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Fuel your growth with a 360° overview of your
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Understanding the market gets progressively more difficult

Out of hundreds of available industry reports, you must choose the one that will move the needle in your case


  • Knowing what data to collect
  • Ensuring the data is comprehensive and reliable
  • Being able to turn the insights into effective strategy 


…your industry analysis efforts will fail you


Bespoke industry analysis services that work

We’ll help you leverage the latest market data, industry reports, and expert insights, turning them into exhaustive and actionable industry intelligence.


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What you get with our industry analysis reports

Market opportunity

Understanding of your actual market size (TAM, SAM, SOM) and market opportunity


In-depth industry examination and opportunity identification for strategic deal acquisition


Comprehensive insight into your competition and development of competitive moat and market positioning

Industry trend

A snapshot of the growth trajectory, major players, and current trends

Business opportunity assessment

Unearthing ideas for new product lines or services in the market

Investor climate assessment

Understanding investor expectations and creating a compelling “Why now?” argument

Industry metrics

Breakdown of potential risks and market trends

Breakdown of potential risks and market trends

Predicting supply and demand and unearthing underlying market patterns

Case study

Assessing existing business models and their challenges, best practices, and strategies

Our industry analysis projects

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This is how we roll

A transparent and effective process that leaves no room for second-guessing.

Discovery kick-off

We start with an intro session where we deep-give into your project’s status, vision, and GTM strategy.

Data collection and analysis

Our expert researchers gather and analyze market data using the latest market reports, proprietary industry databases, and insights from market experts.

Draft delivery and discussion

You will receive a comprehensive presentation that provides a complete market overview, highlighting opportunities, risks, trends, and our recommendations. Based on your feedback, we’re ready to make adjustments and provide you with an updated version.


Leveraging our research findings, we offer consultation to help you define your competitive edge and market positioning, assess project feasibility, and refine your GTM strategy, if necessary.

Turnaround time
1-1,5 weeks
Document format
PPT presentation
# of revisions
Up to two

Bringing years of experience in traditional &
emerging industries


Apparel & fashion


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals



Media & Entertainment

Financial institutions




Technology & AI

Crypto & blockchain

Smart cities

SaaS & PaaS


Shared economy

Internet of Things

Frequently asked

What is industry analysis, and why is it important?

Industry analysis examines the various factors that affect your industry, such as market trends, competitive landscape, supply and demand, regulations, and technological advancements. Conducting industry analysis is absolutely crucial as it helps businesses understand the potential opportunities and challenges within their industry, identify potential risks, formulate effective business strategies and GTM plans, and stay competitive in the market.

What is included in your industry analysis?

Our industry analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the following areas: market size, growth trends, risks, industry dynamics, business opportunities, customer segments, competitive landscape, and potential barriers to entry. We also delve into economic, technological, and social factors.

What is industry analysis in a business plan?

Industry analysis is a critical section of a business plan that provides an in-depth look into the industry where your business will operate. This includes insights on market trends, competitor strategies, customer demographics, and market needs. The goal is to justify your business opportunity, showcase a realistic understanding of the market conditions, and inform your overall business strategy.

How does industry analysis affect strategy formulation?

All your strategies—product, go-to-market, marketing, etc.—must stem from a deep industry analysis. Only by understanding the market trends, competitive dynamics, customer needs, and potential risks can you craft a strategy that’s not only effective but also resilient. It helps identify opportunities and threats, set realistic objectives, and make informed decisions.

How is the final report delivered?

We deliver the final document via email in PDF and PowerPoint formats.

Does the information I share with you remain confidential?

Absolutely. We sign NDAs with all our clients, so all the information you share with us remains confidential.

How much do your industry analysis services cost?

The cost of our industry analysis services is tailored to each project’s specific needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team. We’re here to provide you with a personalized quote and answer any questions you might have about our services.

Will I be charged pre or post-work?

Our invoicing structure aims to establish a trustworthy and balanced partnership. We start the project with a 25% upfront payment. Once the full draft is completed, we bill an additional 50%, and the final 25% is invoiced before handing over the editable files.

Do you provide a refund if I’m not satisfied with the quality of the work?

While we do not provide refunds, our approach is based on a milestone-driven model. It means that if you choose to discontinue the project at any stage, you’re only accountable for the portion of work completed to that point. Also, we provide up to two revisions free of charge, which is typically enough to make the end result align with our clients’ expectations.

Are taxes included in the price?

Indeed, all the prices we quote include taxes. However, note that there might be some bank transfer fees, depending on your bank’s policies. If they arise, these additional charges would need to be covered by you.

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