Berlin’s streets are living history but packed with tech geeks coding tomorrow. It’s where old-school cool bumps into next-gen dreamers, and creativity explodes into world-changing ideas.

Even the investors are different here. Forget stuffy suits—Earlybird, Point Nine, and Rocket Internet are betting on anything that could be the next big thing, from fintech wizards to AI brainiacs. They help startups go from tiny sprouts to giants on the Berlin tech scene in a heartbeat.

Despite setbacks in 2022-2023, Berlin stands as a critical European tech hub. Venture capital in Berlin covers pre-seed to Series C, particularly in fintech, health tech, and green tech, securing millions in funds. 

Here’s a quick glance at the venture capital trends in Berlin:

  • Funds are substantial, with check sizes from €200,000 to €75 million, showcasing ambitious venture funding.
  • Berlin-based VCs have a global outlook, supporting startups from 17+ countries while fostering local tech innovation.
  • Predictions foresee a moderate VC rebound, continued focus on AI, and a rise in female founders.

Whether you’re experienced or new to fundraising, Berlin’s vibes can shake things up. But our list of top Berlin VCs in 2024 ensures your fundraising journey is smooth sailing.

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1. Point Nine Capital

➡️ Point Nine Capital is an early-stage VC trailblazer specializing in SaaS, B2B marketplaces, and enterprise software. Co-founded by Pawel Chudzinski and Christoph Janz, it powers success stories like Delivery Hero and Zendesk. With 260 investments and 38 exits across 30+ countries, Point Nine catalyzes tech innovation on a global scale.

Type: Micro VC, Venture Capital

Industries: SaaS, Enterprise Software, B2B Marketplaces

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A

Average check size: €500K-€5M

Total funding amount: $447M

Number of investments: 268

Average number of rounds per year: 17

Number of exits: 39

Notable portfolio companies: CloudTalk, Loom, Revolut

Contacts: Pitch page, LinkedIn

2. Earlybird Venture Capital

➡️ Earlybird Venture Capital, a leading player in the tech Berlin venture capital industry, invests in startups across multiple verticals. For over 25 years, this fund has made over 334 investments with 53 successful exits.

Industries: Aerospace, B2B services, Big Data, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Clean Energy, ClimateTech, Cybersecurity, DevTech, E-commerce, EdTech, Enterprise Productivity, Enterprise Software, Fashion, FoodTech, FinTech, Gaming, HrTech, HealthCare, IndustrialTech, IoT, InsurTech, LegalTech, Logistics mobility, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Media, Quantum Computing, QuantumTech, Real Estate, Sales, Space, Supply Chain, Travel

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D, Series E, Series F

Average check size: €464K-€9.3M

Total funding amount: $18M

Number of investments: 334

Average number of rounds per year: 12

Number of exits: 53

Notable portfolio companies: Ubitricity, UiPath, Digital River, TrillerTV

Value-added beyond money: 

  • Vision Lab is a free Berlin startup incubator. Since 2021, it has been boosting migrant founders with essential resources like workshops and funding, promoting diversity and innovation in over 17 countries (more details here).

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us 

3. Target Global

➡️ Target Global Berlin-based venture capital firm that invests across tech companies’ lifecycles, boasting 15+ years of expertise in digital tech. With over €3 billion in assets, they link critical European startup hubs and target fintech, SaaS, mobility, health tech, and consumer tech in the European markets and beyond.

Industries: EdTech, HealthTech, Proptech, Business SaaS, Mobility, Tech-enabled consumer, Fintech, HealthTech

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D, Pre Seed

Number of investments: 117

Notable portfolio companies: Bird, Doctorly, Flo, Revolut

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

4. Cherry Ventures

➡️ Cherry Ventures has been pioneering seed funding since 2012, backing 50+ startups like FlixBus, Swap, Climatiq, and LifeX. Catalysts for innovation in climate tech, SaaS, and beyond. Operating across Europe from Berlin, with bases in London, Paris, and Stockholm.

Industries: Agnostic

Average check size: €300K-€3M

Number of investments: 197

Average number of rounds per year: 10

Number of exits: 17

Value-added beyond money: 

  • They offer expert guidance, HR support, and preferential partnerships. A glimpse into their current partnerships include Amazon Web Services, Google, HubSpot, Notion, Stripe, and many more.

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

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5. Revent

➡️ Revent backs visionary founders solving big global problems. They offer funding and connections to early-stage technology startups in Berlin, as well as ventures in the healthcare and sustainable food sectors. Established in 2020, Revent focuses on impact investing, with a €60 million fund announced in 2022.

