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With our due diligence consulting services, you’ll get
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potential investment or M&A opportunity,
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40% of companies that pass initial due diligence don’t deliver their projected return on investment

The reason – a failure to strategically and holistically examine the opportunity. Due diligence consulting is about more than scrutinizing balance sheets, regulatory nuances, and sales funnels. You must also analyze the bigger picture. That is what separates deals that will make you money from the rest.

Due diligence mistakes undermining the transaction value

Overlooking post-merger integration
Ignoring market trends and its impact on performance
Overlooking the GTM strategy
and acquisition channels
Not considering the quality of the founding team
Disregarding capital efficiency metrics
Glossing over the core performance metrics


We help venture investors, boutique investment banks, and corporate players make a good call every time

Due diligence consulting that won’t let you down

Boasting extensive expertise in M&A, finance, and venture capital, our due diligence services evaluate every aspect of your deal meticulously. Our comprehensive DD research covers every facet of the target company: the value drivers, the risks, the core metrics, the revenue, and the growth potential. We also ensure that all the company’s information is accurate and valid.

Where we can help

Buy-side Due Diligence Support

Gain full clarity about the target company’s financial health, identify risks, and determine the true value of your investment.

Sell-side Due Diligence Support

Prepare your business for sale by scrutinizing your financial records, highlighting strengths, and addressing any weaknesses

Joint Venture & Partnership

Assess potential partners’ financial stability and ensure your joint ventures’ success through profound evaluation and analysis.

Investment Due Diligence Support

Assess the investment opportunity to determine its growth potential and unearth possible hidden problems that can hinder its ability to scale.

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What you get

Here are the types of due diligence consulting we provide and the questions it answers for you.

Commercial due diligence

  • Does the market have potential? How will market trends impact the target company?
  • Is the business model scalable?
  • Does the go-to-market strategy make sense?
  • Is the customer acquisition funnel effective?
  • How will this transaction affect your market position?

Financial due diligence

  • Does the historical data support the forecast and the projected runway?
  • Is the company capital efficient? Are there hidden money leaks?
  • Are there concerns with the balance sheet and off-balance sheet exposure?
  • What’s the company’s true value?

Operations and synergies

  • Where do the synergies come from, and how do we measure them?
  • What are the post-integration priorities and potential risks?
  • What is the best course of action to implement the synergies?
  • Are there operational hurdles? If so, how do you overcome them?

How we work

Intro consultation

  • We start by interviewing you about every aspect of the potential deal, including your goals and requirements. That’s where you also provide us with your information about the company.

Advanced research

  • After we receive all the information from you, we conduct our own research using various tools to extract all the data on the market and the company’s history to gain full context.

In-depth analysis

  • Our financial analysts use various models and tools like industry reports, market research, PitchBook platform, etc., to analyze the target company’s performance, value, and future potential.

Report delivery

  • Our due diligence experts compile the findings into detailed, well-designed reports highlighting the target company’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks. We also provide an integration plan to maximize the potential synergies.

Feedback & support

  • After delivering the documents, our team will provide full support until the deal is successfully closed. We can also assist with post-merger integration or addressing findings from the due diligence reports.

Why Waveup

Unparalleled experience:

We’ve sat on both sides of the investment table, facilitated numerous M&A deals for investment banks and corporate players, and worked with dozens of venture capital firms.

Stellar expertise:

Our team of due diligence consultants has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance and capital markets at firms like JP Morgan, Philips, Oliver Wyman, and the like.

Post-delivery support

We act as your sparring partner even after receiving all the documents, helping you make the right decision and answering your every question at every step.

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From the initial deal-sourcing to valuation, due diligence support, and post-deal integration, we have the right expertise to provide hands-on support in the mergers and acquisitions advisory.

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Frequently asked

What is the average delivery time?

While the turnaround time heavily depends on the project, it typically takes one to two weeks for us to deliver the materials.

In what format do you deliver the finalized reports?

We deliver documents in PowerPoint and PDF formats to your email.

What is your pricing structure for due diligence services? Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?

Our due diligence support pricing starts at $4,000, with the final cost depending on the project’s scope. We take 25% prepayment before the development kick-off, 50% when the draft is ready, and the final 25% before you receive the final editable version.

What measures do you take to ensure confidentiality and data security? How do you handle sensitive information?

All our clients are always protected by an NDA, so all the information we receive from you remains confidential.

Can you customize your due diligence approach based on our unique case?

Absolutely. We have worked with companies of different sizes and from over 80 industries, so tailoring our approach to each project is not a choice—it’s a necessity.

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One of our unique advantages lies in our constant exposure to the new & emerging industries and sectors, thus giving us an unparalleled expertise in the areas of innovative business models, disruptive technologies and latest industry trends.

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