Top Venture Capital Firms in San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

Looking to break into the heart of VC funding? Must admit, it’s far from being an easy move. As a central hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the San Francisco Bay Area encounters over 12K startups, with only 263 identified as unicorns. Plus, the recent statistics add fuel to the fire: 

  • The VC investment plummeted by 122% in 2023 ($37B compared to $82.4 in 2022);
  • The number of funded startups nearly shrunk to a third (1K in 2023 vs 2.8K in 2022). 

Indeed, it’s hard for a startup to stand out in such a saturated market. However, with the right approach and relevant knowledge it’s more possible. And our curated list of the top 20 venture capital firms in the San Francisco Bay Area is a perfect point to start. You’ll find not just a list, but a guide with key insights, vital data, and contacts of the best Bay Area VC firms.

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Top VC Firms in San Francisco 

1. Bessemer Venture Partners

➡️ Bessemer Venture Partners, founded in 1911, is probably the oldest San Francisco VC firm, with its history going back to the Carnegie Steel empire. With a track record of 300+ successful investment cases and over 145 IPOs, it pours money into early-to-late-stage startups across multiple verticals. 

Industries: AI&ML, Deep tech, Biotech, Fintech, Cloud, Consumer, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Marketplaces, Software, Crypto, Developer tools

Funding stage: Early stage, Late stage

Average check size: $100K-$50M

Number of investments: 1364

Number of exits: 302

Notable portfolio companies: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Shopify

Contacts: LinkedIn

A notable tip:

Make sure you pick the VC fund that aligns with your goals and sector. Otherwise, you risk spending your time and effort in vain.

2. Index Ventures

➡️ Index Ventures is a VC firm headquartered in San Francisco, London, and Geneva. It helps entrepreneurs transform their bold ideas into profitable global ventures. Since 1996, it has made 1116 investments with 242 exits. 

Industries: Entertainment, AI & ML, Fintech, Media, Healthcare, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Productivity, Developer Tools

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Late stage

Value-added services beyond money: Guides and podcasts for startups: the VC firm shares its experiences and expertise to help founders address key challenges (check here).

Average check size: $15M-$50M (Europe); $18M-$60M (the USA)

Notable portfolio companies: Funding Circle, Datadog, Zendesk

Contacts: Contact us page

3. First Round Capital

➡️ First Round invests in early-stage startups, guiding them from inception to success. They’ve already helped over 300 companies, including Warby Parker and Uber. With the belief that founders, not VCs, predict the future, they support visionary entrepreneurs across various industries. 

Industries: Enterprise, Fintech, Hardware, Healthcare, Consumer, Infrastructure & AI/ML

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Average check size: $1M-$5M

Number of investments: 892

Number of exits: 199

Notable portfolio companies: Uber, Roblox, Square, Notion

Contacts: LinkedIn 

4. Menlo Ventures

➡️ Menlo Ventures supports game-changing projects across all funding stages (from inception through IPO) and multiple industries. For 47 years, it has helped over 80 public companies and closed more than 165 M&A deals. 

Industries: AI, Bio&Healthcare, Consumer, Cloud Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Fintech, SaaS, Supply Chain&Automation

Funding stage: Seed, Early Stage, Series A, Late Stage

Average check size: $8M-$15M

Number of investments: 776

Number of exits: 178

Notable portfolio companies: Roku, Uber

Contacts: Get-in-touch page

5. Benchmark Capital

➡️ Benchmark is an early-stage San Francisco VC firm that invests in marketplaces, consumer, AI, and software sectors. Founded in 1995, it has a track record of more than 680 investments and 186 successful exits. 

Industries: Marketplaces, AI, Infrastructure, Enterprise software, Open-source, Consumer, 

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage

Notable portfolio companies: Twitter, Snap Inc., Wework

Contacts: LinkedIn 

6. Matrix Partners

➡️ Matrix is a VC fund focusing mainly on AI, B2B SaaS, Fintech, Infrastructure, and Digital health. With over 40 years of experience and more than $4B in funds invested in early-stage startups, this firm is definitely a steadfast ship. 

Industries: AI, B2B SaaS, Fintech, Infrastructure, Digital health, Chips&Components, Hardware

Funding stage: Seed, Series A

Average check size: $5M-$20M

Number of investments: 663

Number of exits: 154

Notable portfolio companies: Apple, Hubspot, Zendesk

Contacts: LinkedIn

7. Bain Capital Ventures

➡️ Bain Capital Ventures supports startups from seed to growth stages. The VC firm has already backed over 200 portfolio companies, seeking founders with transformative ideas to help them build iconic businesses. 

