Despite the recent investment drop to $130M in 2023 from $5B in 2021, e-commerce venture capital funds are getting off the sidelines. This trend has made investors more cautious about startup’s market positioning and profitability paths as the e-commerce market is turning into a battlefield. 

That’s why VCs are ready to cut big checks to companies with a robust competitive moat and a focus on customer retention and profitable sales channels.

So, who are the key players in the e-commerce and consumer product arena? We’ve handpicked top consumer VCs in a curated list, including their investment criteria and reach-out information to simplify your investor research and outreach journey.

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1. Lightspeed Venture Partners

➡️ LSVP provides e-commerce startup funding across Europe, the US, India, China, and Israel. It’s a multi-stage VC firm that focuses on disruptive projects in the health, enterprise, fintech, and consumer sectors. Managing $25B in AUM, it has already supported more than 500 ventures globally.

Location: Menlo Park, California, USA

Funding stage: Seed – Series E

Total funds raised: $18.9B

Number of investments: 1340

Number of exits: 230

Value-added beyond money

  • A company-building program for seed founders
  • A platform with growth insights and tools

Notable portfolio companies: Found, Affirm, Carta

Contacts: LinkedIn

2. Madrona Venture Group

➡️ Madrona Venture Group invests in early-stage tech companies, mainly in the Pacific Northwest and across the US. 

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Seed

Total funds raised: $5.1B

Number of investments: 507

Number of exits: 100

Notable portfolio companies: Amazon, CommerceIQ, MessageYes 

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

3. 1984 Ventures

➡️ 1984 Ventures backs startups that apply technology to large, established industries like e-commerce, finance, SaaS, consumer, and healthcare. It specializes in seed and early-stage funding rounds. Unlike many VC firms, it doesn’t take board seats. 

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage

Total funds raised: $120M

Number of investments: 96

Number of exits: 5

Value-added beyond money

  • Help with team onboarding and founder therapy

Notable portfolio companies: Because Market, Postscript, Syrup

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

4. U.S. Venture Partners

➡️ USVP is one of the leading Silicon Valley-based consumer VCs that targets early-stage startups. Since 1981 it has poured $4.3B+ into more than 523 companies, with 93 achieving IPOs.  

Location: Menlo Park, California, USA

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series F

Total funds raised: $2.2B

Number of investments: 576

Number of exits: 158

Notable portfolio companies: Trunk Club, Edison, Meet Me

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

5. TLV Partners

➡️ TLV Partners supports Israeli entrepreneurs within the e-commerce, data, cybersecurity, fintech, and biotech sectors. With over $1B in AUM, the firm invests from seed through Series A funding stages. 

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Funding stage: Seed – Series A

Average check size: $2M-$8M

Total funds raised: $1B

Number of investments: 93

Number of exits: 9

Notable portfolio companies: Kipp, Aqua Security, Next Insurance

Contacts: LinkedIn

6. Montage Ventures

➡️ Montage Ventures supports founders who aim to simplify workflow and consumer experiences. Beyond allocating e-commerce venture capital, this firm also targets startups across healthcare and fintech verticals. 

Location: Menlo Park, California, USA

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series A

Average check size: $250K-$2M

Total funds raised: $53M

Number of investments: 101

Number of exits: 12

Notable portfolio companies: Carbon38, Brainiac, Arka

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

7. Altos Ventures

➡️ Altos Ventures backs startups from inception to global growth, including both primary and secondary funding. Managing over $8B in funds, they have been investing in early-stage tech ventures across the Americas and Asia since 1996.

Location: Menlo Park, California, USA

Funding stage: Seed – Series H

Total funds raised: $711.8M

Number of investments: 348

Number of exits: 43

Notable portfolio companies: KREAM Corporation, CalmSea, Evant

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

8. Entrepreneur Invest

➡️ Entrepreneur Invest is an e-commerce private equity firm headquartered in Paris, France. It specializes in European startups across e-commerce, retail, and SaaS verticals. 

Location: Paris, France 

Funding stage: Early stage, Late stage, Debt, Private Equity

Number of investments: 155

Number of exits: 38

Notable portfolio companies: Sojeans

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

9. Kae Capital

➡️ Kae Capital is an early-stage, industry-agnostic VC fund based in India. It primarily targets tech-driven ventures in e-commerce, healthcare, mobile, education, and consumer sectors. The firm’s portfolio includes B2C and B2B companies that disrupt Indian and global markets.  

Location: Mumbai, India 

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Seed 

Total funds raised: $229M

Number of investments: 113

Number of exits: 17

Value-added beyond money: 

  • Help to achieve product-market fit 

Notable portfolio companies: 1mg, Certa, Contlo

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

10. Mountain Partners

➡️ Mountain Partners is a global multi-fund investor that encompasses 16 separate VC funds and investment vehicles in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Its primary focus is disruptive tech startups within the e-commerce, healthtech, and consumer tech industries.

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Funding stage: Seed – Series C 

Number of investments: 122 

Number of exits: 31

Notable portfolio companies: Tpaga, Albo, Bia 

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

To secure e-commerce startup funding, focus on competitive advantage and profitability

Although overall VC investment has recently slipped down and the e-commerce market becomes increasingly saturated, the chances of successful fundraising are still high. Ensure your venture has rock-solid market differentiation, customer acquisition/retention strategies, a compelling deck, and a clear outreach plan.  

Explore our articles on building a competitive moat and the top mistakes to avoid in a pitch deck for insights and tips straight from the trenches, or simply contact our team for assistance.

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