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All-in-one virtual advisor through your growth and
fundraising journey.

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99% of founders crash and burn
on their way to PMF

We help to fix it

Meet your ultimate fundraising assistant

Your startup’s silent engine behind all key growth and fundraising operations. It will navigate
your startup through all the key early steps to success and help get all the critical business
moves right—minimizing trial and error.

Startup Dashboard

A high-definition, crystal-clear snapshot of your startup’s health and VC readiness

  • Key VC parameters. Ten key VC parameters that measure your startup’s state and progress against benchmarks
  • Milestone tracker. Set, track, and achieve your startup’s short-term and long-term goals with reminders and boosts to keep you on track
  • Personalized strategy. Get tailored solutions in the form of curated guides, actionable insights and ready-to-use assets based on automatically defined issues

Personalized A to Z Founder
Guides & Insights

Tailored no-BS guides covering all product launch, pitching and investor outreach strategies

  • Tailored insights. Insights, advice and guides relevant to your stage and specific problems—from launching to scaling to investor outreach to turnkey pitch deck creation
  • Expert contributions. Insights and advice directly from successful founders, seasoned investors, and industry experts
  • Instant answers. Quick, short answers to the most demanding questions—no need to scout through a pile of content to get relevant, actionable advice ASAP

Ready-to-Use Pitch Deck

Customizable pitch decks that raised $100+ million at your fingertips

  • Pre-made narrative. Build your startup story upon the winning logic and structure that has proven to hook investors—just insert your numbers, logo, and key information, and you are ready to go
  • Outstanding design. Professional and stylish designs with reusable fonts and AI-generated licence-free illustrations
  • Slides intelligence. Hundreds of unique slides from various industries to explain the most complex ideas and find the perfect fit for every aspect of your pitch + advice on slide order and content to maximize impact

Ready-to-use Financial

Comprehensive & flexible decision-making tool on tap

  • Critical industry KPIs. Insightful spreadsheets and dynamic dashboards with all key KPIs benchmarked against your industry
  • Intuitive models. Clean and easy-to-use models with no room for error—loved by both VCs and founders
  • Step-by-step guidance. Guidance through the logic, assumptions, and outcomes of your model to help you construct a compelling business case and solid financial forecasts

All-you-need Legal

Navigate all legal aspects of operations and fundraising effortlessly

Fundraising essentials:

  • Term sheets
  • SHAs
  • NDAs
  • SAFE agreements
  • Cap Tables

Operational legalities:

  • Employment agreements
  • Consultant agreements
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • IP agreements, and much more

Curated VC Network

Unlock your access to a comprehensive list of VC contacts

  • Extensive list of investors. Access over 3,000 VC funds and 50,000 angel investors segmented by industry type and geography, complete with contact details
  • Key industry players and events. Expand your network and gain access to a list of VC builders, fundraisers, accelerators, and pitch events

Investor Outreach and
Targeting Strategies

Proven strategies and tools to secure investor meetings

  • Full outreach tech stack. Equip yourself with the necessary tech stack to set up and run your cold investor outreach. Includes a personal cabinet for tracking and reporting on the fundraising progress
  • Message templates. Customized email and LinkedIn message templates for outreach sequences, follow-ups, and
    pre-call communication

VC & Growth Management

Tools for fundraising and day-to-day growth management

  • ESOP spreadsheet. Handle stock option allocations, vesting schedules, and dilution impacts for employees, consultants, and advisors with our ESOP Spreadsheet
  • Cap table spreadsheet. Track equity ownership, dilution, and valuation over multiple funding rounds with our Cap Table spreadsheet
  • Burn rate and Runway calculator. Monitor your monthly cash burn rate and calculate your operational runway with just a few clicks

Executive Summaries
and One-Pagers

Concisely showcase your startup’s essence and potential

  • Tight, engaging storytelling combined with professional design
  • One page to sell your idea and evoke interest
  • Various layouts filled with essential overviews, UVPs and market data

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