Growth Opportunities and Projections

Demonstrate your business's true potential with a reliable
and compelling Growth Opportunities and Projections
section for your Confidential Information Memorandum.

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Your ability to prove your business’s potential to grow into a serious market player and category leader…

…is the top factor affecting your deal’s outcome.

Most businesses fail to prove their growth potential to prospective buyers due
to common mistakes:

  • Incorrectly calculating their addressable market
  • Lacking a well-defined Ideal Customer Profile
  • Lacking a clear competitive moat that will help to lead the category
  • Overlooking key sales and marketing efficiency metrics

Our solution

Waveup is your ultimate solution for crafting
a captivating CIM…

…that highlights all key business aspects and captivates potential investors. Our CIM services are designed to address and amplify your company’s growth narrative.

Our approach:

  • Initial consultation to understand your business goals, market opportunities, and growth strategy
  • In-depth research and analysis of your company’s strengths, opportunities, and market positioning.
  • Creation of realistic and well-supported financial projections and growth forecasts
  • Identification and presentation of key growth opportunities and market trends
  • Review and feedback sessions to ensure the result will meet (better exceed) your expectations with our robust CIM support
  • Finalization and delivery of a polished, investor-ready company overview with our comprehensive CIM services

Why Waveup?

Unparalleled experience

We’ve sat on both sides of the buy and sell table and can boast extensive M&A experience.

Wide expertise

Our unmatched expertise spans corporate finance, venture capital, strategy, design, and business storytelling, all backed by a track record of successful projects.

Unique approach

We provide competitive pricing and a hands-on approach, supporting you from concept to execution with our CIM services.

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Need help crafting the
full Confidential

You’re in the right place. Our seasoned experts can help you create a cogent, comprehensive CIM document that does your business justice and helps you secure the highest possible bid from potential buyers with our CIM support.

What will you get?

1. Executive Summary

  • Company overview
  • Key financials and company drivers
  • Scope of transaction
  • Key investment considerations

2. Company

  • History and milestones
  • Legal structure
  • Business model
  • Corporate vision and strategy


3. Business

  • Business units and markets
  • Products and services
  • Customers, references, and networks

4. Resources

  • Organization
  • Employees
  • Infrastructure

5. Operations

  • Suppliers and procurement
  • Production and distribution
  • Quality management
  • Research and development
  • Logistics
  • Systems and processes
  • Marketing and sales
  • ABC analysis

6. Customers

  • Overview of key customers
  • Analysis of customer concentration
  • Summary of attrition trends and projections
  • Detailed account of current market share

7. Industry

  • Industry structure
  • Competitors
  • Competitive position
  • Strategic position

8. Financials

  • Overview
  • Profit/Loss statement
  • Current trading
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement

9. Outlook

  • Summarize existing state of affairs
  • Highlight long and short term goals
  • Summarize main strategies utilized in market trends
  • Summarize main growth strategies
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