identify company competitive advantage;
  • Build market map;
  • Discover competitor-related data;
  • Identify untapped market opportunities;
  • Trace changing market trends and new business opportunities (eg.area of business expansion).
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One of our unique advantages lies in our constant exposure to new & emerging industries and sectors, thus giving us unparalleled expertise in the areas of innovative business models, disruptive technologies, and the latest industry trends.

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