Industries: Commerce, Application, Software infrastructure, Fintech, Healthcare, Crypto,  

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Growth stage and beyond 

Average check size: $75M-$250M

Number of investments: 630

Number of exits: 125

Notable portfolio companies: Docusign, Blockfi, Rapid7

Contacts: Get-in-touch form

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Top Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firms

1. Accel

➡️ Accel is a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm investing in startups across multiple verticals. In particular, it backs ventures that delve into technology, SaaS, etc. For over 40 years, Accel has made almost 2K investments with 367 exits. 

Industries: Cloud/SaaS, AI, Enterprise IT, Software, Security, Healthcare, Media, Consumer, Fintech, etc.

Funding stage: Seed, Early Stage, Late Stage

Average check size: $500K—$1M (early-stage startups); $50M—$70M

Notable portfolio companies: Spotify, Atlassian, Slack, Facebook, etc.

Contacts: Connect page, LinkedIn

2. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

➡️ a16z is one of the top VCs in Silicon Valley. Although stage agnostic, the fund prefers to pour money into social media and technology sectors. Plus, most general partners are former founders, CEOs, or CTOs of successful tech enterprises. That’s why they definitely know what it feels like to be in the founder’s shoes. 

Industries: Biotech, Healthcare, IT, Crypto & Blockchain, Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Gaming, AI, Software

Funding stage: Seed, Early, Mid-stage, Growth, and Late-stage

Average check size: $1M-$100M

Number of investments: 1,474

Number of exits: 210

Notable portfolio companies: Pinterest, Coinbase, Lyft

Contacts: Connect page, LinkedIn

The ideal pitch that we receive is: here’s the thing that works; would you like to invest in our company or not? That’s so much easier than: here’s 30 slides with a dream.
Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz

3. New Enterprise Associates

➡️ New Enterprise Associates is a pioneering, influential investor that supports technology and healthcare companies. With over 2K investments and $19B in total committed capital, NEA invests in ventures at all stages, from seed through IPO. 

Industries: Software & Services, Consumer & Internet, Life Sciences, Digital Health

Funding stage: Seed, Early Stage, Growth

Value-added services beyond money:

  • Corporate briefing center—supporting portfolio companies and becoming a part of the business and investment community (request a briefing form here).

Average check size: $3-5M

Number of exits: 586

Notable portfolio companies: Coursera, Databricks, Black Diamond Therapeutics

Contacts: Contact page

4. Sequoia Capital

➡️ Sequoia is a titan among Silicon Valley venture capital firms, known for its pivotal role in launching and nurturing some of the most successful tech companies in the world—Google, Apple, PayPal, etc. It’s industry-agnostic, investing from energy to healthcare. 

Industries: Energy, AI & ML, Fintech, Crypto & Blockchain, Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare, Climatetech, Internet & Mobile

Funding stage: Early Stage, Seed, Growth

Average check size: $500K-$1M

Number of investments: 1886

Number of exits: 376

Contacts: LinkedIn

5. Kleiner Perkins

➡️ Kleiner Perkins, a kingmaker VC fund, backs companies with innovative visions, guiding them from early stages to IPO and beyond. The firm spans across multiple verticals and continents. With the help of 20 VCs and four growth funds, they’ve poured $10B into over 1K companies. 

Industries: Healthcare, Fintech, Internet & Mobile, Enterprise, SaaS, Deep Tech & Hard Science, Consumer, Life Sciences, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Manufacturing

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Early Stage, Series A, Late Stage

Number of investments: 1,397

Number of exits: 335

Notable portfolio companies: Google, Genentech, Amazon, Uber

Contacts: LinkedIn

6. Lightspeed Venture Partners

➡️ Lightspeed is a forward-thinking investor, funding innovative and disruptive projects worldwide, mainly in the USA, India, China, and Europe.  

Industries: Consumer Internet, Crypto, Enterprise, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Virtual Infrastructure, E-commerce, Mobile, Infrastructure, Fintech, Healthcare, Gaming

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Late stage, Private equity

Average check size: $100K-$15M

Number of investments: 1315

Number of exits: 227

Notable portfolio companies: Snap Inc., Rubrik, Zscaler

Contacts: LinkedIn

7. Greylock Partners

➡️ Greylock is a long-standing investment leader with a visionary and impactful approach. It mostly focuses on enterprise software and consumer companies.  

Industries: AI, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, SaaS, Consumer, Marketplaces&Commerce, Fintech&Crypto

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, SeriesC and beyond

Value-added services beyond money:

  • Greylock Edge—a 3-month program aiming to help build a successful company. It works for pre-idea, pre-seed, and seed founders.  

