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Revolutionizing the way we play with groundbreaking gaming innovations

The gaming industry is experiencing a transformative shift powered by cutting-edge technologies and evolving consumer preferences. Virtual and augmented reality, cloud gaming, and AI-driven storytelling drive growth in the gaming market, resulting in more immersive, diverse, and accessible gaming experiences. As the gaming sector adapts to these advancements, new opportunities for innovation and disruption emerge. Waveup excels in revealing untapped opportunities in fast-growing sectors, including gaming, by harnessing market insights to enable our clients to develop and execute proven growth strategies. Our services are grounded in thorough industry analysis, offering all-encompassing assistance in planning and carrying out growth initiatives – from raising capital to identifying M&A opportunities and devising market entry strategies. No matter if you’re in search of industry knowledge or looking for personalized support, we are at your service to help you confidently navigate the ever-evolving Gaming arena.

Active gamers account for more than a third of the world’s population.


The global Esports viewership is projected to surpass 500 million by 2024.

Accelerated by technological innovation, mobile gaming, and the rise of esports

The global esports audience is estimated to have grown to 474 million in 2021 and is expected to increase to 577 million by 2024.


Half of the total revenue of the global gaming market comes from mobile games.


VR games are played by 63% of gamers aged between 25 and 34.


Gaming startups raised $10.7B in Venture Capital in 2022

With the largest deals going to:

  • Game Development Studios
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Esports Teams and Leagues
  • Gaming Hardware
  • VR and AR Gaming

Leading gaming investors we worked with

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The challenges of gaming startups

Despite the exceptional growth and transformative potential of the gaming industry, industry actors must stay alert to possible risks and specific challenges to flourish in this rapidly evolving landscape, especially when it comes to raising investments.

Quantifying player engagement

The rapid development and diverse player engagement metrics in the gaming industry can make decision-making complex, especially for prospective investors. Amid a multitude of startups, distinguishing those that truly excel in player retention and offer high potential becomes a difficult task.

Securing the right capital

In the constantly evolving fundraising landscape, it’s crucial to understand how to construct an engaging business narrative addressing the shifting investment realities, select the most appropriate funding sources, and devise a tailored gaming pitch deck that can convincingly market the business opportunity to potential investors.

Spurring innovative growth

Gaming companies must stay ahead of the curve in terms of delivering the product to the market. While there are a variety of proven go-to-market tactics and growth frameworks available, businesses often grapple with identifying the most suitable approach and answering two vital questions – when to scale and how?

How we can help

Fundraising advisory

From diligent business analysis to storytelling and financial forecasts, we’re helping founders crystallize and structure key business fundamentals and translate them into a compelling investment opportunity wrapped in a winning gaming startup pitch deck.

Due diligence and portfolio support

Evaluating potential investments, conducting thorough due diligence, and supporting portfolio companies on their new fundraising rounds.

Established companies
Growth hacking

Discovering market opportunities and developing execution strategies to build actionable and scalable blueprints for growth.


Unlocking your next stage of growth

Waveup is a leading global advisory empowering companies to fuel growth, attract investments, and secure strategic partnerships.

We turn data into business insights that drive results, helping companies excel in the competitive B2C and B2B spaces across 50+ verticals, discovering and catalizing opportunities for growth.

Our investment consulting services in gaming

Market intelligence

Fundraising support

Pitch decks

Financial models

Investor research

Growth consulting

Go-to-market strategies

Marketing/sales materials

Design support

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