Looking for investors in Dubai? You’ve chosen the right article. It will give you the key from the leading tech city hub of the area, the region that holds over 40% of MENA scaleups and attracts more than 57% of funding. Keeping this in mind, we’ve selected the top investment companies in Dubai to help you identify potential VCs who align with your industry, development stage, and funding request. Our tailored list ensures a clear overview of active investors in Dubai, their investment focus and preferences, track records, and contacts.

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1. Wamda Capital

➡️ Wamda Capital is a leader among venture capital firms in Dubai. It’s widely known for its industry-agnostic approach and focus on seed and early-stage tech startups in the MENA region. 

Industries: Consumer, Content, Crypto/Web3, E-commerce, Education, Fintech, Food, Gaming, Healthcare, HR/Talent, Legal, Mobility/Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, SaaS/Enterprise software

Funding stage: Seed, Early-stage

Average number of rounds per year: 12 

Number of investments: 104

Number of exits: 7

Notable portfolio companies: Careem, Insider, Tabby

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

2. VentureSouq

➡️ VentureSouq is a pivotal player in the VC Dubai ecosystem. With a major focus on climatetech and fintech, the fund supports MENA region founders across various verticals. 

Industries: AI, 3D printing, Consumer goods, Digital media, E-commerce/Trade, Edtech, Fintech, Climatetech, Foodtech, Gaming, Healthtech, HRtech, Insurtech, Legaltech, Logistics&Mobility, Marketplaces, Proptech, Robotics, SaaS, Social media, Crypto/Blockchain

Funding stage: Early-stage

Average check size: $4M

Average number of rounds per year: 15

Number of investments: 147

Number of exits: 7

Notable portfolio companies: Andela, Aspire, Aura Insurance

Contacts: Contact-us form, LinkedIn

3. Shorooq Partners

➡️ Shorooq, a UAE-based venture fund, is known for funding early-stage tech startups in the Middle East, Pakistan, and North Africa. It has invested in over 68 ventures, generating $3.5B of equity value. Plus, they were the first in the region to introduce a venture debt fund.  

Industries: Fintech, Software, Platforms, Frontier tech

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed (the main focus), Series A

Value-added beyond money: 

  • SHFT – is a program that aims to transform talent into founders within gametech, crypto, and Web 3.0 sectors. It’s a pool of strategic support, upskilling programs, investment initiatives, etc. (check it here)

Average number of rounds per year: 19 

Number of investments: 114 

Number of exits: 5

Notable portfolio companies: Pure Harvest, Tamara, Lean Technologies

Contacts: Pitch-deck-type-form, Office-locations-page

Before you start raising capital, step into the shoes of a skeptical investor – think of all the data they would want to review, all the questions they could ask, and all the things they could challenge and be ready.
Shane Shin—Shorooq Partners

4. Middle East Venture Partners

➡️ MEVP is one of the top investment companies in the UAE, with over $300M under management and over 60 successful tech startups funded. The firm backs early and growth-stage ventures in the Middle East region.

Industries: E-commerce Marketplaces, Mobility, New media, Enterprise, SaaS, BaaS, IoT, E-education, E-health, Foodtech, Healthtech, Proptech, Fintech, Travel, Web App, Web3, Agtech

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Average check size: $2M-$5M

Average number of rounds per year: 7

Number of investments: 90

Number of exits: 8

Notable portfolio companies: Fresha, Money Fellows, Invygo

Contacts: Apply-for-funding page, Contact-us page

5. Global Ventures

➡️ Global Ventures is an international VC fund headquartered in Dubai. It helps founders with technologically innovative solutions and disruptive approaches across emerging markets. 

Industries: Fintech, Digital Health, Edtech, Foodtech, Insurtech, Cyber security, Web3, Mobility&Logistics, Infotech, Future of work, E-commerce

Funding stage: Early stage, Growth stage

Value-added beyond money: 

  • The Library – a platform with various resources, information, and tools for portfolio companies (log in here)

Average number of rounds per year: 19

Number of investments: 83

Number of exits: 2

Notable portfolio companies: Immensa, Remedial Health, Abhi

Contacts: Pitch-to-us page, Contact-us page

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6. BECO Capital

​​➡️ BECO Capital is one of the first early-stage UAE venture capital firms that focuses on MENA and one of the largest VCs in Dubai, with over $450M in assets under management. BECO Capital partnered with the region’s top ventures like Careem, Property Finder, and Vezeeta early on, and it has helped their funds rank in the global top 10% for performance. 

