The Seattle venture capital scene boasts over 25 funds, managing assets exceeding $2.1B. Ranked the fifth hub for early-stage startups in the US, it has captured a 3% share of the country’s pre-seed and seed investment since 2020. 

Despite its robust position, the city, however, wasn’t immune to the broader investment dry-up. Compared to the $3.1B raised in 2022, funding in 2023 shrank to $1.6B, spanning 162 deals from seed through Series B. 

So, if you aim to get funded in Seattle, prepare to play hard. A disruptive solution and a clear path to profitability are a must, but so is a well-devised investor outreach strategy. To simplify your investor research, we’ve prepared a curated list of top Seattle VC firms detailing their investment criteria and contact information.

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1. Madrona Venture Group

➡️ Madrona has funnelled investments into pre-seed and seed startups across the Pacific NW and the US for over 25 years.

Industries: AI, ML, DevOps, Marketplaces, Biotech

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: $200K – $7M 

Total funds raised: $5.1B

Number of investments: 507

Number of exits: 100

Notable portfolio companies: Rover, Unstructured, OctoAI

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

2. Acequia Capital (AceCap)

➡️ AceCap backs early-stage tech companies headquartered in Seattle and globally. Boasting a portfolio of more than 350 startups, it has been driving tech innovation since 2010. 

Industries: Fintech, Software, Gaming, Life Sciences, Logistics, Infrastructure, Commerce, AI & ML

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $56.5M

Number of investments: 466

Number of exits: 50

Notable portfolio companies: Tractable, Block, Flexport

Contacts: Contact form, LinkedIn

3. Voyager Capital

➡️ Voyager Capital focuses on tech ventures in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, with offices in Seattle, Portland, Washington, and Oregon. In addition to capital, it provides networking opportunities, resources, and expertise, helping build market leaders. 

Industries: Software, Cloud and Big Data Apps

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $475.1M

Number of investments: 181

Number of exits: 48

Notable portfolio companies: SheerID, Syndio, Ayla Networks

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

4. Arrington XRP Capital

➡️ Arrington XRP Capital is an investment firm in Seattle specializing in blockchain-based capital markets. Founded in 2017 by Michael Arrington and Heather Harde, the firm has a stellar team of Silicon Valley veterans. With over $1B managed and multiple funds, including the Arrington Moonbeam Growth Fund and the Arrington Algo Growth Fund, it backs early-stage crypto startups globally. 

Industries: Digital Assets, Web3

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $600M

Number of investments: 111

Number of exits: 1

Notable portfolio companies:, Algofi, Valkyrie

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

5. Ascend

➡️ Ascend is a leading pre-seed VC firm in the Pacific Northwest, investing primarily in SaaS, AI & ML, and Data ventures. 

Industries: Data, AI & ML, SaaS, Software, E-commerce

Funding stage: Pre-seed

Average check size: $250-$750K

Total funds raised: $40M

Number of investments: 77

Number of exits: 5

Value-added beyond money:

Notable portfolio companies: Cap Hill Brands. Wrench, Clarity

Contacts: Contact form, LinkedIn

6. Unlock Venture Partners

➡️ Unlock Venture Partners supports early-stage tech startups in Seattle and Los Angeles. The firm eyes for founders who know how to leverage AI and data to disrupt major industries. 

Industries: Tech-driven sectors

Funding stage: Seed

Total funds raised: $60M

Number of investments: 76

Number of exits: 6

Notable portfolio companies: FightCamp, Irreverent Labs, Katalyst

Contacts: Contact form, LinkedIn

7. Argonautic Ventures

➡️ Argonautic Ventures is a VC and Hedge Fund that invests across multiple stages within mature industries. 

Industries: AI, Biotech, Crypto & Blockchain, AgTech, FoodTech, ConTech, Cloud Computing

Funding stage: Early Stage, Late stage

Number of investments: 73

Number of exits: 13

Value-added beyond money:

  • The fund provides networking opportunities and institutional advisory support to its portfolio companies

Notable portfolio companies: Cyclera Therapeutics, Biopharmaceutical Research Company, Document Crunch

Contacts: Contact form, LinkedIn

8. Tola Capital

➡️ Tola Capital has actively empowered early-stage B2B software ventures since 2010. The firm offers both funds and hands-on engagement, helping its portfolio companies hone their skills. 

Industries: AI & ML, SaaS, Enterprise Software

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $656M

Number of investments: 65

Number of exits: 17

Notable portfolio companies: Embroker, Simpplr, VergeSense

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

9. Capria Ventures

➡️ Capria Ventures is a Global South VC firm with offices in Seattle, Washington, Nairobi, and Bangalore. Partnering with local investors from its network and managing $1.25B in assets collectively, it has channelled more than 374 investments worldwide. The fund focuses on tech ventures in Southern Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. 

Industries: AgTech, Food, Climate, E-commerce, EdTech, FinTech, Healthcare, Mobility & Logistics

Funding stage: Early Stage, Late stage

Total funds raised: $150M

Number of investments: 374

Notable portfolio companies: Seamless HR, Agrofy, BetterPlace

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

10. Incisive Ventures

➡️ Incisive Ventures co-invests in pre-seed software companies in the US, Africa, Southeast Asia, and India. Acting as a value-add partner, the firm offers fundraising, product/market fit, and expansion services. Over the last three years, its portfolio companies have secured $2.5B+ in follow-on funding. 

Industries: B2B and B2C Software (Fintech, SaaS, Marketplaces, E-commerce, HealthTech, EdTech, AI/ML)

Funding stage: Pre-seed

Average check size: $150К-$500K (up to $2M per startup)

Number of investments: 57

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: PulzAid, Aristotle, StorageDefender

Contacts: Submit-your-pitch form, LinkedIn

Despite recent funding downturns, Seattle remains a national startup creation engine 

To disrupt the Seattle venture capital market, ensure your startup has the following:

  • A robust business plan;
  • A clear roadmap to profitability;
  • A solid market positioning and differentiation;
  • A persuasive deck that tells a story;
  • An effective investor outreach strategy.

Or simply cut the corners and reach out to our expert team for assistance.

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