Pet Tech

Immerse yourself into a promising and fast-growing pettech niche, explore the hurdles, and establish your market presence in this dynamic sphere.

Revolutionize today, enhance pets life tomorrow

Venture capitalists declare code green for the pettech industry. People have always had a heart for their pets but with the recent technological advancements and changing lifestyles this affection is growing as fast as investors’ money. It seems like a gold mine with endless opportunities: smart gadgets, wearables, security/entry devices, remote interaction, and pet surveillance. Well, yes, but…

Be ready to play hard!

Even though the pettech industry is on the roll today, securing financial assistance may feel like chasing a moving target. Urge for novelty and constantly changing customer preferences have already caused funding to plummet 60% in 2023.

Plus, the market is fragmented. Yes, it lays out a banquet of diverse options on the table, but it also compromises customer trust, not to mention long-term funding. Thus…

Your main asset is an effective plan

Actionable funding strategies, complete segments and product value analysis, and tricks to tame competition, the process of entering the pettech market progresses quicker.

At Waveup, we have already helped hundreds of startups to raise over $2B in funding and accelerate growth with effective go-to-market blueprints. Let’s dig into how to get your pettech startup off the ground, making it profitable and flourishing, and check our pettech industry market analysis.

7x growth
The pettech market is projected to undergo a sevenfold growth over the following years, demonstrating a steadily ascending trajectory.


Around half of the population on Earth own a pet, offering an abundant market of potential customers filled with numerous opportunities to create value and fill gaps.


80% of pet owners express interest in various pettech solutions, demonstrating the market’s viability and potential.


The number of adopted pets surpassed one billion in 2022 alone, proving the market’s resilience during the crisis or instability.


The smart-collar segment has attracted over one billion dollars in funding, proving its attractiveness in the eyes of investors.


In 2022, the pettech industry secured $4.7B in funding

With most money injections coming to the following key verticals:

  • Wearable Devices
  • Health and Wellness
  • Smart Feeding Solutions
  • Training and Behavior
  • Pet Social Networks

Leading pettech venture capital firms

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The hardships on the way of pettech startups

Know the biggest challenges in pettech to face them head on.

Rivalry frontline

The pettech industry runs faster than a dog with a bone, and so does the competition. Finding a sparkle that can ignite the fire of customers’ interest and open investors’ wallets is a key to outwitting rivals.

Capricious fundraising

Funding has never been a stable desk. Nowadays, the pettech industry experiences a boom in fundraising, but it may not last forever. Being a specialized niche with a seasonal demand, high innovation costs and longer adaptation cycles, it may lose favor. But with a couple of good moves practiced well, this dancing desk can be balanced.

Divide and conquer marketplace

Pettech is a hodgepodge of various segments, such as pet health, wellness, tracking, and entertainment, so it’s easy to get lost. And here, startup success boils down to navigating these diverse market sectors and catering to the targeted audience’s specific needs.

How we can help

Fundraising advisory

From diligent industry analysis to storytelling and financial forecasts, we’re helping founders crystallize and structure key business fundamentals and translate them into a compelling investment opportunity framed in a winning pitch deck.

Due diligence and portfolio support

Evaluating potential investments, conducting due diligence, and supporting portfolio companies on their new fundraising rounds.

Established companies
Growth hacking

Discovering market opportunities in the market and developing execution strategies to build actionable and scalable blueprints for growth.


Unlocking your next stage of growth

Waveup is a leading global advisory empowering companies to fuel growth, attract investments, and secure strategic partnerships.

We turn data into business insights that drive results, helping companies excel in the competitive B2C and B2B spaces across 50+ verticals, discovering and catalizing opportunities for growth.

Our investment consulting services for pettech startups

Market intelligence

Fundraising support

Pitch decks

Financial models

Investor research

Growth consulting

Go-to-market strategies

Marketing/sales materials

Design support

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What makes the industry appealing for pettech financing opportunities?

The increasing number of pet owners who are willing to invest in innovative solutions for their furry companions’ health, safety, and entertainment, accompanied by technological advancement, propels the pettech industry growth, making it appealing for investors as the recent funds infusions show, being almost $5B in 2022.

What is the current size of the pettech market, and its potential for future pettech startups?

The market value of the pettech industry constituted $5B in 2022, and the segment is expanding at an annual rate of 15%. There is a plethora of directions from which you can catch a relevant opportunity: wearables, entertainment solutions, training devices, housing tech, etc.

How challenging is it to secure funding for pettech startups nowadays?

While pettech is not so popular among VCs like AI, robotics, or m-commerce, it, nevertheless, possesses a steady investor interest, with startups having a fairly good chance to raise pettech funding. While market interest is not an issue, their success story depends on the founders themselves. As their ability to communicate their project’s value to the potential investors, utilizing a comprehensive pettech pitch deck and a robust go-to-market strategy is crucial in this case.

How long does it take to create a pettech pitch deck and a financial model for a pettech startup?

Regarding the time of project execution, there are two crucial aspects: its complexity and the hecticness of our schedule. Usually, we can whip up the materials in two or three weeks, but sometimes, it may stretch to a month. So, when it comes to nailing down timelines, it’s best to negotiate everything in person.

What are the key mistakes pettech startups make in their pitch decks?

We’ve picked up on several key mistakes startups often trip up on in their pettech pitch decks. They don’t focus on the investment narration much, which can either make or break a pitch. Also, their pitch decks frequently miss the mark by leaving out vital elements like market traction and a compelling reason for why they chose this particular niche and timing.

What are the main challenges pettech startups face, and how are they tackling them?

It’s usually challenging for pettech startups to differentiate themselves in a rapidly growing market (more than 8K founders nowadays) and ensure their pettech solutions meet the customers’ needs. To address these hurdles, newcomers are doubling down on their users’ feedback to adjust their products and building strategic partnerships to enhance their market presence.

How competitive is the pettech market?

With more than 8K newcomers and 200+ top dogs, the pettech market is considered a highly competitive domain where startups are trying to stand out and outpace established companies such as PetSmart or Chewy.

What services do you provide for investors who are either considering or have already invested in pettech startups?

Supporting investment firms, we dive deep into pettech projects, conducting thorough checks to weigh up their investment potential. Additionally, from start to finish, we back the associated fund’s businesses with all-inclusive fundraising assistance.

Do you provide pettech M&A support?

Certainly, our offerings branch out to pinpointing M&A prospects, drawing up CIMs, and crunching figures for transactions on either side of the buy-sell spectrum.

Do you make intros to pettech VCs?

Of course, if your venture aligns with set criteria like round size, team composition, product viability, etc., we’re poised to bridge the gap between you and pettech VCs. Plus, we organize the first meetings between the pettech investors and the startups and provide the post-deal cooperation.

Do you provide comprehensive pettech market research on request?

We offer customized pettech market research based on the latest data. Given the market’s diversity in products, regions, and business models, we adjust our approach to meet each client’s specific needs.

Which pettech startup funding stages do you assist with?

We specialize in guiding pettech projects from Seed to Series B. Yet, our experience extends to assisting companies during pre-seed and Series C+ stages, as well as partnering with major market players and investment funds.

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