The City of Angels has it all: iconic palm-lined streets, the Hollywood Hills, young talents, and cross-industry collaborations. Tech and media, fashion and tech, and other tech sectors find a place to thrive for venture capital firms of Los Angeles. Although this vibrant scene is often overshadowed by the tech meccas of Silicon Valley and New York City; LA has its own life with ups and downs in VC.

  • Despite a 2023 downturn, LA’s venture deal value rose by 38.9%, ranking second only to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • LA, a creative talent magnet, houses top universities like USC, Caltech, and UCLA, fostering startup growth.

As cross-industry collaborations thrive and more investors see LA’s unique opportunities, cut through the noise with our guide to top Los Angeles VCs. Find your perfect match with info on activity, finances, and contact details—all in one place!

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1. Strong Ventures

➡️ Strong Ventures, a California-based venture powerhouse since 2011 focused on Korean and Asian markets, fuels diverse FinTech, EdTech, and Gaming ventures. Beyond the cash, they bring hands-on support, strategic smarts, and a killer network to the table.

Type: Micro VC, Venture Capital

Industries: E-commerce, SaaS, Contents, HR/Recruiting, Innovation, Media, Social, ESG, Kids, Productivity Tools, Beauty, Sports, Pet, Sharing Economy, K-Pop, PropTech, Consumer Goods, Education, Community/Platform, Gaming, Travel, Blockchain, FinTech, Ondemnd service, Fashion, HealthCare, FoodTech, Mobility

Funding stage: Early stage, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 324

Average number of rounds per year: 25

Number of exits: 51

Notable portfolio companies: Granter, Test Valle, Shakr, Tapas

Contacts: LinkedIn, Email

2. MAGIC Fund

➡️ MAGIC Fund, early-stage VC by founders, for founders. Since 2017, it’s enchanted 150+ startups globally, sparking success with Payfazz, CAFEX, Retool, and Workclout. With 171 investments and 10 triumphant exits, MAGIC Fund turns dreams into reality, one startup at a time.

Type: Accelerator, Micro VC, Venture Capital

Industries: Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, FinTech, HealthCare, SaaS

Funding stage: Early stage, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us-form

3. Fifth Wall

➡️ Fifth Wall, a prop-tech giant since 2016, rocking $3.0B+ commitments from 90+ global partners like CBRE and Marriott. With 161 investments and 13 successful exits, they’re shaping the future with savvy bets on energy efficiency, water reuse, decarbonization, and more.

Type: Venture Capital

Industries: Real Estate, ClimateTech

Funding stage: Undisclosed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Notable portfolio companies: Soly, SolarCycle, Flyhomes, Hippo, Loft, Opendoor

Value-added beyond money: The company links portfolio businesses with decision-makers and stays involved until deals are won; backed by tech-forward corporations in the Built World, they know what to do.

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

4. Crosscut Ventures

➡️ Crosscut, tech trendsetters since ’08, rocking seed-stage in Santa Monica. Inspire, Keyway, IPSY, and WelcomeTech—are cool gems in their portfolio. Fueling growth through finance, expertise, and flagship events, CV is a total rockstar on the VC scene.

Type: Private Equity Firm, Venture Capital

Industries: AdTech, AI&ML, Climate, Consumer, Crypto, E-commerce, Enterprise SaaS, Financial Services, Gaming & Esports, HealthCare&Wellness, Internet services, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Social, Technology, Transportation, Other

Funding stage: Early Stage, Late Stage, Private Equity, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 152

Number of exits: 24

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact us

5. BAM Ventures

➡️ BAM Ventures, LA’s early-stage maestros. Founded in 2014, they back transformative tech and products like Honey and NerdWallet. Plus, their stylish bet on Away hit $1.4 billion after a $100 million boost in 2019.

Type: Micro VC, Venture Capital

Industries: Consumer, B2B Enterprise

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 151

Number of exits: 32

Notable portfolio companies: Bodo, dot. LA, Clique, Zipdrug

Contacts: LinkedIn

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6. Mucker Capital

➡️ MuckerLab, LA’s innovation hub, boosts startups with funding and a unique accelerator. Beyond Silicon Valley, they’re reshaping tech across North America. With up to $1M per deal, they’re the heartbeat of SoCal’s creative scene.

Industries: SaaS

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed to Series A

Average check size: $100K-$3M

Total number of investments: 258

Number of exits: 18

Notable portfolio companies: TaskRabbit, Tapatalk, Papaya, Dropoff

Value-added beyond money: The company’s MuckerLab, a top-ranked pre-seed accelerator, guides select startups to success and high founder satisfaction each year.

Contacts: LinkedIn

7. Upfront Ventures

➡️ Upfront Ventures, a VC giant, based in Santa Monica, since 1996 specializes in early-stage tech investments. Known for backing hits like Ring and TrueCar and balancing investments between Southern California and globally. Managed by Yves Sisteron, Mark Suster, and Kara Nortman, Upfront is a powerhouse in identifying tech unicorns.

Industries: E-commerce, Software, Internet, Healthcare

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed

Average check size: $500K-$10M

Total number of investments: 403

Number of exits: 78

Notable portfolio companies: Starbucks, GoodRx, Ring, Bird

Value-added beyond money: The company runs the yearly Upfront Summit for venture capitalists in Los Angeles, bringing together over 1,000 industry leaders. They focus on actively helping entrepreneurs in critical moments.

Contacts: LinkedIn

8. Baroda Ventures

➡️ Baroda Ventures, LA’s hotspot for digital media startups. Founded in ’98 and based in Beverly Hills, it makes waves with pre-seed and Seed investments in internet, e-commerce, mobile, and SaaS. With 60 bets and 16 exits, they’ve got notable exits like Surf Air, BLADE, and DogVacay.

