Explore the agtech industry—where technology merges with farming to revolutionize agriculture.

Shaping modern agriculture

The agtech industry is a hotbed for entrepreneurial and technological breakthroughs. This sector addresses global challenges like food security and sustainable farming. And, of course, significant social and environmental impact coupled with a promise for profitability attracts VCs ready to invest in cutting-edge agtech technologies.

Why it matters:

With such a flourishing future and investor interest, agtech startups have lots of opportunities to disrupt the market:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Sustainable farming solutions
  • Farm automation and robotics
  • Supply chain optimization

Between the lines:

Agtech startups get not only promising opportunities for growth but also a set of challenges like regulatory maze, problems with integration, data issues, and funding hurdles.

We’ve worked with numerous agtech startups and mastered creating businesses that captivate investors

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What we do:

We provide fundraising assistance, manage M&A deals, and deliver strong market blueprints and persuasive pitch decks.

Go deeper:

Explore our agtech market research to find useful insights on funding, market potential, and challenges.

3x growth
The agtech market is set to see triple growth by 2032.


The world population is forecasted to reach 9.7B by 2050.

Driven by a surge in sustainable farming practices and increasing global food demand

Of consumers prefer sustainably produced food.


In 2022, the global agtech sector received around $150 billion in subsidies and incentives.


Of farmers plan to adopt AI and ML in the next three years.


In 2022, the agtech venture funding comprised $10.60B

Key verticals:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Alternative proteins
  • Controlled environment agriculture
  • Digital and data-driven solutions

Leading agtech venture capital firms

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Challenges of agtech startups

Addressing these challenges helps agtech startups plant seeds of innovation and growth in the agricultural field.

Integrating into existing farm systems:

Many agtech startups suggest innovative solutions. Yet most farmers are accustomed to traditional methods.

Why it matters

Farmers’ resistance to change can cause:

  • Slow adoption rates
  • Limited market penetration
  • Negative impact on agtech innovation development

What it takes:

  • Provide training or organize educational campaigns for farmers
  • Offer trial periods (will make the transition smoother)
  • Showcase all the benefits of your solution
    Create user-friendly tech with a focus on compatibility

Consumer awareness:

The agriculture sector is highly regulated. That’s why be prepared for a turbulent ride. Introducing a new technology can be quite challenging, especially if it’s related to GMOs, pesticides, or drones.

Why it matters

Problems with compliance can lead to:

  • Legal issues
  • Delayed in product launches
  • Additional costs

What it takes:

  • Hire legal experts who are like a fish in the regulatory sea
  • Engage with regulatory bodies
  • Participate in policy advocacy for more supportive regulations
  • Conduct thorough testing
  • Obtain necessary certifications

Adhering to regulations:

Agtech solutions must be robust, scalable, and secure, especially if we are talking about such data-intensive areas as precision farming.

Why it matters:

Inefficient technologies or poor data management can lead to:

  • Ineffective solutions
  • Reduced farmer trust
  • Missed opportunities for innovation

What it takes:

  • Invest in R&D
  • Cooperate with tech companies
  • Focus on data security and privacy
  • Adopt cloud computing and AI tech (it will enhance data analysis and management for sure)

Securing venture capital:

Investors’ support is a pivotal yet challenging aspect for agtech startups.

Why it matters:

It’s a capital-intensive industry that requires a longer time to market and is subject to numerous variables (weather, market fluctuations, etc.). Thus, no proper funding, no:

  • Relevant growth and innovation
  • Easy and fast market entry
  • Competitive advantage

What it takes:

  • Develop strong business and financial models
  • Demonstrate scalability and ROI to show your project’s profitability to investors
  • Form strategic partnerships to get not only additional resources but also valuable industry insights
  • Develop pilot projects to showcase the viability and potential impact of the technology


How attractive is the industry to potential agtech investors?

The agtech industry is highly attractive to investors due to its potential for significant growth, driven by tech innovations and increasing global food demand.

If you are an agtech startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

The recent decline in venture capital investment makes it more challenging for an agtech startup to secure funds nowadays. However, the sector still attracts significant interest due to its long-term growth potential and innovations.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for an agtech startup?

Normally, it takes our team about 2-3 weeks to complete all necessary documents. But in some cases, it could take up to a month. Get in touch for further details.

What are the key mistakes agtech startups make in their pitch decks?

Many agtech pitch decks lack coherent investment narratives and appealing intros. Showing only graphs, numbers, and charts to investors is not the best option, as the new ventures must attract attention rather than make them feel bored. Also, some pitch decks don’t answer two essential questions: ‘Why now?’ and ‘What’s your vision/mission?’

How competitive is the agtech market?

The agtech industry is a battlefield—a lot of industry players are competing for a slice of this future-focused and dynamic market.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in agtech?

We help investors make effective investment choices. Our services include deep due diligence on agtech projects, followed by clear, visually attractive presentations filled with key insights. Plus, we offer full-scale fundraising services to portfolio companies in the agtech sector and beyond.

Do you provide agtech M&A support?

Yes, of course! Our experts help pinpoint the most beneficial M&A options, create compelling CIMs, and perform modeling for buy-side and sell-side deals.

Do you make intros to agtech VCs?

If the round size, team, product, etc., correspond to the investors’ needs, we can assist you in contacting famous agtech VCs. For you to know, this service is only a part of our comprehensive investor relations pack. We set up founders with investors who’ve got a soft spot for agtech, prepare them to hit it off in their initial meet-ups, and ensure everyone’s kept in the know post-deal.

Do you have available data or research to purchase on the agtech market?

Surely! Our experts offer tailored insights into the agtech market. Our research includes detailed analyses of the industry, competition assessments, and a wide view of the market, all aimed at giving you a clear advantage. Using trusted data, we guide you in navigating the world of agtech, helping you pinpoint opportunities, identify challenges, and spot current investment trends.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

Our team provides agtech growth and fundraising assistance to industry newcomers, guiding them from the initial Pre-Seed stage all the way through to Series C and beyond.

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