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Crypto & Blockchain

Delve into the crypto and blockchain revolution, where decentralized ledgers reshape trust models, ownership rights, and economic systems.

Catalyzing financial evolution

Powering ahead, the crypto and blockchain space is revolutionizing norms with top-notch security, transparent operations, and pioneering financial solutions, capturing the attention of knowledgeable investors.

Why it matters:

Unlocks numerous prospects for crypto and blockchain startups to tap into:

  • Smart contracts
  • Government services
  • Gaming and NFTs
  • Supply chain

Between the lines:

Stay on guard for challenges as they are hitting, like regulations, cybersecurity, scalability, and market volatility.

Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge needed to develop successful, investment-worthy ventures in the crypto and blockchain sectors

Funds secured
Companies boosted
Fields explored

What we do:

We aim to secure necessary financial support, assist with M&A options, and craft impeccable, insightful crypto and blockchain pitch decks and business blueprints.

Go deeper:

Explore our crypto and blockchain market analysis to learn about the latest trends, startup challenges, and critical strategies for securing investment.

68x growth
The global crypto and blockchain market could potentially grow 68-fold by 2032.


People own Bitcoin.

Powered by a surge in digital currencies and NFTs and a growing interest in DeFi solutions

Cryptocurrencies are present worldwide.


Businesses use blockchain technology in some way.


Worth of digital art was sold as NFTs in 2023.


In 2022, the crypto and blockchain industry got $6.83B in funding

Key verticals:

  • Blockchain implementation for enterprise solutions
  • Gaming and NFTs
  • Crypto exchanges and trading platforms
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) applications

Leading Crypto & Blockchain venture capital firms:

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Setbacks in crypto & blockchain startups

Despite the hype, crypto & blockchain startups face harsh realities.

Regulatory uncertainty:

Crypto and blockchain startups navigate an unclear and often unfriendly regulatory landscape, hindering investment due to potential legal and compliance risks, especially from bodies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Why it matters:

Ignoring rules or missing certifications suggests being associated with:

  • Innovation roadblock: New ideas get stuck in red tape, slowing the development of incredible new crypto ideas
  • Barriers to scalability: Regulatory issues can hinder startups entering new or current markets
  • Slow adoption: Regulatory uncertainty creates lack of customer and investor trust, affecting the adoption rates

What it takes:

  • Clear & consistent rules: Monitor industry trends and ever-changing regulations, ensure that all your potential customers and investors are on the same page
  • Talk it out: Create marketing campaigns to educate potential customers about your product and the related industry standards
    Global teamwork: Collaborate with industry pros for insights to decide on regulations matters that arise everytime

Capital limitations:

Every startup needs funds, as plants need water. So, in 2023, a sharp drop in venture capital funding for crypto startups, linked to macroeconomic factors and industry challenges, poses a threat to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Why it matters:

No funds means:

  • Projects crumble: Startups without funding shut down, taking potential breakthroughs with them
  • Market volatility: Low funds can shake the crypto market, making investors uneasy and holding back startup support

What it takes:

  • Earn trust: Be transparent, have strong governance, and show value. Investors aren’t gamblers
  • Compelling storytelling: Create a pitch deck that tells a story investors can connect with, instead of drowning them in stats and complex terms
  • Partner up: Established companies bring resources, expertise, and new markets. So collaborate

Complex technology:

Blockchain technology, with its complex features like distributed ledgers and cryptography, may be challenging for investors and customers unfamiliar with the field, as it requires a deep understanding to navigate.

Why it matters:

  • Investor fear: Jargon and unfamiliar concepts create hesitation, making it difficult to assess risks and potential
  • Scam magnet: Crypto scammers, with fake projects and phishing schemes, cause investor hesitation
  • Slow adoption: Lack of familiarity creates doubt, preventing investors and customers from embracing the benefits of blockchain on a wider scale
  • Missed opportunities: Every startup feels disappointed when they miss out on potential growth, profits, and competitive advantages

What it takes:

  • Breaking down barriers: User-friendly guides, tutorials, and platforms empower investors with clear explanations
  • Real-world relevance: Highlight practical applications for investors and potential customers to showcase blockchain’s value beyond the technical jargon
  • Community knowledge share: Partner with industry experts for advice on tech challenges, insights, and practices to enhance your product’s overall user experience for customers and reassure investors

Security concerns:

The decentralized and digital nature of crypto and blockchain technologies attracts potential threats such as hacking, fraud, and data breaches, jeopardizing the integrity and trustworthiness of the entire ecosystem of startups.

