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61% of startups fail to grow or attract funding…

…because the founders misjudge or misrepresent to investors their market opportunity. Lacking experience in market analysis, faulty methodology and frameworks, incomplete or low-quality data, and inability to sell your market potential analysis to investors—all this leads to stunted growth and failed fundraising.

OUR Solution

Our market opportunity analysis services will 10X your growth and fundraising chances

Strategic market insights

Reliable data sources

Access to proprietary reports from the most trusted research firms and investment banks

Experienced analysts

A world-class team of business experts and researchers with years of experience in industry analysis

Advanced tools and methodologies

The latest tech for market segmentation, competitive analysis, web data analytics, and predictive analytics

Actionable insights

Clear reports with easy-to-read graphics and actionable conclusions and recommendations

What you get with our market opportunity analysis services

Market trends snapshot

A clear picture of where the market stands, including the growth trajectory and major players

Customer preferences

A breakdown of your customers’ pain points, needs, and key drivers behind their decisions

Product differentiation

A fully developed differentiation strategy with a competitive moat and market positioning

Risk assessment

A breakdown of potential business risks and mitigation strategy to address them head-on

‘Why now?’ argument

Assessment of investor expectations and a compelling ‘Why now?’ argument for your pitch

Market size

Understanding of the actual size of your opportunity (TAM, SAM, SOM)

Supply and demand

Predicting supply and demand and unearthing underlying market patterns

Untapped opportunities

Finding untapped market opportunities for new product lines and services the market needs

Strategic alignment

Ensuring all aspects of your business strategy are aligned with overarching goals and objectives

Turnaround time
7-12 days
Document format
PDF, PPT, KeyNote
# of revisions
Up to two

How we roll

Transparent collaboration and clear market analysis steps

Discovery kick-off

On our intro call, we delve into your vision, business goals, and challenges. If you have any existing materials, that’s when you share them with us for further analysis

Data collection

We primary and secondary research methods that suit your case best to gather information about your target market, competitor strategies, and customer behaviours

Synthesis and analysis

With data in hand, our analysts synthesize it to create a comprehensive picture of the market landscape. Then, we design the findings into clear and actionable materials

Delivery & feedback implementation

We deliver our reports for you to review and give your opinion, which we implement if you see such a need. We also consult you on how to present your findings to investors or implement them

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Crypto & blockchain

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Frequently asked

What is market opportunity analysis?

Market opportunity analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of the business potential of your target market or its segment. It includes analyzing market trends, consumer behaviors, competition, and potential barriers to entry.

What are the benefits of market opportunity analysis?

There are quite a few benefits to assessing market potential:

1. Identifies market potential and helps understand the size and growth potential of new markets or segments;
2. Provides deep insight into customer needs, preferences, and behaviors;
3. Informs product development, helping in developing or modifying products/services to meet market demands;
4. Defines your competitive edge and moat, providing a detailed analysis of competitors;
Reduces business risks by identifying potential challenges and barriers in the market;
5. Guides efficient resource allocation for maximum return;
6. Forms the basis for strategic business planning and long-term growth strategies;
7. Improves market entry decisions;
8. Drives innovation and fosters new income streams by highlighting gaps and opportunities in the market;
9. Supports data-driven decisions instead of relying on assumptions.

What is the outcome of conducting a market opportunity analysis?

Our market opportunity discovery will provide you with the following findings:

1. Understanding factors your target group and various segments consider when selecting a product or supplier;
2. Knowledge of how the market values different attributes of your type of product and how you stack up against competition;
3. Determining the market’s perception of and expectations from your type of service, product, or product category;
4. Understanding the target group’s perspective on your proposed product concept and assessing its market potential;
5. Unearthing untapped market gaps and identify market opportunities for new product lines and services;
6. Knowledge of the potential risks and challenges.

How long does it take you to conduct a typical market analysis?

On average, delivering a ready report takes us 7-12 days from our first intro call. However, the timeline can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project, and we usually discuss it individually.

How do you conduct market opportunity analysis and consumer analysis?

Our process involves a mix of primary and secondary research, including qualitative quantitative methods. We individually pick the methods that suit each case best, which includes but not limited to target market surveys, competitor analysis, proprietary reposts studying, industry trend evaluation, and customer insights.

Do you provide any support after I receive the report?

Of course! Post-analysis, we offer support to help you implement the strategies or present them to investors.

Will the information I share with you be treated confidentially?

Absolutely! At the start of collaboration with our clients, we sign an NDA that grants you full confidentiality.

Can you handle analysis for international markets?

Yes, we have experience in conducting analysis for both local and global markets. You can reach out to us to see more specific success cases on global market opportunities research.

What are the various areas that should be contained in a market opportunity analysis?

Give or take, market opportunity analysis template includes the following elements:

1. Market size and growth potential (TAM SAM SOM)
2. Market segmentation
3. Customer analysis
4. Competitive analysis
5. Industry trends and forecasting
6. Regulatory environment factors
7. Supply chain and distribution channels
8. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
9. Market entry barriers
10. Economic and socio-cultural factors
11. Risk analysis
12. Pricing strategies and value analysis
13. Technological impact

Will I be charged pre or post-work?

Our invoicing method is crafted to cultivate a trusting and equitable partnership. Typically, we initiate the project with a 25% upfront payment. A further 50% is billed once the draft is complete, and the final 25% is expected before we provide the editable documents.

What is the untapped market’s meaning?

An untapped market is a segment or area that hasn’t yet been explored or exploited by businesses. Practically, this usually means little-to-no competition, an opportunity to become a category leader, innovation possibilities, and higher risks due to stepping into an unknown market.

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