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Shaping the future of media

The media industry leads in adapting to changing customer preferences and constant tech advancements. Streaming platforms, interactive content, and data-driven insights drive its market growth, offering personalized and immersive experiences. Despite its potential, investor caution persists, as many VCs aren’t willing to open their wallets wide.

Why it matters:

Investor hesitancy emphasizes the need for startups to build compelling, evidence-backed narratives around their business models. A clear value proposition, profitability roadmap, and scalability increase the chances of successful fundraising (even in a cautious market). Additionally, the industry’s growth presents many opportunities for startups to capitalize on:

  • Exploring niche markets
  • Integrating new technology
  • Focusing on sustainability and social impact

Between the lines:

Any success comes with challenges. That’s why media startups should learn how to survive in a cutthroat market, secure the necessary funding, and balance profitability with customer satisfaction.

We’ve worked with numerous media startups, so we know what it takes to build a successful and investor-attractive company

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What we do:

We’re a one-stop shop for fundraising assistance, outsourced M&A advisory, business growth consultancy, and impeccable pitch deck design.

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Check out our media market research to discover industry trends, potential startup risks, and practical fundraising tips.

1.5x growth
The media market size is projected to reach $3.51T by 2028.


The global advertising spending in the media industry is projected to reach $1T by 2025.

Influenced by changing consumer demands, tech innovations, and the expansion of content

AI will add $2.6T to the global media industry by 2030.


People are willing to pay for personalized content.

2x growth

Global subscription streaming revenues are forecasted to double by 2025.


The global media venture capital market size was valued at $21B in 2023

With major deals covering:

  • Video
  • Film & TV
  • Music
  • Creator economy

Leading media venture capital firms

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Startup challenges to overcome

To secure your position in the media market, consider the following obstacles.

Standing out in a saturated market:

The media industry is highly competitive (aka a battlefield), making it difficult for new entrants to gain traction and build a loyal audience.

Why it matters

A highly competitive market leads to:

  • Low user acquisition
  • Problems with building brand awareness
  • Limited advertising revenue

What it takes:

  • Focus on niche markets: create a well-defined value proposition to cater to specific audiences
  • Leverage new technologies like AR/VR to create unique user experiences
  • Build a strong community: prioritize user-friendly content and audience interaction to have genuine connections with your viewers

User experience vs. monetization dilemma:

Users are bombarded with tons of ads and subscription options. It’s hard to create both an engaging and profitable user experience without intrusive advertising or costly subscriptions.

Why it matters

  • Frustration with ads leads to user churn
  • Free content models result in limited revenue streams

What it takes:

  • Explore various monetization models: consider freemium models (free features with premium upgrades), sponsorships, or tiered subscriptions with exclusive content
  • Prioritize user experience: loyal users are more likely to become paying customers if there are valuable features
  • Create data-driven advertising: craft personalized ads, making them less intrusive and potentially more relevant to users’ interests

Tech race:

The media tech world is developing by leaps and bounds, and you must keep up to stay competitive.

Why it matters:

Outdated content or a failure to leverage new tech lead to:

  • User churn
  • Loss of market share
  • Reduced investment interest
  • Lowered revenue potential

What it takes:

  • Stay informed about the industry trends to enhance your content creation and audience engagement
  • Form strategic partnerships: collaborate with tech companies to leverage their expertise and resources
  • Focus on fast adapting new technologies as they emerge

Investor skepticism:

Given the intense competition and constantly changing user preferences, it’s hard to demonstrate a clear path to profitability to investors.

Why it matters:

VCs skepticism can:

  • Restrict growth
  • Weaken competitive moat
  • Shift startups’ focus to short-term gains instead of long-term audience trust and brand value

What it takes:

  • Craft a unique value proposition
  • Showcase traction with audience engagement
  • Create a scalable business model (go beyond traditional advertising)
  • Provide market analysis
  • Build a solid competitive moat
  • Make an investor-appealing pitch deck


How attractive is the industry to potential media investors?

Although investors are cautious about pouring big bucks into media ventures, this industry has a huge growth potential with numerous opportunities for startups. Knowing how to pitch to investors helps secure capital without missing a beat.

If you are a media startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

The current market situation makes fundraising more difficult than it was in the past. However, with a compelling deck and an effective investor outreach strategy, securing funds becomes much easier.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for a media startup?

We typically finish everything in two to three weeks. However, it may take us up to a month during busy periods. For more details, please reach out to our team.

What are the key mistakes media startups make in their pitch decks?

Some decks lack a coherent investment narrative, dampening the overall impact and steering investors towards projects that showcase more clarity and promise. Second, many fail to address the pivotal ‘Why now?’ question, presenting a poor GTM strategy and business model. Finally, most media decks fail to demonstrate traction and a solid competitive moat, leaving investors hesitant about their ability to disrupt the media market and bring profit.

How competitive is the media market?

It’s highly competitive. The media industry constantly grows, attracting more and more players eager to break into this promising market.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in media?

We help VCs evaluate potential investment opportunities by conducting in-depth due diligence and presenting practical insights in a visually appealing format. We also offer comprehensive fundraising services to the portfolio companies of our partner funds.

Do you provide media M&A support?

Yes, we do! We provide M&A assistance by searching for promising deals, evaluating them, and guaranteeing successful partnerships after the deal is finished.

Do you make intros to media VCs?

Of course! We help link you up with the right venture capitalists in the media space. By assessing your project’s team setup, round size, and product, we’ll make your fundraising journey more successful.

Do you have available data or research to purchase on the media market?

Of course! Our analysts provide comprehensive media market research. It includes industry reports and competitive analysis, all aimed to set you up for success. We use reliable proprietary data to ensure a full grasp of the media industry, including market size, competition, and diversity analysis.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

Our core competency is guiding you from the Seed to Series B funding stages. However, we also support companies in pre-Seed and Series C+ growth stages, helping them forge ties with established companies and investment funds.

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