Immerse in the contech industry—where construction expertise merges with tech innovation to transform the future of building and infrastructure development.

Building a more sustainable tomorrow

The future of the contech industry looks bright. The sector redefines the way we build our world. So it’s not surprising that contech is a hotbed of innovation as it transforms traditional construction practices with cutting-edge technologies.

Why it matters:

Investors keenly eye this sector due to its significant returns and industry-wide impact. Plus, contech startups can find abundant opportunities for market entry and growth:

  • Automation
  • Digital modeling
  • Sustainable building practices

Between the lines:

Arm yourself with necessary strategies to overcome the obstacles—stakeholders may be resistant to change, the regulatory system is complex, and it’s not that easy to secure the necessary contech funding.

We’ve worked with numerous contech startups, so our team knows what it takes to build a successful and investor-attractive business in this landscape

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Sectors encompassed

What we do:

We’re a one-stop shop for fundraising assistance, outsourced M&A advisory, business growth consultancy, and impeccable pitch deck design.

Go deeper:

Check out our contech market research to discover industry trends, potential startup risks, and crucial tips on getting funding.

3x growth
By 2027, the contech market size is forecasted to triple.


4.2% increase
Of global construction costs in 2023.

Driven by the demand for sustainable construction and the adoption of digital and automation technologies

Adopting contech can lead to a 20% decrease in total construction costs.

15% rise

The adoption of digital tech (BIM and AI) is expected to grow by 15% annually.


Contech solutions are projected to reduce construction-related carbon emissions by 20%.


In 2022, contech startups secured over $5.40B in venture funding

Key verticals:

  • Building information modeling
  • Modular and prefabricated construction
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Construction management software

Leading contech venture capital firms

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Contech startup roadblocks

Addressing these challenges is pivotal for founders. It will enhance successful innovation and adoption of their technologies.

Change resistance:

Two facts you need to know about the contech industry: it’s characterized by traditional methods, and it’s resistant to change. That’s why stakeholders are usually skeptical about adopting new methods.

Why it matters

Slow adoption rates can:

  • Hinder market penetration
  • Limit growth opportunities
  • Delay efficiency gains

What it takes:

  • Demonstrate clear ROI
  • Offer trial periods
  • Crete user-friendly, easy-to-integrate solutions
  • Educate and train (if necessary) industry professionals on how to use your technology properly

Funding challenge:

Contech startups need financial backing from investors. They must spend lots of money on R&D, tech development, and scaling operations. And this is a fact. But another fact is that long development cycles and perceived risk hinder successful fund attraction.

Why it matters

Insufficient funding can:

  • Impede product development
  • Limit market reach
  • Slow business growth

What it takes:

  • Leverage targeted investor approach: pitch to VCs who are interested or related to contech, the real estate industry, etc
  • Demonstrate market need and potential: profound market understanding and clear growth potential will add to your fundraising game
  • Craft a robust business model and revenue strategy: it will help convince investors about your project’s financial viability and long-term sustainability

Complex regulations:

Be ready to survive in the sea of contech regulations. They are various and numerous: building codes, safety standards, environmental regulations, etc.

Why it matters:

Navigating a contech regulatory maze is time-consuming and costly. Plus, it may:

  • Delay product launches
  • Increase overhead costs

What it takes:

  • Hire/consult specialists in construction law and regulation
  • Actively engage with regulatory bodies
  • Participate in industry associations to stay tuned about possible changes

Integration riddle:

To integrate new technologies with existing construction processes and legacy systems, get ready to face resistance from workers. Why? Because they got used to traditional methods.

Why it matters:

Poor integration can lead to:

  • Inefficiencies
  • Reduced effectiveness of new technologies
  • Reluctance from industry professionals to adopt these innovations

What it takes:

  • Develop interoperable and modular solutions: they are easier to integrate
  • Provide comprehensive support and training: it will ensure smooth integration and show the practical benefits of new technologies


How attractive is the industry to potential contech investors?

The contech industry is highly attractive to investors. It offers promising opportunities due to the growing demand for innovative construction tech, the potential for increased efficiency and sustainability in building projects, and the large market size.

If you are a contech startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

For a contech startup, securing venture capital is a double-edged sword—there are both promising opportunities and serious challenges. Yet, with a strong market entry strategy, business plan, and financial model, chances significantly increase.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for a contech startup?

Normally, it takes our team about 2-3 weeks to complete all necessary documents. But in some cases, it could take up to a month. Get in touch for further details.

What are the key mistakes contech startups make in their pitch decks?

Mostly, contech pitch decks lack coherent investment narration. The bulk of pitch decks don’t answer the most important question—why they chose exactly this market and exactly now. Plus, they fail to show traction, robust go-to-market strategy, and relevant information, being usually overdosed with technical concepts.

How competitive is the contech market?

The contech market is a bustling innovation arena where newcomers compete with top dogs, aiming to reshape the future of construction with groundbreaking tech.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in contech?

We assist investment funds in carrying out comprehensive due diligence of promising contech projects to help decide whether the opportunity is worth investing in. We also provide end-to-end fundraising support to the partner fund’s portfolio companies.

Do you provide contech M&A support?

Absolutely! Whether you need help pinpointing M&A perspectives, creating coherent CIMs, or crafting models for buy-side and sell-side deals, we are always at your service.

Do you make intros to contech VCs?

Of course! We specialize in connecting you with contech venture capitalists who align with your project’s needs. After a detailed evaluation of factors such as round size, team composition, and product, we guide your fruitful collaboration with investors, from the initial deal discussions to long-term partnerships.

Do you have available data or research to purchase on the contech market?

Of course! Our analysts provide comprehensive contech market research. It includes industry reports and competitive analysis, all aimed to set you up for success. We use reliable proprietary data to ensure a full grasp of the contech industry, including aspects like market size, competition, and diversity.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

We offer comprehensive growth and fundraising assistance to newcomers in the contech sector, guiding them seamlessly from the initial Pre-Seed phase all the way to Series C and beyond, leveraging our network and expertise to foster success and innovation at every step.

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