Why it matters:

Problems with security transparency always lead to:

  • Investor hesitance: Concerns about hacks, scams, and stolen funds deter investors, hindering capital inflows and stifling innovation
  • Regulatory scrutiny: Increased security risks fuel stricter regulations, potentially creating roadblocks for legitimate projects
  • Market volatility: Security breaches can trigger panic selling and destabilize the volatile crypto landscape

What it takes:

  • Enhanced security practices: Implementing robust security protocols, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs are crucial first steps
  • Transparency & education: Fostering transparency by sharing best practices, conducting security audits, and educating users about potential risks builds trust
  • Focus on user protection: Implementing robust KYC/AML protocols, multi-factor authentication, and secure storage solutions safeguards user assets


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a highly secure, unchangeable digital ledger that records transactions. It’s like a chain of connected blocks; once information is added, it’s almost impossible to change it. This makes it trustworthy for transactions or keeping important data safe.

What is cryptocurrency?

It is digital or virtual money that uses cryptography for security. It operates on a decentralized technology called blockchain, making transactions secure and independent of a central authority, like a bank. Examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How much does it cost to start a cryptocurrency?

Starting a cryptocurrency can cost a few thousand dollars for simple projects on existing platforms or potentially millions for complex ones. Cryptocurrency ecosystems include expenses for custom blockchain development, legal compliance, security, and marketing.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and traditional currency?

Cryptocurrency is digital and decentralized, using blockchain, while traditional currency can be physical or digital. Plus, it’s centralized and regulated by governments and institutions.

What are the benefits of blockchain in business?

Blockchain in business reduces fraud, ensures accurate record-keeping, enables faster transactions, and fosters trust among parties. Additionally, it allows for streamlined processes, cost savings, and improved traceability in supply chains.

How attractive is the industry to potential crypto & blockchain investors?

With hotspots in DeFi, NFTs, and eco-smart ESG apps, the crypto and blockchain sector is the gold rush for tech-savvy investors in 2024.

If you are a crypto & blockchain startup, how easy is raising funding today?

Navigating the funding maze for crypto and blockchain startups is a challenging feat! Success demands riding market waves, showcasing project uniqueness, unveiling a rock-solid business plan, and delivering a pitch that genuinely sizzles.

How long does creating a pitch deck and financial model for a crypto & blockchain startup take?

On average, we handle documentation in 2-3 weeks. But sometimes it might take around a month. Feel free to ask for more information.

What are crypto & blockchain startups’ key mistakes in pitch decks?

Most crypto & blockchain startup pitch decks miss a persuasive investment storyline and a clear market decision. Plus, a robust business strategy and proof of progress can be absent. This may lead to a shift of investors’ focus to a more promising and urgent project.

How competitive is the crypto & blockchain market?

The crypto and blockchain market is super competitive. Many startups are racing for investment and market space, driven by new tech, investor attention, and the ever-changing regulations landscape.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or invest in the crypto & blockchain sector?

In the fast-paced world of crypto & blockchain, we help investors make effective investment choices. Our services include deep due diligence on the crypto & blockchain projects, followed by clear, visually attractive presentations with critical insights. Plus, we offer full-scale fundraising services to portfolio companies in the crypto & blockchain sector and beyond.

Do you provide M&A support?

Sure thing! We specialize in pinpointing the best M&A choices, crafting compelling CIMs, and conducting modeling for buy-side and sell-side transactions.

Do you make intros to crypto and blockchain startup VCs?

Of course! We help link you up with the right venture capitalists in the crypto and blockchain space. By assessing your project’s team setup, round size, and product, we’ll guide you in partnering with investors throughout the deal and beyond.

Do you have data or research available to purchase on the crypto & blockchain market?

Certainly! Our specialists deliver customized insights into the dynamic crypto & blockchain sector. Our in-depth research encompasses a thorough analysis of the industry landscape, competitive evaluations, and a broad market perspective, all designed to grant you a distinct edge. We leverage reliable data sources to help you recognize promising opportunities and potential challenges and identify current investment trends.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

We not only assist startups through the Seed to Series B funding stages but also ensure help during pre-seed and Series C+ funding rounds, coordinating interaction with the big players and investment funds.

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