While Germany is known for its thriving startup scene, a recent slowdown has hit its venture capital landscape. 

  • In January 2024, there were 28 deals, down 36.4% from 44 in January 2023. 
  • However, investment value surged to $796 million in January 2024, up 33.9% from January 2023’s $594.3 million.

The government is actively working to strengthen the ecosystem of venture capital in Germany. Initiatives like the €10 billion Future Financing Act,  programs like the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and investor tax breaks help simplify regulations, attract foreign investors, promote entrepreneurship and encourage risk-taking. 

In 2024, Germany’s VC landscape shifts to the rise:

  • The later stage market is expected to dominate in Germany in 2024, projected at €2.3bn.
  • The surge in funding for tech startups in Germany, especially in Berlin, solidified its position as a top innovation hub in Europe.

To simplify your search for the right VC investors in the area,  we have curated the list of top venture capital firms in Germany, their focus and contact details.

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1. Earlybird Venture Capital

➡️ Earlybird Venture Capital, founded in 1997, is a powerhouse for European tech startups. With €2,182M in total funds raised, they actively invest in promising early-stage ventures across various sectors. Among the most notable portfolio companies are Lilium, N26, Peak Games, and OneFootball. 

Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series G

Average check size: €500K-€10M

Total number of investments: 342

Number of exits: 55

Value beyond money:

  • Vision Lab: Incubator and Impact Fund — a six-month program with workshops, mentorship, and funding to empower immigrant talent and foster a more inclusive European tech scene.

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

2. Wellington Partners

➡️ Wellington Partners is a European VC giant founded in 1998. With €1 billion under management and offices in London, Munich, and Zurich, they invest in high-growth tech, life sciences, and digital media startups across Europe.

Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: HealthTech, Tech

Funding stage: Seed – Series E

Total number of investments: 235

Number of exits: 58

Notable portfolio companies: UiPath

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn


➡️ HTGF, or High-Tech Gruenderfonds, is an early-stage startup investor in Deutschland that backs high-potential tech startups. With €1,273M under management, HTGF typically invests €600,000 in early funding, potentially scaling to €3 million per company. 

Location: Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: Industrial, Digital Tech, Life Science, Chemistry

Funding stage: Seed – Series C

Average check size: €1M

Total number of investments: 873

Number of exits: 113

Notable portfolio companies: Tubulis

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

4. IBB Ventures

➡️ IBB Ventures is a Berlin-based VC that is part of the IBB Group. For over 25 years, it has invested in tech and creative firms. With €200M under management and over 229 investments, it supports startups like Latana, Scopis, and Babbel. Backed by Investitionsbank Berlin and the European Regional Development Fund, it fuels Berlin’s growth as a key business hub.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Type: Government Office, Venture Capital

Industries: Consumer & Digital, Healthcare, Industrial Technologies, SaaS

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series C

Total number of investments: 229

Number of exits: 36

Notable portfolio companies: Jerini

Contacts: Contact-us page

5. Bayern Kapital

➡️ Bayern Kapital is Bavaria’s high-tech investor, offering financing for R&D, the market launch of new products, and product diversification. Founded in 1995, it focuses on the life sciences, software, and environmental tech sectors. With over 200 investments and €60M in total committed capital, Bayern Kapital invests in Pre-seed – Series H stages.

Location: Landshut, Bayern, Germany

Type: Government Office, Venture Capital

Industries: High Tech

Number of exits: 26

Notable portfolio companies: EGYM

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

6. Global Founders Capital

➡️ Global Founders Capital is a worldwide early-stage, agnostic venture fund that backs promising startups across all stages, from seed funding to IPOs. With €2,364M under management and over 900 investments, it has success stories like Lilium and Climeworks. Beyond funding, Global Founders Capital offers strategic guidance, network connections, and expertise to help startups scale.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Type: Private Equity Firm, Venture Capital

Funding stage: Seed – Series E

Total number of investments: 965

Number of exits: 85

Notable portfolio companies: Climeworks

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

7. Picus Capital

➡️ Picus Capital, a Munich-based VC, focuses on pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds in fintech, healthcare, and cleantech. With 289+ companies supported, it has achieved 12 exits via IPOs and M&A.

Type: Venture Capital, Venture Debt

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series A

Total fund raised: €127M

Notable portfolio companies: Alma

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

8. Point Nine

➡️ Point Nine, Berlin’s venture capital firm, primarily focuses on seed funding (think v0.9 stage) but also participates in pre-seed, Seed II, and early Series A rounds. With over 16 years of experience, €444M under management, and over 270 startups worldwide, 20-30% of its portfolio is in the US, Canada, and beyond.

Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Type: Micro VC, Venture Capital

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series A

Average check size: €500K-€5M

Number of exits: 41

Notable portfolio companies: Typeform

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

9. b2venture (formerly btov Partners)

➡️ b2venture, ex btov Partners, is a European, early-stage venture capital firm supported by an unparalleled community of angel investors in Germany. They invest primarily in the pre-seed and seed stages with the ability to invest in later stages through their Direct Investments track.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Series С

Total fund raised: €526M

Total number of investments: 236

Number of exits: 34

Notable portfolio companies: ottonova

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

10. HV Capital

➡️ HV Capital is a Munich-based, 24-year VC powerhouse that empowers startups in fintech, e-commerce, and healthcare. Their funding ranges from €500,000 to €50 million, and their expertise boasts over 435 investments and 90+ successful exits through M&A deals, including industry leaders like Delivery Hero, Zalando, and Flixbus.

Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: All stages

Average check size: €500K-€100M

Total fund raised: €2,364M

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

Early-stage startups are disrupting the German venture capital scene

However, only those that align with all the investment criteria will succeed. Before pitching, ensure your company has:

With steady government support and a promising VC scene, local startups have fertile ground for growth. 

However, early-stage startups need to check all the investment criteria boxes to thrive. Here’s what makes you raise-funds-ready:

Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to our team to help you navigate these investment criteria.

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