As part of the North Texas startup ecosystem, Dallas is a hotbed for numerous accelerators and incubators. 

In 2024, the Dallas venture capital scene will be on the rise, fueled by its startup-friendly infrastructure, increasing investor attention, and thriving tech environment. This shift will position Dallas as a prominent national center for innovation.

Here’s a breakdown of some key trends:

  • VC funding is growing rapidly at 15-20% annually, driven by keen interest in local startups.
  • 25% and 30% growth for the Fintech and Healthtech sectors, trendsetting new areas for this region. 
  • 10% rise year-over-year in startup formations, promoted by tax incentives, showcases the stability of the Dallas VC landscape.

With a strong focus on early-stage funding, the city offers many opportunities for nascent innovators. If you’re looking to secure financing for your idea, check out our list of top Dallas VCs, complete with investment focus and contact details. 

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1. Tech Wildcatters

➡️ Tech Wildcatters, founded in 2009, has a record of 100+ investments and 13 successful exits. Focusing on the Seed to Series A+ stage, Tech Wildcatters funds AI, Cybersecurity, and Fintech sectors.

Notable portfolio companies: Modern, DeviceMagic

Value beyond money: 

  • Mentorship Program — a comprehensive package of guidance, funding, and connections to help B2B startups gain a competitive edge. The program lasts 3-6 months, with ongoing support from mentors after.

Contacts: LinkedIn

2. RevTech Ventures

➡️ RevTech Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that invests in retail technology companies. With over $250 million in startup capital facilitated and over 1,000 years of combined retail expertise among its mentors, RevTech Ventures has Clutch,, and arcade among its notable portfolio companies. 

Industries: E-commerce 

Funding stage: Early Stage

Total Fund Raised: $50M

Number of investments: 52

Number of exits: 5

Value beyond money: 

  • RevTech Summit unites retail leaders to explore tech’s impact on the industry. You can hear insights from industry thought leaders like Steve Dennis and Mark Matthews, 7-11, Fossil, JCP, and Samsung. It will be held this year on August 22-24 in downtown Dallas.
  • Co-working and Community —10,000 feet of low-cost private offices and co-work space in the West End, with an eclectic art collection and dedicated event areas.

Contacts: LinkedIn 

3. Goldcrest Capital

➡️ Goldcrest Capital, with 9 years of experience and $255.1M under management, is a VC that invests in the B2B, SaaS, big data, and IoT sectors. Its portfolio includes companies like Bird, Lightning Labs, and Terray Therapeutics. 

Funding stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 46

Number of exits: 4

Contacts: LinkedIn

4. Perot Jain

➡️ Perot Jain is an early-stage VC firm founded by Ross Perot Jr. and Anurag Jain. It backs innovative startups in B2B, Mobility, Healthcare, Supply chain & logistics, and Proptech. Beyond money, Perot Jain brings technology and strategic advising expertise.

Number of investments: 40

Number of exits: 4

Notable portfolio companies: Booster, Gatik

Contacts: LinkedIn

5. Blossom Street Ventures

➡️ Blossom Street Ventures is a Dallas-based VC that invests in SaaS companies with $3M to $30M in ARR. They lead to traditional growth rounds but also do ‘special situations,’ including inside, small, and fast rounds. 

Industries: SaaS, Healthcare, E-commerce

Funding stage: Series A to E

Average check size: $1M-$4M

Total Fund Raised: $65.7M

Number of investments: 40

Number of exits: 11

Notable portfolio companies: SOCi, Cordial, Teamworks

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact Form

6. Cypress Growth Capital

➡️ Cypress Growth Capital is a VC firm that specializes in royalty-based funding. For 14 years, it has invested in B2B SaaS companies and closed 10 M&A deals. Among notable portfolio companies are Greystone, ClearVoice, Surgere, and Firstclose.

Industries: B2B SaaS

Funding stage: Early Stage

Average check size: Up to $5M

Total Fund Raised: $122M

Number of investments: 31

Contacts: LinkedIn, Email

7. Anchor Capital GP

➡️ Anchor Capital GP is a Dallas-based VC that offers advisory services and investment capital for disruptive startups and their founders. The firm specializes in direct investments in startups and boasts a portfolio of 26 companies and 6 successful exits.

Industries: Food & Beverage, B2B, Tech

Funding stage: Early Stage, Late Stage

Number of investments: 26

Number of exits: 6

Notable portfolio companies: Noom, EquipmentShare, Dragos

Contacts: LinkedIn

8. Interlock Partners

➡️ Interlock Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Texas and New York. It funds the advertising, automation, and finance sectors, and its portfolio includes names like ZenBusiness and VidMob.

Funding stage: Early Stage

Total Fund Raised: $28.2M

Number of investments: 22

Number of exits: 3

Contacts: LinkedInEmail

9. Sidekick Partners

➡️ Sidekick Partners, founded in 2013, invests in early-stage consumer and technology startups. The Sidekick community members have deep networks based primarily in New York, Texas, and California. 

Number of investments: 17

Number of exits: 4

Notable portfolio companies: Banked, Rebuy Engine, Arrive Recommerce

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us page

10. Sentiero Ventures

➡️ Sentiero Ventures is a Texas-based VC powered by 20+ successful entrepreneurs, operators, and angel investors with experience in 25 industries. They invest in early seed B2B, AI-enabled SaaS startups with a product ready and evidence of commercial viability. 

Number of investments: 14

Notable portfolio companies: Velou, Trellis, Sumatra

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us page

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