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We create compelling investment teasers / one pagers to kickstart your negotiations with
investors and buyers.

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90% of investment teasers are ignored or sent to trash by prospective investors and buyers

Why? Most teasers fail to accomplish their primary objective – peaquing interest.

Common mistakes in business plan writing

Dull, unengaging
Outdated look&feel
Lack of a clear
value proposition
Confusing jargon-filled
Irrelevant details obscuring
key messages
Empty claims and
tired buzzwords

We create enticing investment teasers
that fast-track you to negotiations

With experience on both sides of the M&A and investment tables, we know how to craft an engaging teaser for investors that make your business resonate with prospective investors and buyers – in less than a minute.

Components of a perfect investment teaser

  • Tight, engaging storytelling
  • Spotlighted traction
  • Well-underlined market
  • Unique value proposition
  • Company overview
  • Financial results
  • Attractive design
  • Essential information on the deal

Why us

Our team of seasoned financiers, business analysts, designers, and pitch deck consultants is ready
to elevate your investment teaser/one pager and bolster your fundraiser.

Impressive results:

Our investment materials have secured over $2B in funding for our clients across 80+ verticals, with over $505M raised in 2023 alone.

Unmatched expertise:

Our deep understanding of venture capital, corporate finance, storytelling, and design helps us transform complex business ideas into captivating investment narratives.

Holistic approach:

We thoroughly analyze your business, helping you find the best angle for your story and advising you every step of the way.

Transparent collaboration:

We collaborate with you from start to finish, ensuring results meet and exceed your expectations. This approach helps us achieve a 100% completion rate and quick turnaround.

How we help

Diligent business
Compelling story that immediately grabs attention
Immaculate design to amplify your message

How we roll

Project kick-off

  • We start our collaboration by sending you a signed NDA to ensure your full confidentiality.
  • Once signed, we start collecting all the information about your project through calls and questionnaires.


  • We begin researching your market and analyzing all the information you provided through our calls and questionnaires to craft a compelling investment story reflecting your value proposition and business fundamentals.


  • Here, we bring together all our findings from external research and analysis.
  • We wrap hard data about your company and value proposition into powerful storytelling and sleek design that aligns with your brand, creating an enticing and captivating investment teaser.

Project sigh-off

  • Once the first draft is complete — typically within 2 days — we send it for your review.
  • If you have any suggestions or changes in mind, we incorporate them right away to ensure the final product is on par with your expectations.
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What should an investment teaser look like?

An investment teaser is typically a one-, two-, or three-slide summary document, designed and styled to reflect your branding, sector, and area of business. Investment teasers can look very different, but they all must meet the same criteria to entice and engage investors to move forward with your company.

What are the characteristics of an effective teaser?

An effective one-pager investment teaser for investors, just like a teaser or one-pager in any other area, must always uphold three core characteristics: it should induce curiosity, be engaging, brief, informative and should prompt action.

What should be included in a one page teaser?

The contents of and the order of the elements in an investment teaser for a startup can vary, but typically incudes the following:

1. The description of your business/offering, its UVP, business model, and competitive moat.

2. An overview of your industry landscape and market opportunity.

3. Information about your team.

4. The breakdown of your key financial teaser metrics like ARR, EBITDA margin etc.

5. Your traction to date and future miles.

6. CTA

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One of our unique advantages lies in our constant exposure to the new & emerging industries and sectors, thus giving us an unparalleled expertise in the areas of innovative business models, disruptive technologies and latest industry trends.

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