Industries: Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Healthcare, Web3

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Average number of rounds per year: 8

Number of investments: 80

Number of exits: 9

Contacts: Get-in-touch page

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7. Empede Capital

​​➡️ Empede Capital possesses deep expertise across technology, investment banking, cyber, and construction sectors. With a primary focus on innovation and industry disruption, the fund has already invested in over 69 startups within the early and growth stages. 

Industries: Construction Tech, Cybertech, Agritech, Healthcare Tech, Cloud / VR / Drone Tech, Proptech, Fintech

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 65

Number of exits: 10

Notable portfolio companies: Unity Technology, Asana, Instacart

Contacts: Application-form, LinkedIn

8. Raed Ventures

​​➡️ Raed Ventures, a dynamic and influential VC in UAE (headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), plays a pivotal role in shaping the startup ecosystem in the MENA region. Known for its strategic investments, the fund backs early-stage ventures, particularly in tech-related sectors. 

Industries: Social trading, Proptech, HR, Transportation, Fintech, Logistics, E-commerce, Automotive, Edtech, Entertainment, Enterprise solutions, B2B marketplace 

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage

Average number of rounds per year: 8

Number of investments: 61

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: Sylndr, Grinta, Qlub

Contacts: Get-in-touch page 

9. Kjøller

➡️ Kjøller, a Danish firm specializing in private equity in Dubai, supports ambitious companies offering both capital and expertise to startups and mature ventures across various verticals and geographies. 

Industries: Agnostic 

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Late stage

Value-added beyond money: 

  • The company also provides networking, legal advice, strategic sparring, and an opportunity to invest in growth companies with them (check it out here). 

Average check size: up to $1M

Number of investments: 70

Number of exits: 31

Notable portfolio companies: Unity Technology, Asana, Instacart

Contacts: Apply-for-investment page, Contact form, LinkedIn (the company owner)

As an entrepreneur, you should be open to the inputs and the experience of a potential investor comes along. The partnership can create value on several fronts in addition to capital that is only part of the puzzle.
Magnus Kjøller—Kjøller

10. Morningstar Ventures

➡️ Morningstar Ventures invests in early-stage startups that operate within blockchain technology and digital assets. The fund is active in both equity investments and token investments, paying significant attention to the Elrond ecosystem.  

Industries: DeFi, Gaming, Infrastructure, NFTs, Metaverse, AI

Funding stage: Early stage

Value-added beyond money: 

  • ​​MSV Studio—consulting services;
  • EGLD Community—a social platform and a new hub, a source of updates and information for startups;
  • 37xDubai (an art gallery)—offers a creative space for startups to innovate and collaborate;
  • MSV GG (a guild)—provides networking opportunities, expertise, and a supportive community for startups diving into the Web3 sector. 

Number of investments: 75

Notable portfolio companies: MultiversX, Stepn, Ethernity

Contacts: LinkedIn

11. Woodstock Fund

➡️ Woodstock Fund is a private investor in Dubai that backs early and growth-stage ventures within the Web 3.0 space. 

Industries: Infrastructure/Web3.0, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming

Funding stage: Early stage, Growth stage

Number of investments: 48

Notable portfolio companies: Adaptive, Arcana, Marlin 

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn 

12. NewTribe Capital

➡️ NewTribe Capital is an award-winning venture capitalist in the UAE and worldwide. With over 100 projects in its portfolio, the firm ensures early-stage Web3 and blockchain startup funding not only in Dubai but also in Europe, Asia, and other MENA countries. 

Industries: Launchpads, Metaverse & NFT, DeFi, Gaming, Infrastructure, AI

Funding stage: Early-stage

Value-added beyond money: 

  • Advisory support
  • Legal support
  • Resourcing and recruitment 
  • Technical support

Average check size: $200K

Number of investments: 40

Notable portfolio companies: TonUP, Tap Protocol, Linera

Contacts: Project form (at the end of the page), LinkedIn

13. Rarestone Capital

➡️ Rarestone Capital is a Dubai investor backing early-stage blockchain companies, advancing the adoption of crypto-assets worldwide. 

Industries: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Web3, DeFi

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed

Value-added beyond money: 

  • Rarestone Labs—a service offering support for blockchain projects, including product development, strategic planning, and market positioning.

