Startup Accelerator vs. Incubator: What’s the difference?

Startups do not thrive in isolation. With 305M startups created each year worldwide, up to 90% fail, and only 2.5% achieve unicorn status. Among those who have survived and become unicorns, very few have done so without outside help. It’s a well-known fact that collaborating with incubators and accelerators can catapult your startup to your […]

Top 25 Fashion Tech Investors and VC’s

The fashion tech industry forges ahead in spite of a recent investment slump. In Q1 2024, funding for fashion tech startups declined by 68%, with $422 million raised across 44 rounds compared to $1.32 billion across 102 rounds in Q1 2023.  However, this steep drop reflects the broader economic climate rather than issues within the […]

Top 20 Aerospace & Space Venture Capital Firms

The aerospace industry is regaining its former appeal to VCs. The ongoing international conflict, the commercial success of space startups like SpaceX, and relentless tech advancements have made aerospace a hotbed of venture capital.  Eager to join this resurgent investment party? Start with choosing the right investor. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a […]

Top 20 Robotics Investors and VCs

The robotics industry is on the fast track to industrial automation, digitalization, and sustainability. With the market expected to surpass $200B by 2030, it is now backed by 80 top VC firms and over 1,000 investors who see robotics as the prime focus or part of a broader tech investment strategy. Yet, having an innovative […]

Top 17 Angel Investing Platforms in 2024

If you’re an early-stage startup searching for more than just capital, consider angel investing. Angel investors provide active mentorship, industry expertise, and strategic connections to help you scale.  To cut the hassle of searching for each angel separately, angel investing platforms come into play. These platforms offer an aggregate of potential investors in one place. […]

What is the difference between a projection and a forecast

If financial planning isn’t top of mind when you think about fundraising, that’s where you go wrong. Financial planning is as important for securing investments and going global as having a compelling vision, strong product-market fit, and a stellar team.  Many businesses do forecasts and projections, but not all of them understand the difference between […]

Top 20 Energy Venture Capital Firms

In 2023, energy venture capital firms injected a robust $38.6 billion into 2,953 projects. With environmental concerns driving public attention, the sector continues to attract more top-dollar investors and mega-rounds. In this article, you’ll find a curated list of top energy VC investors (many of them are our partners) alongside their investment criteria and contact […]

Top VC investing in Life Sciences + Startup Ecosystem

As of 2023, the life sciences sector boasts 900 biotech VC firms, over 13K startups, and 108 life sciences unicorns globally. In the first half of 2021, 34 companies achieved unicorn status. Despite long development cycles and delayed returns, investors are willing to take risks and fund early-stage life sciences startups. In 2023 alone, nearly […]

EBITDA vs Revenue: What’s the Difference

If you want to properly assess your company’s financial health, use either EBITDA or revenue metrics, or better both. Each serves distinct analytical purposes, helping you make informed decisions about a company’s financial position, performance, and potential for sustainable growth. That means spotting areas of strength to build on and areas that may need some […]

Non-dilutive funding 101 [Guide]

While equity investors take ownership, and traditional loans impose tough terms, non-dilutive funding offers early founders an attractive, low-risk alternative. You get to cover all the upfront costs for validating your idea, researching customers, and building a solid foundation without giving up equity or bearing crippling interest rates.  Let’s explore how to play your cards […]

Top 15 Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors in Stockholm

Sweden’s VC scene has become a European powerhouse. With one of the highest densities of startups per capita in Europe, Sweden’s robust ecosystem ranks 5th globally.  Sweden Venture Capital Scene Overview Labelled as the “Unicorn Factory,” Sweden boasts an impressive number of startup valuations exceeding $1 billion, with a growing focus on cleantech, life sciences, […]

Types of Private Equity Funds and How Are They Different

What are PE funds? Simply put, they are investment pools managed by professional investors (General partners or GPs), which raise capital from wealthy individuals, large institutions (like pension funds), and non-professional investors (Limited Partners or LPs). Investors in PE funds inject their money to either: The GPs are active investors. They run the fund daily, […]

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in London

Despite challenging economic headwinds, the ecosystem of venture capital in London remains the second-largest global center for tech investments. In 2023, London-based VC firms accounted for 30% of all venture capital funds raised in Europe, with local startups having raised over $12B in VC funding. Eager to explore the key players in this market? Check […]

