Beyond pills and prescriptions, the healthtech industry unlocks the future of personalized, empowered well-being.

Navigating the healthtech future

The healthtech sector takes the front seat in shaping the way healthcare services are managed and delivered. Tech advancements and a growing emphasis on personalized care drive its market growth. And this evolving landscape attracts investors who recognize industry’s potential for significant returns and societal impact.

Why it matters:

Huge investor interest and market’s dynamics presents broad horizons for healthtech startups:

  • Telemedicine platforms
  • Wearable health tech
  • AI and ML in diagnostics
  • Digital mental health solutions
  • Healthcare robotics
  • Elderly care tech

Between the lines:

From effective integration solutions to regulatory compliance, healthtech startups face a complex ecosystem that requires agility and strategy.

At Waveup, we’re experts in the healthtech funding race, turning startup projects into profitable ventures

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What we do:

Our expert team helps raise vital funding, crafts compelling healthtech pitch decks, builds robust business blueprints, and identifies prime M&A options.

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Investigate our healthtech market research for current trends, insights, challenges, and tips to attract investors.

4x growth
The healthtech market is set to quadruple by 2032.


Consumers use at least one healthtech application or device.

Powered by tech innovations, the growing healthtech demand, and a shift towards preventive medicine

Adults aged 65 and older are willing to use telehealth services.

4 million

Active users of mental health apps worldwide.


Hospitals in developed regions, implemented Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Funding for the healthtech industry reached $16.90 billion in 2022

Key verticals:

  • Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
  • Health data analytics
  • Cancer research and treatment
  • Genomic-derived testing and therapies

Leading healthtech investors

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Challenges of healthtech startups

Be aware of the top issues in healthtech to navigate them effectively.

Data privacy and security issues:

Compliance with stringent data protection laws and regulations isn’t just a requirement, but a fundamental responsibility.

Why it matters

Neglecting data privacy and security can lead to:

  • Exposing sensitive patient information
  • Irreversible damage to patient trust and confidence
  • Hefty financial penalties
  • Long-term reputational harm

What it takes:

To achieve robust data privacy and security measures, healthcare startups must:

  • Implement advanced cybersecurity protocols
  • Stay updated with relevant data privacy regulations
  • Utilize secure cloud platforms
  • Set clear security terms for third parties handling sensitive data

Tech adoption barriers:

Healthtech startups face challenges introducing innovations because traditional healthcare systems have long-standing practices and are typically resistant to change.

Why it matters

No tech adoption and scalability, no:

  • Necessary venture funds
  • Credibility in the market
  • Operational efficiency

What it takes:

  • Make a proposition based on real case studies
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers
  • Showcase projects or demo models for practical understanding

Problems with compliance:

Healthtech startups need to navigate a complex web of regulations. From data security, specific regulations of each region and timely medical certifications—compliance demands both time and financial resources.

Why it matters:

Non-compliance or a lack of necessary certifications can:

  • Disrupt startup operations
  • Result in reputational damage
  • Incur potential penalties

What it takes:

Successfully overcoming these challenges requires healthtech startups to:

  • Partner with legal experts
  • Maintain transparency in operations
  • Check the regulatory updates and adopt them (if necessary)

Investment limitations:

Healthtech startups need funding to conduct research and development, stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate their potential to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Why it matters:

Falling short on securing necessary funding can result in:

  • Slowed growth, letting competitors lead
  • Halted R&D progress
  • Missed scalability opportunities
  • Regulatory and compliance risks

What it takes:

  • Partner with established healthcare institutions
  • Define clear business strategy
  • Craft a compelling pitch deck


How attractive is the industry to potential healthtech investors?

Investors are drawn to healthtech for its innovation, digital growth, and focus on patient-centered solutions.

If you are a healthtech startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

Despite the healthtech sector’s growth potential, securing funding is not a piece of cake. Investors look for proven results, scalability, and distinct value propositions before investing.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for a healthtech startup?

On average, we handle documentation in 2-3 weeks. But sometimes it might take around a month. Feel free to ask for more information.

What are the key mistakes a healthtech startup makes in their pitch decks?

Most healthtech pitch decks miss consistent investment narrative. Plus, a weak go-to-market strategy, an unstable monetization model, and a vague funding request… All these issues leave investors in the dark, unable to find answers to their pivotal questions. And it makes VCs turn toward more compelling and promising projects.

How competitive is the healthtech market?

The healthtech market is getting crowded as demand increases and technology advances.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in the healthtech sector?

We help investors evaluate healthtech investment opportunities by conducting in-depth research and presenting valuable insights in a clear, visual format. Plus, we offer comprehensive fundraising services to healthtech ventures and related companies in our portfolio.

Do you provide healthtech startup M&A support?

Definitely, we excel in identifying M&A prospects, formulating CIMs, and evaluating financial aspects for transactions on either side of the buy-sell divide.

Do you make intros to healthtech startup VCs?

Surely! Our experts ensure connections between healthtech VCs and startups. We start with evaluating your project for the team structure, product, and capital expected to be raised. Afterward, we guide you in partnering with the healthtech VCs, fostering a productive relationship throughout and beyond the negotiation phase.

Do you have data or research available to purchase on the healthtech market?

Absolutely! We specialize in offering customized market intelligence in the healthtech sector. This includes detailed industry analysis, competition assessment, and thorough market studies, all crafted to offer you a competitive advantage. Leveraging reliable data sources, we empower you to fully understand the nuances, potential, and competitive aspects of the healthtech landscape.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

Our team stands ready to assist healthtech startups at every development phase, from Pre-Seed to Series C+ stages. We provide impeccable support in growth and fundraising, helping to steer your venture towards a prosperous future.

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