Average check size: $2M-$20M

Number of investments: 858

Number of exits: 255

Notable portfolio companies: Meta, Coinbase, Airbnb

Contacts: Contact us page

Top Bay Area VC Firms 

1. True Ventures

➡️ True Ventures is an award-winning VC firm that helps early-stage tech ventures. With over $3.8B in funds under management, it has assisted over 350 companies. It continues providing seed and Series A financial backing to robotics, wellness, climatetech, etc. startups.

Industries: Wellness, Robotics, Therapeutics, Climate technologies, AI & ML, SaaS, Software, Marketing, Consumer, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc.

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Series A

Value-added services beyond money:

  • They launched an initiative called to support entrepreneurs who address significant social and environmental challenges, creating social change (check it out here). 

Number of investments: 704

Number of exits: 112

Notable portfolio companies: Proof, Holey Grail Donuts, Astaria

Contacts: LinkedIn

2. Khosla Ventures

➡️ Khosla Ventures, one of the most influential venture capital firms in the Bay Area, seeks ‘Black Swan’ ideas and startups with unusual approaches to entering new markets or unconventional strategies for existing markets. 

Industries: Consumer&Retail, Enterprise, Fintech, Sustainability, Digital health, Medtech&Diagnostics, Therapeutics 

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Late stage

Average check size: $10M-$50M

Number of investments: 1147

Number of exits: 163

Notable portfolio companies: Square, OpenAI, DoorDash

Contacts: LinkedIn, Menu tab on their website

New industries are created by entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily have subject matter expertise when they get started, yet they are still responsible for most of the innovation we see in society.
Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures

3. Google Ventures

➡️ Google Ventures spans consumer, crypto, life sciences, and many other industries. With 400+ successful portfolio companies, GV is searching for innovative startups that move the world forward. 

Industries: Life sciences, Healthcare, Consumer, Enterprise, AI, Crypto, Cybersecurity, Climate, Frontier technology sectors

Funding stage: Seed, Early stage, Late stage 

Value-added services beyond money:

  • They provide access to Google’s extensive resources (advanced technologies and a pool of talented professionals).

Average check size: $5M-$20M

Number of investments: 1081

Number of exits: 238

Notable portfolio companies: Uber, Nest, Slack

Contacts: LinkedIn

4. Venrock Associates

➡️ Venrock focuses primarily on tech and healthcare projects. And, as with other top Bay Area VC firms, it backs ambitious and passionate founders who are building disruptive businesses. 

Industries: Consumer, Fintech, Healthcare, AI & ML, Robotics, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Biotech

Funding stage: Seed, Early-stage, Late stage

Number of investments: 807

Number of exits: 274

Notable portfolio companies: Apple Computer, Idec Pharma, Intel

Contacts: Contact page

5. Redpoint Ventures

➡️ Redpoint is a fund that partners with innovative founders at various stages, including seed, early, and growth. It has already supported 450+ companies, leading to 140 IPOs and M&A deals.

Industries: Applications, Blockchain, Consumer, Fintech, Healthcare, Infrastructure 

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C+

Value-added services beyond money: 

  • InfraRed—an index that tracks companies’ performance in the cloud infrastructure software sector. Redpoint offers market trends, insights, and performance of key industry players.

Average check size: $2M-$15M

Number of investments: 747

Number of exits: 166

Notable portfolio companies: Netflix, Zendesk, PureStorage

Contacts: Contact-us form, LinkedIn

6. Canaan Partners

➡️ Canaan primarily targets early-stage healthcare and technology startups with game-changing ideas. With over 30 years of experience, $5B under management, and over 770 investments, this VC fund has become a key player in supporting groundbreaking startups like Dexcom, Lending Club, and Cardlytics.

Industries: Consumer, Fintech, Enterprise / Cloud, Frontier tech, Digital health, Biopharma, Medtech

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Average check size: $1M-$20M

Number of exits: 161

Contacts: Contact page, LinkedIn

Next steps

Choosing the right investor is pivotal and time-consuming, especially if all the listed VCs are a perfect shot. Yet, crafting a persuasive pitch deck that resonates with investors is equally important. 

Have any doubts about how to do everything right? Check our compelling pitch deck cheat sheet. It will help you figure out this process’s ins and outs.

Still have concerns about your presentation’s impact on investors? Feel free to reach out to us. Our expert team will help you pick and pitch the most suitable venture capital firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and fundraise quickly.

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