$4M seed round for a prospecting automation platform

Pitch deck that helped to close the round at $40M valuation, without the product or

Waveup was approached to help on a pitch deck by two founders looking to build a new B2B sales automation solution.

They were seeking $4M in funding but had trouble getting investor interest as there was no MVP or product to show, and the solution itself was confusing in terms of the use cases, target personas, and business execution strategies.

What we achieved

Pitch deck

created from scratch, with the new
narrative, content, and design

7 days

delivered in under 7 days

3 term sheets

and $40M valuation

Raised $4M

in under a month

Waveup’s approach:

1. Recreating the narrative

We rebuilt the original story and order of slides to keep investors excited about the opportunity, crafting powerful headings where each slide was strategically designed to sell the business idea.

2. Building the momentum

Using the opportunity around generative AI to explain why the solution would not be possible a few years back and why now is the moment to win the market, focusing on the massive greenfield opportunity.

3. Leading the story from the user’s perspective

We presented the problem and solution from the persona’s perspective, adding the relevant stats and quotes to quickly build credibility for the pain as well as easily explain core use cases for the solution.



4. Helping to articulate strategy and differentiation

We simplified the go-to-market motion, highlighting the company’s unique approach and secret sauce, and built the narrative around differentiation by highlighting how the company’s vertical-specific data and AI models would generate flywheel effects. We also remove non-value-adding slides on the business model and financial forecast to laser focus investor attention on things that mattered.



5. Quantifying the problem and value proposition

Instead of using generic bullet points, demonstrate the stats supporting user pain as well as tangible benefits of the solution (increase in lead qualification time by 3x, 100% higher conversion rate, etc.).

how it works slide

6. Creating social proof and traction

Despite the solution not being ready, we were able to repurpose data from the original user interviews and research to create demand validation, incorporating statistics and quotes to substantiate the company’s solution.

traction slide

7. Creating a new powerful look & feel for the deck

The client did not yet have the logo or branding, and we helped to build a clean, minimalistic layout that effectively conveyed information and attracted attention, elevating the overall visual appeal.

Examples of our work

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