Reporting and

Helping you effectively manage investor reporting
post-funding and keep investors informed about
your progress.

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Strong post-funding relationships with investors lay the foundation for your startup’s long-term success

Waveup’s expert team will work closely with you to develop a tailored post-investment communication strategy that aligns with your startup’s needs and goals.

What we help you with:

Customized reporting templates

We create professional, easy-to-understand reporting templates that highlight your startup’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial metrics.

Regular progress updates

We help you prepare and distribute regular progress updates to your investors, keeping them informed about your startup’s growth and milestones.

Investor meetings

We organize and prepare you for investor meetings and conference calls, ensuring you’re well-equipped to address any questions or concerns.

Ongoing support and guidance 

We provide ongoing support and guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of investor relations and communication as your startup evolves.

Why Waveup?

7+ years of successful fundraising track record

and unmatched expertise in corporate finance, venture capital,  storytelling, design, and investor relations.

Extensive knowledge

and experience across a wide variety of verticals, business models, geographies, and fundraising stages.

End to end client support

with weekly reporting and personal fundraising manager to guarantee best outcomes while keeping leadership team focusing on the business.

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Looking for fundraising support? 

We provide end-to-end solution for your fundraising process.

Investment materials

Creating a compelling, visually appealing business story that investors expect to see:

  • Pitch deck
  • Financial model
  • Investment teaser
  • Business plan


Identifying and building a pipeline of top-tier investors that match your profile and converting them to jump on an intro meeting:

  • Data room
  • Omni-channel outbound
  • Tailored database
  • Elevator pitch


Joining investor meetings and helping you close the deal:

  • FAQs
  • Follow-ups
  • Due-diligence
  • Term sheet

Waveup investor materials

5-10X increase in investor response and engagement rate

Market research and compelling industry insights

Cohesive business story needed to attract the right attention

Captivating storytelling experience powered by bespoke visual aestetics

Actionable financial model to empover data-driven decision making

Waveup investor outreach

10 intro calls with warm investors – guaranteed if materials pass Waveup assessment
or produced by Waveup team

Extensive list of top-tier investors with validated contacts

Omni-channel outreach suite that can be used for future rounds

Tailored sequences

Personal fundraising manager

Our process

Materials assessment

  • Reviewing current investor materials
  • Estimating potential conversions
  • Providing suggestions for improvement

Investor pack upgrade

  • Refining business model, positioning, and strategy with guided support from the Waveup team
  • Enhancing narrative and design elements
  • Improving financial model
  • Can be done on the client side or with the help of the Waveup team

Investor targeting 

  • Building a tailored database of target investors matching your company profile (stage, industry, geo, etc.) with relevant and validated contacts
  • Setting up an omni-channel outreach toolkit
  • Creating a personal cabinet to track and report on the fundraising progress

Investor execution

  • Launching outreach sequences, follow-ups, and handling pre-call communication and investor FAQs
  • Providing reporting and analytics to track progress and optimize outreach efforts

Negotiations and closing the deal 

  • Strategic advice and support during investor meetings, helping
  • Navigate the negotiation process and close the deal, ensuring that you secure favorable terms and conditions for your business
  • Post-Investment Relations for long-term success
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