Most Important Operational Metrics & KPIs to Track in SaaS

Cost of revenue – also known as cost of goods sold is a vital…

Top 30 VCs investing in diverse founders

Venture capital in 2024 is slowly diversifying. More women and minorities are entering the field, bringing fresh perspectives.  Looking for diverse venture capital firms? Get a head start with our list of top venture capitalists, including their investment focus and contact details. 1. Collab Capital ➡️ Collab Capital is an Atlanta-based early-stage VC firm that […]

Top 10 VC Firms in Germany

While Germany is known for its thriving startup scene, a recent slowdown has hit its venture capital landscape.  The government is actively working to strengthen the ecosystem of venture capital in Germany. Initiatives like the €10 billion Future Financing Act,  programs like the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and investor tax breaks help simplify regulations, attract foreign […]

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in Atlanta

Known as a hub for minority-led companies, Atlanta has recently seen a significant drop in funding:   However, there is optimism for the Atlanta VC ecosystem’s fast revival, especially with early-stage funding gaining momentum: Looking for venture capital firms in Atlanta? Our carefully crafted list of top investors in the area includes their investment criteria and […]

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in Seattle

The Seattle venture capital scene boasts over 25 funds, managing assets exceeding $2.1B. Ranked the fifth hub for early-stage startups in the US, it has captured a 3% share of the country’s pre-seed and seed investment since 2020.  Despite its robust position, the city, however, wasn’t immune to the broader investment dry-up. Compared to the […]

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in Dallas

As part of the North Texas startup ecosystem, Dallas is a hotbed for numerous accelerators and incubators.  In 2024, the Dallas venture capital scene will be on the rise, fueled by its startup-friendly infrastructure, increasing investor attention, and thriving tech environment. This shift will position Dallas as a prominent national center for innovation. Here’s a […]

Top 10 VCs Investing in E-commerce and Consumer Products

Despite the recent investment drop to $130M in 2023 from $5B in 2021, e-commerce venture capital funds are getting off the sidelines. This trend has made investors more cautious about startup’s market positioning and profitability paths as the e-commerce market is turning into a battlefield.  That’s why VCs are ready to cut big checks to […]

Top 11 Venture Capital Firms investing in SaaS

Despite the funding downturn in the global SaaS arena, B2B SaaS venture capital investment is making a comeback.  However, the total dollars invested in enterprise SaaS startups perked up in the last months of 2023. Enterprise SaaS deals grew from $12.5B in Q3 2023 to $14B in Q4. A 12% gain just in one quarter—no […]

Top 9 VCs investing in Web3

The Web3 VC scene shows signs of stabilization and growth, with a massive jump to $1.9 billion in Q4 2023 and a $1.8 billion raise in Q1 2024. Regulatory progress, US Bitcoin ETF approvals, and broader acceptance of blockchain for real-world uses (think asset tokenization) help shake off past challenges from Web3 startups. With the […]

What is SAFE Note [2024 Guide]

A SAFE note, or Simple Agreement for Future Equity, is a contract that allows investors to invest in a startup now and receive company shares later.  Now, 100% of our clients raise pre-seed capital through SAFEs, replacing convertible notes as the go-to early-stage investment instrument. This popularity makes sense: SAFE drastically simplifies early-stage funding by […]

Top 9 Venture Capital Firms Investing in Healthcare

Healthcare fundraising has changed in 2024. The era of mega-rounds handed out left and right is gone, and so is investor fascination with the most innovative players with mind-blowing technology: However, the future of healthcare isn’t all doom and gloom. Current healthcare venture capital trends signal numerous opportunities for those who can ride the wave: […]

Top 15 Venture Capital Firms in Miami

Miami’s startup scene is hot. But, unlike Silicon Valley, it is still growing its VC muscles. Things work differently here.  First, Miami VCs tend to favor later-stage startups. While this tendency shouldn’t discourage those just starting out, it’s important to remember this when choosing firms to contact.  Also, Miami’s rules and Florida tax laws are […]

Pitch Deck vs. Business Plan: What is the Difference?

