Over the past couple of decades, Singapore has cemented itself as one of Asia’s most fertile grounds for startups and venture capital Singapore activity:

  • It’s the top player in the ASEAN region, securing over 60% of the area’s venture funding
  • Angel investors in Singapore and international giants like Sequoia Capital and Accel are setting up shop, joining the ranks of over 50 active investment firms in Singapore
  • Government initiatives like the Significant Investments Review Bill and Singapore’s strategic location foster a pro-business environment, transforming it   into a global VC magnet

For founders seeking investors, however, this abundance of opportunities comes with a set of challenges. Firstly, investor outreach isn’t a spray-and-pray game. If you don’t want to be ignored for months on end, you must think carefully about the VCs you reach out to.

Secondly, to win the funding game, you must understand the direction in which the wind of investor preferences blows. Both global and local investment trends matter, as they point to what investors are looking for in 2024. Adjusting your pitch in line with them, at least to some extent, can make all the difference for your fundraiser, especially if time is of the essence for you.

Here, you’ll find a tailored list of 22 top venture capital firms in Singapore with information about their investment focus, average check size, funding stage, and the number of investments and exits they made

But first, let’s see what trends are shaping the Singapore venture capital environment.

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Singapore Venture Capital Market Overview

If you’re wondering whether it’s the right time for your startup to make a mark in the funding game in Singapore, there are more venture capital Singapore statistics for you to consider.

  • Singapore hosts 1,180 Venture Capital Funds with a collective portfolio of 17,400 companies;
  • Singapore has 15 unicorn companies, ranking 10th globally and 3rd in Asia. They’re worth $88.9 billion, with an average value of $5.93 billion each;
  • US$5 billion: Projected total VC investment, a 30% jump from 2023 (Statista);
  • 40%: Share of deals targeting fintech and AI, the hottest sectors;
  • 13th place: Singapore’s global ranking in the startup ecosystem (Startup Genome);
  • Early-stage startups: still the sweet spot, attracting 70% of VC funding;
  • Emerging sectors: growing interest in healthtech, robotics, and sustainability solutions, reflecting investors’ growing recognition of these technologies’ potential;
  • Fintech and AI still claim a 40% share of the pie;
  • The deep tech sector is gaining momentum, with a deal volume for it having surged by 36%

Buckle up, innovators and investors, because Singapore’s VC market is erupting like a tech volcano with its juicy Singapore venture capital list.

Top Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

1. Monk’s Hill Ventures

➡️ Monk’s Hill Ventures is a pioneering, influential investor that supports technology and fintech companies. Based in Singapore, this VC titan backs Pre-Series A and Series A tech innovators, boasting a portfolio of 20+ startups across Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

Industries: FinTech, E-commerce, Technology, SaaS

Funding stage: Pre-Series A, Series A

Average check size: $1M-$3M

Number of investments: 72

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: Crowde, Hyperfast, Botmd, Dagangan

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

2. Golden Gate Ventures

➡️ Golden Gate Ventures, founded in 2011, has a track record of more than 120 investments and 10 successful exits. Now, they’re expanding into the MENA region, starting with Saudi Arabia and teaming up with Hanwha to raise a $200M fund. It’s not just about money; they’re shaping the future of tech.

Industries: Technology, FinTech, E-commerce,  B2B, Edtech, Entertainment

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, A+

Average check size: $1M-$5M

Number of investments: 122

Number of exits: 10

Notable portfolio companies: Alodokter, Cho Tot, Xenit, Lifepack

Contacts: Contact page

3. Quest Ventures

➡️ Quest Ventures, pioneering Singapore VCs, fostering 100+ startups in AI, e-commerce, and beyond. Transforming industries with Silicon Valley insights, from alternative food to smart cities. Among the most notable portfolio companies are Style Theory, Kamereo, Carousell, and Shopback.

Industries: AI, Entertainment, E-commerce, Marketplaces

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Number of investments: 135

Number of exits: 1

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

4. Spiral Ventures

➡️ Spiral Ventures born in Japan, fueled by innovation! From IMJ Investment Partners to independent stride as Spiral Ventures, this VC carving pathways in Southeast Asia, mostly focuses on fintech and logistic companies.  

