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Join the fitness sector — where innovation meets dedication, transforming how we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sculpting the Future of Fitness

The fitness industry is rapidly growing. With a shift towards a more health-conscious population, tech advancements, and an increased focus on nutritional aids, the global fitness market is expected to hit $172.95B by 2028, drawing solid investor interest.

Why it matters:

There are many investment opportunities within the fitness space:

  • Boutique fitness studios
  • Wearables
  • Virtual workouts
  • Holistic and recovery fitness

Between the lines:

You should be prepared for regulatory, fundraising, and competition hurdles that may weigh heavily on your startup’s success.

We’ve helped many fitness startups, so we do know how to make your business successful and attractive to investors

Secured in funds
Ventures advanced
Industries explored

What we do:

Our expertise lies in securing necessary funding, M&A advisory, and devising exceptional market entry plans and persuasive fitness pitch decks.

Go deeper:

Explore our fitness market analysis to learn about its trends and challenges and find key advice on attracting investment.

2x growth
The global fitness market will double by 2032.


Gen Z exercises regularly or would like to start.

Fueled by the integration of wearable trackers, on-demand workout apps, and digital personal training services

People worldwide use wearable fitness trackers.


Population prioritizes wellness and takes fitness as a holistic approach.


People prefer at-home fitness due to convenience and lack of time for a gym.


Fitness startup funding reached $960M in 2023

Key verticals where funds flow:

  • Fitness apps & subscriptions
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Gyms & fitness centres
  • Activewear & fitness apparel

Leading fitness venture capital firms

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Fitness startup challenges

Here are the primary issues fitness companies face.

Market saturation:

The fitness industry is packed with established and newly-opened gyms, wellness centers, and online platforms, which creates stiff competition for new startups.

Why it matters

A crowded market leads to:

  • Difficulty building brand identity
  • Lower profit margins
  • Higher customer churn

What it takes:

  • Leverage data and AI to create customized workout plans and progress tracking
  • Build a strong fitness community for motivation, support, and accountability
  • Showcase success stories and data-driven outcomes to build trust
  • Collaborate with wellness brands, health professionals, or local gyms for broader reach

Funding limitations:

Unlike tech startups that can thrive on a laptop and internet connection, fitness businesses require significant upfront investments to lease space, buy equipment, and market themselves.

Why it matters

Lack of funding leads to:

  • Stalled launch
  • Hindered scalability
  • No marketing muscle
  • Compromised equipment

What it takes:

  • Track user engagement, growth metrics, and success stories to showcase the potential of your startup
  • Craft a compelling pitch deck and robust business model to showcase your fitness concept
  • Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to validate your concept and attract early-stage investors
  • Attend industry events, connect with potential investors, and build relationships. Your network can open doors to funding opportunities
  • Build a strong value proposition to solve a clear problem and secure investor loyalty

Regulatory challenges:

The fitness industry grows, but so do safety, certification, and business operations regulations. Additionally, physical activities have inherent risks of injury that must be managed.

Why it matters:

Difficulties with regulations mean:

  • Legal issues and fines
  • Damaged reputation
  • Limited growth potential

What it takes:

  • Stay updated with industry standards and regulations, such as data privacy, anti-money laundering (AML), and fitness certifications
  • Engage with regulatory bodies to seek clarifications and demonstrate transparency and a commitment to compliance
  • Utilize data encryption and automated compliance checks to streamline processes and reduce the risk of errors

Technology integration:

Modern fitness consumers expect digital solutions like mobile apps for booking and tracking workouts, online training sessions, and wearable technology integration for health monitoring. Startups need to adopt these technologies to remain competitive.

Why it matters:

No digitalization means no:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Customer attraction and retention
  • Business scalability

What it takes:

  • Collaborate with tech experts to fill knowledge gaps
  • Leverage data to understand users and optimize your offerings
  • Utilize cloud-based software for gym management, communication, and data storage
  • Train team members with technical knowledge and promote a collaborative culture for in-house problem-solving


How attractive is the industry to potential fitness investors?

It’s a highly attractive sector for investors due to the growing demand for overall health and wellness and the recurring revenue model of gyms and studios.

If you are a fitness startup, how easy is it to raise funds today?

It’s a tough road due to fierce competition, investor scrutiny, and current economic conditions. But there’s still room for success if you have a robust GTM strategy, solid business plan, and a compelling pitch deck.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for a fitness startup?

Our team typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete all necessary documents. But in some cases, it could take up to a month. Get in touch for further details.

What are the key mistakes in pitch decks in fitness startups?

Many decks miss essential data to showcase a clear market positioning. They also lack a persuasive investment story. If you don’t find a unique angel of how to present your solution effectively, you lose chances to fundraise successfully. One more flaw is not mentioning competitors. If you don’t know your competitors, you don’t know the market well enough.

How competitive is the fitness market?

The fitness market is highly competitive, and packed with numerous fitness options, established players, and newcomers.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in the fitness sector?

We help investment funds conduct thorough due diligence on promising fitness projects and offer complete fundraising support to their portfolio companies.

Do you provide fitness startup M&A support?

Sure thing! We help pinpoint the most relevant M&A options, craft compelling CIMs, and perform modelling for buy-side and sell-side deals.

Do you make intros to fitness startup VCs?

Of course! We help link you up with the right venture capitalists in the fitness space. By assessing your project’s team setup, round size, and product, we’ll make your fundraising journey more successful.

Do you have data or research available to purchase on the fitness market?

Certainly! Our specialists deliver customized insights into the dynamic fitness sector. Our in-depth research encompasses a thorough analysis of the industry landscape, competitive evaluations, and a broad market perspective. We leverage reliable data sources to help you recognize promising opportunities and potential challenges and identify current investment trends.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

We provide growth and fundraising support to fitness startups from Pre-Seed through Series C and beyond.

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