Dive into the nanotechnology industry—where manipulating materials at the atomic or molecular level unlocks vast applications across diverse sectors.

Transforming industries at the molecular level

The nanotechnology industry is making big strides in fields like healthcare, electronics, and materials. In fact, it’s a goldmine of innovation. And investors eagerly jump on the bandwagon. The wave of new developments, especially breakthroughs in medical treatments, drives the industry’s growth, making it appealing for startups.

Why it matters:

With such huge market potential, VCs enthusiasm, and global target, the nanotech industry becomes a fertile ground for founders with abundant opportunities for growth:

  • Medical applications
  • Electronics and computing
  • Energy storage and conversion
  • Materials science

Between the lines:

Be ready to address industry challenges—intellectual property, regulations, competition—as every successful journey starts with recognizing and preparing to overcome possible risks.

We’ve helped many nanotechnology startups, so we do know how to make your business successful and attractive to investors

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What we do:

Our expertise lies in securing crucial funding, M&A advisory, and devising exceptional market entry plans and persuasive nanotechnology pitch decks.

Go deeper:

Explore our nanotechnology market analysis to learn about its trends and challenges and find key advice on attracting investment.

3x growth
A threefold increase in the nanotechnology market is expected by 2030.


There are over 10K nanotechnology companies globally.

Boosted by medical innovations and the creation of advanced materials in various industries

In over 20% of drug development projects, nanotechnology is used.


Nanomedicine drugs are in clinical trials globally.


Nanotechnology enables the creation of materials that are 50% lighter yet stronger.


In 2022, the nanotechnology venture capital market size reached $2.60B

Key verticals:

  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Electronics and computing
  • Materials science
  • Energy storage and conversion

Leading nanotechnology venture capital firms

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Obstacles of nanotechnology startups

The challenges of the nanotechnology industry stem from the sector’s cutting-edge nature and a complex interplay of science, technology, and market dynamics.

Valley of death:

Nanotechnology startups usually face a funding gap between the R&D stage and commercialization—the ‘valley of death.’ To be more detailed, nanotechnology requires substantial resources for research, specialized equipment, and expert personnel, while the path to marketable products can be long and uncertain.

Why it matters

  • Investors may lack an understanding of nanotech projects’ potential and, thus, be hesitant to pour significant money into these startups.
  • The broad use of nanotechnology in many sectors makes it hard to develop a clear market plan and prove a successful business model to investors.

What it takes:

  • Develop a clear and focused proof of concept that demonstrates the application and market potential of your solution
  • Educate investors; they need to know all the unique features and future potential of your nanotechnology
  • Form partnerships with larger corporations (academic institutions also work)

Intellectual property and competition:

Problem 1: Swift tech progress attracts numerous market players, making the industry highly competitive.
Problem 2: The IP landscape is multifaceted. That’s why securing IP rights requires a deep understanding of both technology and all the legal aspects.

Why it matters

  • Competitors may copy a startup’s innovations
  • Weak IP strategies usually deter investors as they want to be sure the startup’s technology is protected
  • Startups may find themselves in costly legal battles over IP rights
  • Tough competition and lack of understanding of IP rights form significant barriers to market entry

What it takes:

  • Invest in developing strong IP strategies
  • Educate on IP matters and seek expert legal advice
  • Cater to niche markets (it will help you avoid direct competition)

Regulatory and safety issues:

Adding to the complex and evolving regulatory landscape, nanotechnology startups should also be aware of concerns about health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials in the long-term perspective.

Why it matters:

Startups may face:

  • Legal and ethical challenges
  • Potential backlash from the public
  • Problems in product approval and commercialization

What it takes:

  • Cooperate with regulatory bodies during the stage of product development
  • Conduct thorough safety testing
  • Maintain transparency about potential risks and strategies for their mitigation

Market acceptance:

Translating nanotechnology from a laboratory setting to commercial products is not that easy. That’s why founders need to think about customer education.

Why it matters:

Without consumer acceptance, nanotechnology products may fail to gain market traction that, in turn, leads to:

  • Financial losses
  • Diminished investor interest

What it takes:

  • Develop a clear value proposition (it should address market needs)
  • Engage in targeted marketing and educational campaigns
  • Build relationships with industry behemoths


How attractive is the industry to potential nanotechnology investors?

The nanotechnology industry presents a highly attractive landscape for potential investors. Significant market growth, global demand for advanced materials, and opportunities for high returns position the nanotechnology industry as a promising area for investment.

If you are a nanotechnology startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

Complex but possible. Speaking briefly, on the one hand, the process of commercialization may take a lot of time, which is a significant challenge. Yet, on the other hand, substantial market growth and vast global reach highlight the sector’s potential for investors.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for a nanotechnology startup?

On average, we handle documentation in 2-3 weeks. But sometimes it might take around a month. Feel free to ask for more information.

What are the key mistakes nanotechnology startups make in their pitch decks?

Many nanotechnology pitch decks miss essential data to showcase a robust market potential and a clear answer to the ‘Why now?’ question. Another common mistake is the absence of a cohesive and persuasive investment story. Plus, not mentioning competitors doesn’t give the VCs a clear comprehension of how a startup is going to stand out.

How competitive is the nanotechnology market?

In the nanotech industry, companies are racing to stay ahead, turning the market into a highly competitive space.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in nanotechnology?

We help investment funds dig deep into nanotechnology projects through comprehensive due diligence, ensuring they back profitable initiatives. Additionally, we roll out full-fledged fundraising support for our partner fund’s associated companies.

Do you provide nanotechnology M&A support?

Absolutely! We can help with your M&A goals, whether in the nanotechnology space or beyond. We take care of everything, from finding potential deals to evaluating them and ensuring smooth collaborations after the deal is sealed.

Do you make intros to nanotechnology VCs?

Of course! We assist you in establishing connections with the ideal nanotechnology venture capitalists. Initially, we evaluate your project based on the team structure, product, and the capital you intend to raise. Then, we steer you in collaborating with the VCs, ensuring a fruitful relationship both during and after the negotiation process.

Do you have available data or research to purchase on the nanotechnology market?

Certainly! Our specialists deliver customized insights into the dynamic nanotechnology sector. Our in-depth research encompasses a thorough analysis of the industry landscape, competitive evaluations, and a broad market perspective, all designed to grant you a distinct edge. We leverage reliable data sources to help you recognize promising opportunities and potential challenges and identify current investment trends.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

Our core proficiency lies in helping startups from the Seed to Series B growth stages within the nanotechnology industry and beyond. However, we also support businesses in Pre-Seed and Series C+ growth stages and forge ties with established companies and investment funds.

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