Number of investments: 40

Notable portfolio companies: Qredo, Spectral, Jito

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

14. HALA Venture

➡️ HALA Ventures is a VC fund located in Saudi Arabia that invests in tech startups, mainly from GCC countries, Egypt, and Jordan. 

Industries: B2B marketplace, Data Analytics & Business intelligence, Community & Network, E-commerce, Edtech, Fintech, Tourism, Transportation & Logistics

Funding stage: Early stage, Growth stage 

Average number of rounds per year: 6

Number of investments: 30

Number of exits: 5

Notable portfolio companies: Vuz, Torod, Telfaz11

Contacts: Get-funded-form, Contact-us, LinkedIn 

15. Angelsdeck Global Ventures

➡️ Angelsdeck is an international network of angel investors (in Dubai as well) who focus on collaborative venture investments worldwide. With over 500 active members, 14 chapters globally, and $64M+ invested, it serves as an exclusive community for investors and startups, offering help for ventures through various funding stages, industries, and geographies.  

Industries: Gamification, Insurtech, Foodtech, Fintech, Deeptech, AI, Agtech, Healthcare, Edtech, IT, Aerospace, Creator Economy

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B and beyond 

Number of investments: 161

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: 

Contacts: Contacts, Apply form, LinkedIn

16. Access Bridge Ventures

➡️ Access Bridge Ventures is one of the leading early-stage VCs in UAE that funds tech-driven entrepreneurs across the Middle East, Pakistan, and North Africa. 

Industries: Healthtech, Edutech, Fintech, Enterprise tech & SaaS, e-Commerce enablers, Marketplaces

Funding stage: Seed, Pre-Series A, Series A, Angel 

Number of investments: 17

Notable portfolio companies: Cassbana, Skillbee, Keyper

Contacts: Apply-for-funding form, LinkedIn

17. Derayah Venture Capital

➡️ Derayah Ventures supports early-stage tech startups in MENA and GCC regions. It’s a Saudi-based fund with over $30M under management and 17 successful projects in its portfolio. 

Industries: SaaS, E-commerce, Marketplace platforms, FinTech, AI, Productivity Apps, IoT, etc.  

Funding stage: Post-Seed, Pre-Series A, Series A

Number of investments: 17

Number of exits: 2

Notable portfolio companies: Dawul, OTO, KASO

Contacts: Pitch-your-startup, Get-in-touch

18. Plus Venture Capital (+VC)

➡️ +VC is a venture capital fund in the UAE that has invested in more than 180 ventures during the last four years, particularly across MENA countries. Most of its investors have been in the founders’ shoes, so they put much effort into treating startups the way they expected to be treated once. Plus, this VC firm stems from Silicon Valley, having extensive networks in the USA and across the whole area.  

Industries: Agnostic, supporting tech-driven startups across various verticals

Funding stage: Seed, Series A

Value-added beyond money: 

  • +Growth curriculum—a program with lectures, mentorship sessions, and community networks designed to support their portfolio companies;
  • +Community—a networking opportunity for startups to communicate and collaborate with other founders;
  • +Portfolio Summit—an annual event with workshops, various activities, and invited investors. 

Average check size: $100K-$200K (seed stage), $500K-$1M (follow-on allocation)

Number of investments: 12

Notable portfolio companies: Holo, Huupe, Kleen

Contacts: LinkedIn, Apply-now-form, Contact-us-form

19. TS Investment

➡️ TS Investment is an investment fund in Dubai that specializes in real estate, engineering, trading, and F&B sectors. 

Industries: Trading, Construction, Food & Beverage, and Real estate 

Funding stage: Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 20

Notable portfolio companies: Nakheel, Emaar, Tabreed  

Contacts: Contact-us (at the end of this page)

20. COTU Ventures

➡️ COTU Ventures is a leading early-stage investor in Dubai and across the whole Middle East. Calling themselves the champions of the underdog, they focus on helping ventures from GCC countries, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan to become successful, transforming the vision of the Middle East globally. 

Industries: Mobility, Saas, Proptech, Fintech, Logistics, Agritech, Edtech, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Healthtech, 

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed (mostly), Late Seed (sometimes), Series A (rarely)

Average check size: $150K-$2M

Number of investments: 16 + 25 (made by Amir Farha till 2020)

Notable portfolio companies: Property Finder, Zenda, Careem 

Contacts: LinkedIn 

What’s next

Dubai region has taken the front seat on the world’s fastest-growing VC ecosystems list. It’s already reshaping the global perception of Middle Eastern countries, providing startups with numerous funding opportunities.

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