Known as a hub for minority-led companies, Atlanta has recently seen a significant drop in funding:  

  • In 2023, Atlanta startups raised $1.3B in VC funds, 43% down from $2.3B in 2022.
  • Black-founded startups received only $23M, a 79% drop from the $107M in 2022.

However, there is optimism for the Atlanta VC ecosystem’s fast revival, especially with early-stage funding gaining momentum:

  • Early-stage ventures raised 65% of total VC deals.
  • Southeastern seed startups secured 3% more funding compared to other US-based ventures.

Looking for venture capital firms in Atlanta? Our carefully crafted list of top investors in the area includes their investment criteria and contact details to facilitate your investor research and outreach efforts.

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1. Noro-Moseley Partners

➡️ Noro-Moseley Partners has provided early growth equity to disruptive US B2B healthcare and software ventures since 1983. With over 70 years of collective experience and IT, finance, consulting, and operations skills, NMP has built a deep understanding of venture creation, an extensive network, and a long-term perspective. 

Industries: B2B Software and Healthcare

Funding stage: Early growth equity

Average check size: $5M-$15M

Total funds raised: $227M

Number of investments: 140

Number of exits: 43

Notable portfolio companies: Red Canary, PlexTrac, CipherTrust

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

2. TTV Capital

➡️ TTV Capital, a pioneering Atlanta venture capital firm, has been investing in early-stage fintech startups since before this sector emerged. With over $750M+ in assets under management, the fund boasts a portfolio of 65+ active companies and seven unicorns. 

Industries: Fintech

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $550M

Number of investments: 138

Number of exits: 18

Notable portfolio companies: Greenlight, KOHO Financial. SmartAsset

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

3. Tech Square Ventures

➡️ Tech Square Ventures empowers early-stage B2B, tech-enabled service, and marketplace startups, further supporting their growth and scaling journey. The firm typically funds Southeastern companies and selectively invests across the US. 

Industries: Enterprise (B2B), Tech-enabled services, Marketplace technology

Funding stage: Seed, Series A

Number of investments: 119

Number of exits: 5

Value-added beyond money

  • Engage—an innovation program that offers access to market trends, corporate strategies, and key executives for growth support (learn more here).

Notable portfolio companies: Virsec, Workstream, Resilia

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

4. Borderless Capital

➡️ Borderless Capital is a leading Web3-focused venture capital firm in Atlanta. It helps build blockchain platforms, digital payments infrastructure, and hardware companies worldwide. 

Industries: Web3, Blockchain, Digital payments, Hardware

Funding stage: Early stage

Total funds raised: $900M

Number of investments: 102

Notable portfolio companies: ZenLedger, Sequoia Games, Securitize

Contacts: LinkedIn

5. Sovereign’s Capital

➡️ Sovereign’s Capital has a diversified investment focus, spanning profitable middle-market businesses, early-stage tech startups, publicly traded companies, domestic real estate, and venture/private equity funds across the US and Southeast Asia. The firm also provides business consulting services for mature companies.  

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: $300K-$3M

Total funds raised: $109.3M

Number of investments: 76

Number of exits: 11

Notable portfolio companies: Fivestar, NeuroTronik, Springbuk

Contacts: LinkedIn

6. BIP Capital

➡️ BIP Capital stands as a powerhouse of venture capital in Atlanta, GA, actively supporting tech ventures across various growth stages.

Industries: Software, Tech-enabled services

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Total funds raised: $144.8M

Number of investments: 72

Number of exits: 15

Notable portfolio companies: NFHS Network, ChartSpan Medical Technologies, Kobiton

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

7. Open Opportunity Fund

➡️ Open Opportunity Fund partners with US Black and Latino tech founders to hone their ideas and gear up growth. The firm comprises two funds: the 2020-launched Opportunity Fund with 75 companies and over $100M invested and the 2023 Open Opportunity Fund 2 with a target of $150M, offering a wider network of LPs and organizations. 

Industries: Tech-driven companies

Funding stage: Early stage

Number of investments: 62

Number of exits: 6

Notable portfolio companies: Esusu, Paystand, Squire

Contacts: Contact-page, LinkedIn

8. TechOperators

➡️ TechOperators, an Atlanta early-stage venture capital fund, backs B2B software and cyber ventures throughout the US. 

Industries: Cybersecurity, B2B Software

Funding stage: Seed-Series A

Average check size: $2M-$5M

Total funds raised: $170.2M

Number of investments: 56

Number of exits: 16

Notable portfolio companies: Endgame, Todyl, Expanse

Contacts: Email, LinkedIn

9. Engage

➡️ Engage is a pioneering corporate venture platform in the Southeast, formed by 14 Fortune 500 companies to support startups developing future enterprise technology. 

Industries: Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Big Data, Analytics & Security, Logistics & Mobility, Customer Experience, Climate Tech & Sustainability, Future of Work

Funding stage: Seed-Series B

Total funds raised: $18M

Number of investments: 55

Number of exits: 5

Value-added beyond money

  • Enterprise go-to-market program—a 10-week program that sharpens startups’ GTM strategies for better access and growth within the Fortune 500 
  • Access to Fortune 500 network 

Notable portfolio companies: Deep North, Pryon, Skyryse

Contacts: Contact-us page, LinkedIn

10. Overline

➡️ Overline invests across various sectors and business models in Southeastern pre-seed and seed ventures. 

Industries: Agnostic

Funding stage: Pre-seed – Seed

Average check size: $250K-$1.5M

Total funds raised: $27M

Number of investments: 39

Number of exits: 1

Notable portfolio companies: Grubbly Farms, HopDrive, Grayscale

Contacts: Send-your-pitch form, LinkedIn

Early-stage startups are disrupting the Atlanta venture capital scene

However, only those that align with all the investment criteria will succeed. Before pitching, ensure your company has:

If you don’t feel like tackling all these aspects on your own, reach out to our team for assistance.

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