Industries: Consumer Internet, E-commerce, Mobile, SaaS, Blockchain, and Digital media industries

Funding stage: Pre-seed, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 60

Number of exits: 16

Notable portfolio companies: Amplify, Bridg, Gem

Contacts: LinkedIn, Email

9. ScOp Venture Capital

➡️ ScOp Venture Capital—Santa Barbara’s hub for early-stage tech brilliance. They’re into long-term vibes, looking for companies with a killer product and a steady roadmap for the future. With 34 investments and six exits, they’re the ideal partners for your success.

Industries: SaaS

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: $500K-$3M

Notable portfolio companies: Heytutor, Procore, Ditto

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us-page

10. TenOneTen Ventures

➡️ TenOneTen Ventures is an LA based venture capital firm that turns bold ideas into reality. Since 2011, they’ve invested in 141 companies, with 24 big wins, making them a go-to for up-and-coming tech and software startups. They’re all about data, disruption, and driving success.

Type: Micro VC

Industries: Supply chain & Logistics, Real Estate & Construction, Retail & Service Industry, Media & Gaming, Healthcare, Data & AI 

Funding stage: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Average check size: $500K-$4M

Notable portfolio companies: Second Spectrum, Bridg, AirMap

Contacts: LinkedIn

11. Pritzker Group Venture Capital

➡️ Pritzker Group Venture Capital LA’s SaaS sensation! Rocking the startup scene for nearly 30 years with 234 investments and 61 exits. Recent success stories include Fleetmatics, SinglePlatform, Zinch, Playdom, LeftHand Networks, and TicketsNow.

Industries: Marketplaces, Vertical SaaS

Funding stage: Seed to Series A

Average check size: $500K-$5M

Total number of investments: 234

Number of exits: 61

Notable portfolio companies: Bird, Catalytic, Coinbase, Signal

Contacts: LinkedIn

12. Karlin Ventures

➡️ Karlin Ventures leads the way in software, e-commerce, and advertising tech. Investing from $100K to $2M and backed by Karlin Asset Management’s $1.4B portfolio, they’re more than investors — they’re your partners in success!

Industries: Enterprise software, Commerce platform, and Marketplaces

Funding stage: Early stage, Seed

Average check size: $250K-$2M

Total number of investments: 42

Number of exits: 7

Notable portfolio companies: Bridg, Imperva, FIS

Contacts: LinkedIn

13. Alpha Edison

➡️ Alpha Edison, LA’s tech trailblazers since 2016, have made 97 investments, including 29 for diversity, and achieved eight exits. Now, with the Alpha Edison II LP fund, they’re set to raise $250 million for more tech sector ventures. Join the journey!

Industries: SaaS, data, behavioural science, AI & ML

Funding stage: Early stage

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 130

Average number of rounds per year: 16

Number of exits: 15

Notable portfolio companies: Rize, Brainbase, AirMap

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us-page

14. Progression Fund

➡️ Progression Fund, founded in 2020 by and TikTok alums, is the hotspot for early-stage consumer ventures. From Gen Alpha to Millennials, they ride generational trends, making 13 investments with one exit in FinTech, E-Commerce, and EdTech. Based in Los Angeles, they bring expertise to shape the entertainment future.

Industries: Social, Gaming & Entertainment, Social Commerce & Marketplaces, Work, Wellness, Education & Food

Funding stage: Early stage, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 34

Number of exits: 3

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us-page

15. Archer Venture Capital

➡️ Archer Venture Capital rocks direct secondary investments, growth equity, and follow-on capital. With 48+ exits, 75+ managed companies, and a billion-dollar exit value, they’re the founders’ go-to. 

Industries: Data & AI, EdTech, MarTech, Consumer, Adtech, Enterprise SaaS

Funding stage: Growth stage

Average check size: $5M-$20M

Notable portfolio companies: Grammarly, BigFish Games, HubSpot, Powervision

Value-added beyond money: 

The company offers:

  • Buying shares in growing companies from founders, managers, funds, CVCs, and early employees.
  • Acting in both secondaries and ventures.
  • Giving investors cash for all or some of the investment by buying entire portfolios.
  • Helping preferred shareholders with their share in financing.
  • Giving money for events organized by the company, spreading the cash to many different owners, including employees and early investors.

Contacts: LinkedIn, Contact-us-page

16. Amplify LA

➡️ Amplify LA, a Venice-based pre-seed fund, is your launchpad for strong startup teams. Since 2011, they’ve backed dozens of companies, raising over half a billion collectively and achieving exits to Apple, Google, FanDuel, and more. From the first check to exit, Amplify LA is where success takes flight!

Type: Accelerator, Venture Capital

Industries: Consumer, Enterprise, FinTech, HealthCare

Funding stage: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Average check size: Undisclosed

Total number of investments: 158

Average number of rounds per year: 12

Number of exits: 25

Notable portfolio companies: The Flex Company, Clutter, HelloTech

Value-added beyond money: Amplify provides mentorship, from coffee meet-ups and introductions to sometimes joining as a formal advisor or executive.  

Contacts: Contact-us-page

What’s next

The future looks bright for LA’s VC scene, marked by a growing number of successful exits, notable investments, and a thriving startup culture. As the city cements its role as a significant player in the global innovation landscape, your startup’s success story is poised to unfold in the heart of its booming VC ecosystem.

Ready to make your mark in the City of Angels? With a compelling investment narrative and a robust business model, attracting the right investors is within reach. Yet, if you find it challenging and need expert advice—explore our specialized services in investor targeting & outreach and pitch deck design. We’re here to turn your story into success.

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