Industries: Fintech, Logistics&Transportation, AI, IoT

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $1M-$5M

Number of investments: 88

Number of exits: 7

Notable portfolio companies: Kudo, PawnHero, First Circle

Contacts: LinkedIn

5. Jungle Ventures

➡️ Jungle Ventures, a major VC in Singapore, boosts tech startups in Southeast Asia and India. With $1 billion managed, they’ve helped over 11 companies grow. Specializing in early to growth-stage investments, they turn innovative ideas into global success stories.

Industries: Media, Fintech

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $500K-$20M

Number of investments: 136

Number of exits: 14

Notable portfolio companies: Livspace, Builder, Moglix, Kredivo Group

Contacts: Contact page

6. Singtel Innov8

➡️ Singtel Innov8 — a dynamic venture capital arm of Singtel, is making waves in tech innovation. Known for identifying and nurturing high-potential startups, they’ve already seen over 42 successful exits, with four unicorns, like Arista, Ruckus, Jasper, and Shape, in their portfolio. 

Industries: Telecom., 5G Enterprise & Applications, Data Security

Funding stage: All

Average check size: $1M-$5M

Number of investments: 142

Number of exits: 42

Notable portfolio companies: Carro, Bitdight, Silverfort

Contacts: LinkedIn

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7. Life.SREDA

➡️ Life.SREDA is the first FinTech-only non-corporate VC fund globally. Based in Singapore, they focus on innovative finance tech and have invested in over 20 startups, with a strong interest in blockchain​.

Industries: Banking, Fintech, Enterprise Software

Funding stage: All

Average check size: $500K-$5M

Number of investments: 20

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: Baasis, YoloPay, WishFinance, Fastacash

Contacts: LinkedIn

8. East Ventures

➡️ East Ventures backed 300+ startups from Seed to Series A and beyond—think Tokopedia and Xendit. With a whopping 597 investments and 54 exits, they’re not just top dogs globally but also lead the pack in UN-backed responsible investing.

Industries: Agritech, Commerce, Crypto, Edtech, Fintech, Healthtech, SaaS

Funding stage: Seed, Series A

Average check size: $1M-5M

Number of investments: 597

Number of exits: 54

Notable portfolio companies: Allsome, BitFlyer, Campfire

Contacts: LinkedIn

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9. Openspace

➡️ Openspace, shaking up Southeast Asia’s tech with 958 funds, 6 exits, and big hitters like Gojek in their corner. Always on the innovation grind! In particular, it backs ventures that delve into the Consumer, Health, SaaS, and Media industries.

Funding stage: Early-stage venture

Average check size: $3M-$5M

Number of investments: 958

Number of exits: 6

Notable portfolio companies: Halodoc, FinAccel, Bonito

Contacts: LinkedIn

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10. Innosight Ventures

➡️ Innosight Ventures leverages more than 20 years on early-stage companies with fresh ideas, using insights from experts like Clayton Christensen. It mostly focuses on healthcare and fintech companies. 

Industries: TMT, Healthcare, Finance, Consumer

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $5M-$10M

Number of investments: 15

Number of exits: 5

Notable portfolio companies: Achanto, Capital

Contacts: Contact page

11. COENT Venture Partners

➡️ COENT Venture Partners backs tech startups across Southeast Asia in areas like AI and e-commerce. Led by experts like Mark Lim, they mentor and elevate innovators like Xfers, Shopline, and GoGoVan. From Japan to Hong Kong, COENT is defining tech’s future! 

Industries: Biotech, Fashion, Trade, E-commerce, On-Demand Services, Entertainment, E-learning

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $100K – $1M

Number of investments: 11

Number of exits: 2

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn 

12. Gobi Partners

➡️ Gobi Partners, a leading Pan-Asian VC since 2002 with $1.5B AUM. They’ve backed 350+ startups, birthed 10 unicorns, and earned nodes from Forbes and Asian Venture Capital Journal. Spanning 15 key cities from Beijing to Singapore, Gobi’s reach and impact are unmatched.

Industries: Healthcare, e-Commerce, Technology, Fintech

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, A+

Average check size: $2M-$8M

Number of investments: 215

Number of exits: 15

Notable portfolio companies: 35Kr, abhi, Airwallex, ambre

Contacts: Contact page

13. EQT

➡️ EQT Founded in 1994, it has a track record of more than 90 investments and 44 successful exits; they guide and support startups beyond just funding, shaping the future of tech.

