$50M pitch deck for a VC fund

The presentation that helped a VC manager to secure $50M in funding.

The context

The client: An experienced fund manager seeking to secure a $50M round to launch an early-stage VC fund.

The challenge: A deck that failed to raise money. It lacked persuasive storytelling and impactful visuals and didn’t differentiate our client from the red ocean of competition.

What we did: We took the initial deck and presented the information from a different angle—the angle that captured LPs. We created a clear, compelling story within a glanceable and digestible presentation, and LPs absorbed within seconds, not minutes.

What we achieved

14 days

to rewrite and redesign the deck

19 slides

impactful deck for LPs

3 months

from the initial meeting to
sealing the deal



Our approach

Review the initial deck to pinpoint critical weaknesses and missing elements
Conduct a deep-dive strategic session with the team to sharpen the fund’s edge and story
Identify the blind spots and missing elements that are critical for the investor
Revamp the narrative to build a compelling investment case
Search for additional information to back the pitch with solid data and compelling insights
Propose two sleek, modern look & feel options for the future deck design
Deliver a polished, investor-ready deck packed effectively in terms of story and graphics

Waveup’s strategy 

1. Find a unique perspective to build a story that sells

Compelling brevity—that’s how we executed a 180-degree deck turnaround. 

Stats: Less than a minute—the average time LPs spend reviewing the deck. 

That’s why to convince investors, we identified a unique angle—a guiding principle that distinguished our client in investors’ minds—and presented it succinctly yet effectively. 

To ensure a cohesive narrative, we crafted a strong, compelling mission statement—the glue that seamlessly bound all the elements together. Based on just three theses, it effectively communicated the fund’s distinct approach and strong conviction.

VC pitch deck

A notable tip: If you’re a VC investor, you must have a slide that begins with “We believe in.” No strong conviction, no funding. 

VC fund pitch deck

2. Demonstrate the massive market potential

Instead of an initial opening slide with excessive and convoluted data, we started with a clear articulation of the core problem. By stating the challenge with a solution, we explained further why the fund would deliver above-market returns.

slide for a VC pitch deck

3. Formulate the argument of why now

To illustrate why this fund would generate returns, we deconstructed information about its global reach and founders’ deep technology expertise to formulate the “Why Now” thesis. With just three short, succinct points, we demonstrated to LPs why the timing was ideal. 

Pitch deck for VC

4. Build trust with a restructured team slide 

Despite the founders’ experience in technology and the “deal business” domain, the initial team slide failed to highlight any of these accomplishments—displaying only names and positions. Notable achievements and specific traction points were incorporated to indicate that the team had the expertise required to generate exceptional returns.   

5. Highlight success through past wins

Instead of merely presenting raw data on the client’s previous fund performance, we demonstrated the effectiveness of their strategy. By transforming historical returns into compelling visuals, we illustrated how the fund consistently outperformed the market, suggesting the new fund was poised for similar success.



Additionally, we distilled the information in the case study slides, turning dense, hard-to-read text into well-structured, insightful, and visually appealing portfolio highlights. 

We also incorporated testimonials from portfolio firms of the client’s previous fund, offering concrete examples of their potential edge in securing new deals. 

6. Revamp the investment strategy

With the help of a simple yet elegant visualization of the investment strategy, we showcased the fund’s commitment to channel investments where they could truly make an impact. The slide’s colour-coded graph with an ascending line highlighted the client’s sweet spot—pre-seed to Series A rounds. 

VC pitch deck design

7. Redesign the deck for a powerful, modern look  

To captivate LPs, we developed a clean and modern design that resonated with the founders’ “minimalist and precise” philosophy. Each slide was designed to convey a specific aspect of the fund’s story, combining visual clarity with concise, meaningful content. There is no extra fat, only essential words with supporting visuals to show fast, profitable growth. 

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