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80% of startups raising pre-seed funding don’t generate 
any engagement from investors

Most pitches from pre-seed founders will never generate investor interest. All these startups have brilliant ideas but fail to articulate them in a way that will resonate with investors. Instead, those brilliant ideas get buried in grave mistakes early founders make when pitching to investors.

The biggest pre-seed pitching mistakes 

Shallow or miscalculated  market size evaluation

Confusing GTM strategy with marketing strategy

Unattractive business model economics

No answer to the “Why invest now?” question

Poorly articulated solution and its value

The wrong presentation of the team experience

Weak, dull investment story

GTM strategy lacking competitive moat angle

Technical jargon overdose


We help startups like yours 20X their chances 

to raise pre-seed venture capital

As a leading venture capital consulting agency, Waveup has helped over 200 startups enhance their pre-seed capital raising strategies



of pre-seed funding raised

Deals volume


pre-seed deals



unicorns in 2023


End-to-end support to win Pre-seed startup
funding game and gear up your growth

Pitch deck consulting and design:

Crafting compelling Pre-seed pitch decks that reflect investor perspective, set you apart from mediocre players and 20X investor engagement and conversions:

  • Pitch deck consulting
  • Presentation design
  • Fast, reliable turnaround
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Financial modeling services:

Devising impeccable bespoke financial models for early startups to foster better decision-making and prove to investors your financial acumen and potential in pre-seed financing:

  • Comprehensive financial forecast
  • 100% defendable numbers
  • Expert support and guidance
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Growth advisory:

Analyzing your early idea and plan, scouting for market opportunities, assessing competition, and developing execution strategies to help you build actionable and scalable blueprints for growth in the pre-seed vc landscape:

  • Market research
  • Business model & pricing
  • Product, technology & innovation
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Investor outreach:

Find and connect with top VCs who are a perfect match for your project. Access our curated list of verified investors, secure intro meetings, and get things rolling in your pre-seed fundraising efforts:

  • Database with validated investor contacts
  • Omni-channel outreach suite
  • Post-investment reporting and communication
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A $10M Series A round for a beverage company

A deck that secured $10M in funds for a healthy energy drink business.


$50M pitch deck for a VC fund

The presentation that helped a VC manager to secure $50M in funding.


$500K pre-seed raise for a beauty brand

Pitch deck that helped the brand close an oversubscribed round
within 3 weeks


$4M seed round for a prospecting automation platform

Pitch deck that helped to close the round at $40M valuation, without the product or


The distribution deal with a Top-1 game console company

Strategy & Presentation for a local Saudi Arabian distributor that helped to secure a deal with the world’s biggest game console manufacturer.


$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace

$3M seed raise for a Middle Eastern B2B marketplace


Pitch deck that raised $1.7M for a vegan restaurant chain

The case study on the pitch deck that helped a vegan quick-service restaurant chain successfully raise $1.7M in seed capital.


$100M multifamily real estate fund raise

Taking the client from zero to the capital needed to secure property acquisition and a subsequent $100M investment


The pitch deck that raised $12M seed round

Fundraising support for a Latin American e-commerce aggregator


Game-changing financial model for a revolutionary fintech app

£3M Late Seed fundraise led by top-tier UK funds


Play-to-earn blockchain gaming revolution

Series A fundraise for world’s leading NFT-based P2E startup


M&A support

Building a global leader in lithium battery sector with bolt-on acquisition strategy


Digital strategy

Helping Top-3 global athletic footwear brand to realise its digital potential


Market entry plan

Turnaround strategy and market entry plan for Top-10 global footwear brand


Series A fundraising

Helping European SaaS startup to execute its $6.3 million Series A fundraising round

Why Waveup

Unmatched experience:

  • Our team has sat on both sides of the investment table and worked with the most renowned pre-seed venture capital firms, so we know first-hand what investors want and how to present it to them.

Holistic approach:

  • We cover all the facets of the pre-seed funding for startups and beyond—from investor targeting to pitch deck advisory and design to financial model building to growth hacking.

Supreme storytelling:

  • Powered by our team’s skills in business and emotional storytelling, design, research, and finance, we create outstanding investment narratives that always drive investor interest and engagement.

Transparent collaboration:

  • We collaborate with you from start to finish, taking on board your feedback and supporting you post-collaboration to ensure that results meet and exceed your expectations.
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Over 80 verticals covered

Our market expertise and knowledge span a diverse portfolio of over 80 industries, from established,
traditional verticals to disruptive sectors and emerging business models.


Apparel & fashion


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals



Media & Entertainment

Financial institutions




Technology & AI

Crypto & blockchain

Smart cities

SaaS & PaaS


Shared economy

Internet of Things

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Frequently asked

What is pre-seed funding?

Pre-seed funding is one of the earliest venture capital funding stages when a startup comes to venture capitalists with a strong concept and a well-formed team of experts. Pre-seed startup funding can come after bootstrapping or initial angel investment rounds, as well as be the very first investment round for the startup.

What do I need to include in my presentation to raise pre-seed venture capital?

The demands may vary across industries, but give or take, a pre-seed pitch deck content boils down to showing the following:

– A strong founding team with relevant experience
– An attractive market size and a formed ideal customer persona (ICP)
– A validated concept
– A convincing answer to the “Why now?” question
– Financial projections for the next 3-5 years

What’s the difference between raising pre-seed and seed funding?

The main differences lie in the amount of funding, the type of investors, the expectations, and the amount of equity startups give away.

1. The amount of pre-seed funding ranges between tens and a few hundred thousand dollars, while seed funding can easily reach a few million dollars.
2. Pre-seed funding for startups more often falls on the shoulders of angel investors or incubators, while seed rounds almost always fall in the VC-backed category.
3. The equity percentage investors claim during a pre-seed stage varies from 20 to 30% (up to 40% in some cases), compared to an average of 10-25% during a seed stage.
4. During a seed round, investors already expect to see an MVP, first product-market fit signals, and, ideally, the formation of an initial customer base. For a pre-seed startup, the expectations boil down to having a validated concept, an ICP, and a sharp founding team.

How many slides should be included in a typical pre-seed pitch deck?

A short early-stage pitch deck typically contains up to 15 slides, but the number of pages may vary depending on the purpose of the presentation. Some investors may ask for a brief, 2-slide teaser, while others may require a more detailed 15-20-page presentation.

How long does it take to create a pre-seed pitch deck?

The amount of time needed to create a pre-seed pitch deck depends on factors like the project’s complexity, the type of pitch deck needed (a teaser or a full one), and our current workload. On average, it takes two to three weeks to create the materials, but sometimes it can take only three days or the whole month.

Will the data I share with you stay confidential?

Absolutely! All of our clients are protected by the NDA documents signed by both parties, where they are free to establish the extent of their confidentiality. Some clients allow us to share their logos and success stories; others prefer to stay anonymous or not share anything at all. Any approach that works for you, we respect it.

How much do your fundraising services cost?

The cost of our fundraising services is tailored to each project’s specific needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team. We’re here to provide you with a personalized quote and answer any questions you might have about our services.

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