Industries: Climate Tech & Green Tech, Foodtech, Biotech, Health, and Wellbeing

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed

Average check size: €200K-€2M

Number of investments: 22

Notable portfolio companies: Farmless, Resourcify, Granular

Contacts: LinkedInContact us

6. La Famiglia VC

➡️ La Famiglia VC, a Berlin-based VC, backs tech entrepreneurs in Europe and the US. They’re a family of entrepreneurs, angels, and industry leaders, offering networks and funding to nurture founders. Focused on B2B startups, their €250M fund supports seed to growth stages, with 70+ startups in their portfolio, like Deel and Personio.

Industries: Tech 

Funding stage: Seed and Growth stage

Total funding amount: 342

Number of investments: 100

Number of exits: 8

Notable portfolio companies: Stripe, Sweep, Y42, Bling

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

7. Fly Ventures

➡️ Fly Ventures, first-check VC, fueling tech trailblazers across Europe! €53M fund, backing enterprise and deep tech startups. Home to gems like Fusebox, Metaview, and TradeLink—innovation unleashed!

Industries: Cybersecurity, Dev Tools & Infrastructure, Finance & Insurance, Health, HR, Manufacturing & Industrial, Mobility, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sustainability

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 82

Number of exits: 5

Notable portfolio companies: Fusebox, Metaview, TradeLink

Contacts: LinkedInContact us

8. Project A Ventures

➡️ Project A Ventures, a Berlin-based VC with $1B+ assets under management, provides financial and operational support to disruptors like Trade Republic, sennder, and KRY. Their full-stack team of 100+ experts spans key areas, offering tailored operational support from pre-seed to Series A and beyond.

Industries: Business Services, Business Software, Commerce, Cybersecurity, Data Infrastructure, Deeptech, Digital Health, Edtech, FinTech, Food & Agriculture, Gaming, HR, Industry 4.0, InsurTech, Logistics, Marketing, Mobility, PropTech, SaaS, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Travel

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A

Average check size: €185K-€9.3M

Number of investments: 190

Number of exits: 30

Notable portfolio companies: 42matters, Store2be, Landmark, Black Semiconductor

Contacts: LinkedInContact us


➡️ AENU Berlin-based impact fund fueling early-stage climate tech and social impact startups in Europe and the US. With a €100M evergreen fund and plans for €500M by 2026, they’re revolutionizing VC for impact and accessibility.

Industries: Climate Tech & Green Tech, Energy & Nuclear, Manufacturing

Value-added beyond money: Their advanced impact framework guides them in tackling global challenges, defining impact goals, and ensuring long-term alignment for a sustainable journey with portfolio companies.

Number of investments: 34

Notable portfolio companies: Monta, Undo, OCELL

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

10. Cavalry Ventures

➡️ Cavalry Ventures Berlin’s growth catalyst for innovative startups. Founded in 2016, they’ve powered 50+ companies, with notable names like Planetly, WhenThen, and CrossEngage. With 86 investments, four exits, and a keen eye for transformative tech, they’re not just investors; they’re your strategic partners in scaling success!

Industries: SaaS

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed

Average check size: €500K-€4M

Contacts: LinkedInContact us

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11. Extantia Capital

➡️ Extantia Capital, the climate-focused VC hunting the next ‘Gigacorn,’ partnering with decarbonization pioneers, taps into a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and targets zero CO2e. Notable portfolio includes UP Catalyst, Reverion, and MAGNOTHERM.

Industries: Energy & Nuclear, Manufacturing, Climate Tech & Green Tech

Total funding amount: 10

Number of investments: 14

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

12. b2venture

➡️ b2venture—go-to European VC for early-stage digital and industrial tech investments, rocking an average ticket size of €1 million. They’ve got the DACH region covered and beyond from Berlin to Zurich. Startup support from day one: they’re here to make waves in the tech scene!

Industries: FinTech, Digital Health, Computational DeepTech, PropTech, EdTech, Logistics, LegalTech, InsurTech, Sourcing & Procurement, IndustrialTech

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A

Average check size: €250K-€5M

Total funding amount: 126

Number of investments: 233

Average number of rounds per year: 30-40

Number of exits: 34

Notable portfolio companies: Urban Sports Club, Deepl, Sumup

Value-added beyond money: The company has venture capital funds and angel investors in Berlin. Their direct investments team can act independently, doubling the firepower for your startup dreams (more details here).