Industries: Industrial Technology, TMT, Healthcare

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: €2M-€50M

Number of investments: 98

Number of exits: 44

Notable portfolio companies: Next One Technology, Gympass

Contacts: LinkedIn


➡️ BEENEXT is a forward-thinking investor funding innovative and disruptive projects worldwide, mainly in India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the USA.

With 311 investments and 13 exits, they are reshaping the future for Fintech, Marketplace, SaaS, and EdTech companies.

Funding stage: Early stage, Seed

Average check size: $8M

Number of investments: 311

Number of exits: 13

Notable portfolio companies: Coins.ph, Milkbasket, and Revv.

Contacts: Contact page

15. Spartan Group

➡️ Spartan Group, the early-stage venture capital firm, is driving the success of game-changing startups. With a portfolio of over 100 innovative companies and a valuation of $1 billion, they’re revolutionizing industries worldwide. The firm specializes in hedge funds, venture capital, and fundraising.

Industries: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Software, Finance

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: $13M

Number of investments: 134

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: Lolli, Chapter X, Kinto

Contacts: LinkedIn

16. Antler

➡️ Antler is like a startup’s fairy godmother, transforming early-stage ideas into IPO giants. With a whopping $82.2M invested in over 1130 companies, Antler is crafting the future of business, one innovative company at a time. 

Industries: AI & ML, Consumer, Crypto & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Fintech, SaaS, Gaming, Proptech & Real Estate, Internet & Mobile, Food & Beverage, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare, Media

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Early stage

Average check size: Undisclosed

Number of investments: 1,139

Number of exits: 7

Notable portfolio companies: ChatFood, Baselime, Genuine Taste

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

Top Angel Investors in Singapore

1. 8capita Partners

➡️ 8capita Partners A top-notch venture capital firm making waves with smart strategies! They’re all about backing early-stage internet and mobile companies—fueling success in the tech scene.

Industries: Internet, Mobile, E-commerce, SaaS

Funding stage: Seed, Series A

Average check size: $200K-$3M

Number of investments: 8

Number of exits: 3

Notable portfolio companies: Hipflat, PayrollHero

Contacts: Contact page

2. Wavemaker Partners 

➡️ Wavemaker Partners With over 20 years of experience, $580M under management, and over 537 investments, this VC fund has become a key player in supporting groundbreaking startups like Mindbody Business, Coins.ph, Gem.

Industries: Enterprise, Deep Tech, and Sustainability

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B

Average check size: $500K

Number of investments: 537

Number of exits: 65

Contacts: Contact page 

3. Vertex Ventures 

➡️ Vertex Ventures pioneers in early-stage tech investments, focuses on seed to Series A funding. They specialize in nurturing ventures in software infrastructure, developer tools, data, security, and vertical SaaS. With over 35 years of experience and more than 470 investments, this firm is definitely a steadfast ship. 

Industries: SaaS, Data, Security, Deeptech, Insurtech, Fintech

Funding stage: All

Average check size: $500K-$10M

Number of investments: 471

Number of exits: 96

Notable portfolio companies: Evisort, Hasura, Metareum, Motion Elements

Contacts: Contact page

4. Crystal Horse Investments

➡️ Crystal Horse Investments was founded in Singapore and is mainly involved in angel investments, Excels in tech and mobile seed investments in Southeast Asia, and has impactful firms in the portfolio, like SourceSage and Hermo.

Industries: Internet, Mobile and Data market

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $100K-$1M

Number of investments: 24

Number of exits: 5

Notable portfolio companies: ProperHands, Scrollback

Contacts: Contact page

5. Expara

➡️ Expara — a standout VC firm in the fields of blockchain, energy, healthcare, and fintech with a visionary and impactful approach.

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: $200K-$500K

Number of investments: 11

Number of exits: 1

Notable portfolio companies: Momby, Data Vue

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

6. Cocoon Capital

➡️ Cocoon Capital fuels early-stage tech ventures across Southeast Asia. With the “Dare to Change™” motto, they’re shaping the region’s startup scene, backed by 35 investments and 5 standout exits.

Industries: Enterprise tech, Medtech, Fintech, and other deep tech verticals

Funding stage: Seed

Average check size: $500K-$1M

Number of investments: 35

Number of exits: 2

Notable portfolio companies: Aprisium, Adravision, BuyMed

Contacts: LinkedIn


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