Investor Presentation With Custom Pitch Deck Design

Our pitch deck design service specializes in creating visually stunning and compelling presentations for startups and businesses looking to secure investment. We offer top-notch design pitch deck solutions that combine cost-effective strategies with creative flair for a modern touch.

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50% of pitch decks fail to pass the initial screening process by investors

It is well-known that investors receive a high volume of pitch decks, and that they may only spend a few minutes reviewing each one. This means that it is critical for your pitch deck to quickly and effectively communicate your key messages, which can be achieved through high-quality visual design. Our pitch deck service is tailored to address this challenge, providing you with an edge in the competitive world of fundraising.

Common pitch deck design mistakes

  • Irrelevant imagery that distracts from your message
  • Lengthy bullet points that bore and overwhelm investors
  • Lack of visual cohesion across all slides, diluting the power of your story

How we can help

At Waveup, we have mastered the art of designing winning pitch decks that have helped our clients raise millions of dollars in funding. We make sure the visuals amplify your story to effectively communicate the core message and create captivating storytelling experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact us for professional presentation design services that will elevate the visual appeal and effectiveness of your slides. Our pitch deck design agency is here to assist you every step of the way.

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How we work

After years of experience and a client-centric approach, we’ve honed a startup pitch deck design process that’s both fast and flawless. Whether you’re looking to raise funding or simply enhance your brand, our expert team will deliver stunning results in no time.


We’ll review your existing materials, going beyond the surface to dig deeper into the story behind your big idea, uncovering the essence of your vision. We’ll explore your current branding, dissecting its nuances to ensure a seamless integration of your brand identity into your pitch deck.

Story building

We make sure your deck perfectly matches the voice of your brand. We provide several options for your future deck for you to choose and feel which better reflects your idea. Our presentation deck design expertise ensures that your story is told in a captivating and compelling way.


We dive into the process of design with our Delivery phase, bringing your vision to life with stunning visuals and impactful messaging. With our expertise, your pitch deck will leave a lasting impression and captivate your audience from start to finish

What makes our pitch deck design services stand out

Broad expertise

500+ decks designed

Fast time to value

Expert & creative team

Hands on approach

Competitive pricing

Interested in pitch deck content development too?

Compelling design is enhanced by a captivating narrative. If you’re seeking to enhance the quality of your pitch deck content, we invite you to explore our pitch deck development page for valuable insights and expertise.

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How much does it cost to design a pitch deck?

The cost of our pitch deck design services is tailored to each project’s specific needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team. We’re here to provide you with a personalized quote and answer any questions you might have about our services.

How to find the right pitch deck design agency?

Start by defining your budget, desired style, and specific industry needs. Then, research pitch deck design agencies’ portfolios, focusing on their experience in business analysis and storytelling. Don’t forget to check client testimonials. Once you have a shortlist, discuss your project, its design process, and your revision expectations. Finally, choose the agency that not only delivers value and builds trust but also aligns with your vision, respecting your unique goals.

What is the pitch deck design process at Waveup?

First, we do a collaborative session to understand the core of your project (stages, goals, vision). Then, we thoroughly analyze your business metrics, positioning, and strategy to identify opportunities. Then, armed with clear messaging and stunning design, our creative team develops a captivating story for investors. Finally, we incorporate your feedback to make sure the final product meets (better—exceeds) your expectations.

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