A $10M Series A round for a beverage company

A deck that secured $10M in funds for a healthy energy drink business.

The context

The client: A plant-based energy drink company aiming to secure initial funding to scale their business and expand their product range.

The challenge: The original investor deck failed to elicit any interest, lacking a cohesive narrative that resonated with VCs and private equity investors. It fell short of clearly presenting the investment opportunity and outlining the brand’s strategy, with investors questioning the founder’s understanding of the market and ability to execute.

Our impact: We built a well-organized, attractive investment narrative supported by compelling statistics and packed into a visually appealing deck that successfully attracted $10M in funding. 

What we achieved

14 days

to revamp the deck


investor meetings booked
with a new deck



3 term sheets


Our approach

Deep dive on the initial deck to identify the key issues and missing elements
Conducted an in-depth strategy session with the team to refine the brand’s unique proposition and narrative
Researched the market to correctly present the company’s position in their category, as well as explain with the right statistics on why the moment to invest is now
Analyzed competitors and competitive positioning to develop the roadmap to category leadership
Crafted a clear strategy and tactics over the next three years
Reconstructed the narrative to showcase compelling investment opportunity
Revamped design with a new, more modern look & feel for the deck
Finalized and presented a sleek, investor-ready presentation seamlessly integrating narrative and visuals

Waveup’s approach

1. Build a structured, powerful investment narrative

We started by reconstructing the deck in full. Our core focus was understanding the key investment tenants and building an attractive narrative around them. Each slide was re-created to present one powerful message – with the story seamlessly flowing and engaging the reader. 

2. Start with opportunity, not product

Rather than starting the presentation with 10 slides on the product, we built the story from the opportunity. It allowed us to engage investors early on with the size of the market and an attractive industry momentum.

beverage company Pitch deck opportunity slide

3. Traction, traction, traction

One of the key tasks on our hands was building the right traction story. We had to demonstrate the brand’s ability to execute across the board – from delivering top-line growth to driving customer love and loyalty and all the way to diversified distribution capabilities. 


4. Streamline team credentials

We refined the team slide to communicate the team’s experience and achievements better. Instead of overloading it with academic credentials, we showcased the team’s relevant expertise and professional accomplishments, proving them to be seasoned founders with a strong vision. 



5. Sharpen presentation of the market and brand’s positioning

Instead of presenting a generic beverage industry TAM (a key mistake with the investor), we drilled deep into specific market subsegments, market sizes and growth trends. We also looked into consumer behaviour, key trends and tailwinds to paint a really persuasive picture of industry momentum.

beverage company Market positioning slide
Example of the traction slide for beverage company

6. Build a clear strategy out of scattered plans

Previously, the strategy was convoluted and scattered throughout the presentation, failing to captivate investors. Our revised version, with distribution, products, geography, partnerships, and key channels all in one section, ensured a smooth narration, proving the company’s readiness to scale and capitalize on market opportunities rapidly.  

7. Leverage minimalistic design to enhance narrative 

Instead of an overly flashy and cluttered presentation, we opted for a minimalistic design that effectively highlighted the unique brand’s product range. The updated deck’s look and feel justified the product’s value and strengthened the investment narrative. 

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