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Top 6 Food and Beverage Venture Capital Firms

The food and beverage sector has had a rough patch in 2023, with a perceivable slide in the deal activity: However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The financial constraints aren’t that bad compared to some industries, with much food and beverage venture capital left up for grabs—you just need to play your hand right.  […]

Top 17 Venture Capital Podcasts

Listening to Venture Capital Podcasts allows you to pick the brains of the top voices in the industry, like Sequoia’s Michael Moritz or Kleiner Perkins’ Mendy Garbarino, and get actionable advice and investment frameworks straight from the pros. Besides, listening to some podcasts can be a powerful networking instrument, giving you a unique chance to […]

Top 15 Venture Capital Investors in Denmark [2024]

The red carpet has been rolled out for Denmark—an entrepreneurial and innovative hub and home to many unicorns. Despite the tough economic climate in 2023, the ecosystem of startup venture capital in Denmark shows all the signs of further growth: So, who are the key players shaping Denmark’s VC future? We’ve conjured a list of […]

Top 11 B2B SaaS Venture Capital Firms in 2024

Forget the “Is it worth it?” debate. B2B SaaS is the rocket ship, not the hype. With investment dollars soaring and competition heating up, 2024 shines bright for those who dare to explore. Here’s a quick glimpse into the current B2B SaaS venture capital landscape: The vast sea of B2B SaaS funding resources can feel […]

Top 18 Venture Capital Firms in Amsterdam [2024]

The ecosystem of venture capital in Amsterdam is picking up speed, unofficially becoming a premier tech hub in Europe: Add to this the city’s blend of skilled talent and supportive infrastructure (accelerators and government incentives), and you’ll get the perfect hotspot for startup growth, with Amsterdam’s venture capital firms at the forefront.   So, who are […]

Top 19 Venture Capital Firms in Berlin

Berlin’s streets are living history but packed with tech geeks coding tomorrow. It’s where old-school cool bumps into next-gen dreamers, and creativity explodes into world-changing ideas. Even the investors are different here. Forget stuffy suits—Earlybird, Point Nine, and Rocket Internet are betting on anything that could be the next big thing, from fintech wizards to […]

Top 11 VCs Currently Investing in AI [2024]

If you’re wondering whether investing in AI is still on the hype train, rest assured, it definitely is.  While the large-scale investment rounds of 2021 (~$276B) and 2022 (~$189B) seem off the table, the chances to carve out a big slice of an investment pie are still significantly high: So, take a deep breath, polish […]

Top 13 Venture Capital Firms in Chicago [2024]

If you’re seeking a way to sneak into a robust and diverse ecosystem of venture capital in Chicago, you’re in the right place. Taking the fifth seat in VC funding across US cities, Chicago stands out as a hub for fintech, commerce, and various other areas.  To illustrate, Invenergy secured over $1B in funding, […]

Top 21 Venture Capital Firms in Toronto [2024]

The entrepreneurial spirit in Toronto is in the air! From the iconic CN Tower piercing the skyline to the vibrant neighborhoods—something exciting is always happening, especially for startups seeking venture capital firms in Toronto. As one of Canada’s largest cities with a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, Toronto hosts significant pre-seed and seed-stage funds, accelerators, and […]

Startup funding stages guide: From pre-seed to IPO [2024]

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Top 16 Venture Capital Firms in Los Angeles [2024]

The City of Angels has it all: iconic palm-lined streets, the Hollywood Hills, young talents, and cross-industry collaborations. Tech and media, fashion and tech, and other tech sectors find a place to thrive for venture capital firms of Los Angeles. Although this vibrant scene is often overshadowed by the tech meccas of Silicon Valley and […]

9 Best Banks for Startups [2024]

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Advisory Shares: Step-by-step guide for startups

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Boston

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Top 15 Venture Capital Firms in Saudi Arabia

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Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists: Understanding the Difference

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Venture Capital vs. Venture Debt: What to Choose in 2024?

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Top 25 VC’s and Angel Investors in Singapore

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Top 22 Venture Capital Firms in NYC [2024]

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What is a convertible note & how it works + Example

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Top 20 Investors & VC firms in Dubai

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Top 20 VC Firms in San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

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5 investor tear sheet examples with templates (funds and startups)

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Top 20 AI Venture Capital Investors in the UK 2024

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Top-11 market validation methods, mistakes & slide examples

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Weighing the pros and cons of various startup valuation methods

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How to value your startup: Pre-Seed to Series A Guidebook

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Top-down and bottom-up market size calculation for startups

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How to raise venture capital in 2023: A guide to early-stage startup funding

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How to calculate the cost of revenue: Startup cheat-sheet

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7 presentation design trends in 2023

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The power of an efficient partnership strategy in business

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Can you make money investing in cannabis?

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How to prove to investors you have product-market fit?

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A complete rundown of pitch deck mistakes and how to avoid them

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Key metrics that help to assess your sales & marketing efforts

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