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

13. Global Founders Capital

➡️ Global Founders Capital, with over two decades in the game, boasts 959 investments, 84 exits, and the backing of tech giants like Facebook and LinkedIn creators. Investing across various stages and sectors, Global Founders Capital is a powerhouse in the tech world.

Funding stage: Agnostic

Value-added beyond money: The company provides a platform that supports founders on all continents from day zero through all stages of growth, from series seed to IPO.

Notable portfolio companies: Revolut, Slack, Canva

Contacts: Contact us

14. Green Generation Fund

➡️ Green Generation Fund operates in Europe and North America, championing innovative solutions in Food Tech and Green Tech from pre-seed to Series A to promote a decarbonized world. It actively seeks investments with a significant, positive effect.

Industries: Food Tech and Green Tech

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A

Number of investments: 16

Notable portfolio companies: Libre, Koralo, and Change Foods

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

15. Atlantic Labs

➡️ Atlantic Labs early-stage VC shaping the future in climate tech, AI, and more. They are committed to carbon-neutral industries and team up with FoodLabs to tackle the climate crisis.

Industries: ClimateTech, Future of Work, AI & Data, Industrial Automation, Mobility & Logistics, Fintech & Proptech, Digital Health

Number of investments: 193

Number of exits: 18

Notable portfolio companies: SoundCloud, Clue, HeyFlow

Contacts: Contact us

16. BlueYard Capital

➡️ BlueYard Capital Berlin’s visionary venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage startups. From quantum computing to web3 infrastructure, it’s creating a decentralized tomorrow and propelling tech to new heights!

Industries: Web3, Biology, Computation & Engineering, Data

Funding stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A

Number of investments: 71

Number of exits: 1

Notable portfolio companies: Zafrens, Privy, Bit Bio

Contacts: Contact us

17. APX

➡️ APX, based in Berlin and backed by Axel Springer and Porsche pioneers, is the earliest and long-term partner for ambitious pre-seed Berlin startups. With 185 investments and 4 exits, they are crafting a legacy in the digital landscape.

Industries: Advertising, Agriculture and Farming, AI, AR/ VR, Automotive, Biotechnology, Business Software, Community and Lifestyle, Construction, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Data and Analytics, Design, Education, Energy, eSports and Gaming, Events, Fashion, Finance, FinTech, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Human Resources, Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Media/Entertainment and Publishing, Messaging and Telecommunications, Mobility, Music and Audio, Navigation and Mapping, Professional Services, Proptech, Real Estate, Science and Engineering, Security and Privacy, Sports, Sustainability, Transportation, Travel and Tourism, Web3

Funding stage: Pre-seed

Notable portfolio companies: Cycle, Flowlab, Pluto

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

18. Foundamental

➡️ Foundamental, with a $6.4 billion portfolio and $1.8 billion raised across 106 groundbreaking investments, is the heartbeat of construction tech innovation. From blueprints to breakthroughs, Foundamental is shaping the future, one investment at a time.

Industries: Construction, Renovation, Design Technology

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A + B

Number of exits: 4

Notable portfolio companies: MetaBook, Monumental, Trelar

Contacts: Email

19. Redstone

➡️ Redstone, Berlin’s VC-as-a-service game-changer, fueling tomorrow’s sustainability. Data-driven and future-focused, with 97 investments and 6 exits, it sparks connections between industry leaders and innovative founders for growth and tech advancement.

Industries: Climate, FinTech, Health, Industrial, Quantum, Built World, Social Impact, Venture Debt

Notable portfolio companies: Stylib, Quanto, Wert

Value-added beyond money: 

  • SOFIA is a data intelligence platform that helps VC drive growth, benchmark competitors, aid follow-up fundraising, and provide valuable market insights for portfolio companies. It maximizes VC investment value, ensuring effective portfolio management and successful exits.

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

What’s next

Berlin’s VC scene goes beyond the traditional, nurturing global startups and local talent. Diving into this flourishing Berlin startup ecosystem requires more than just jumping on the bandwagon—it demands securing your spot ahead of time. Remember, choosing the right investor is crucial, but it’s only part of the success formula. To truly stand out, you must grab their attention at first sight. How? Through a persuasive pitch deck that combines a compelling investment narrative with insightful visuals. 

Wondering how to craft such a deck? Our comprehensive pitch deck guide walks you through the process from start to finish. And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the details and advice, just reach out to our expert team. We’re here to provide personalized assistance and ensure an exceptional fundraising experience.

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