Animal Health

Discover the animal health industry—where cutting-edge science solutions meet with sustainable care to revolutionize animal welfare.

Innovating animal treatment and care

The animal health industry is on the rise today. With people focusing more on livestock care and developing innovative veterinary technologies, the market is poised to expand fast. Plus, the growing variety of pharmaceutical and diagnostic solutions makes the animal health sector lucrative for potential investors.

Why it matters:

If the industry is dynamic and promising, startups get more opportunities for growth:

  • Tech innovations
  • Pharmaceutical advancements
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Nutrition and supplements

Between the lines:

Despite huge potential, standing out and succeeding in the animal health industry comes with a set of challenges like stiff regulations, competition, and tech-related issues. Plus, it’s vital to know how to secure the necessary funding.

We have experience with numerous animal health startups and understand the keys to creating successful businesses that attract investors

Funds attracted
Startups boosted
Verticals explored

What we do:

We ace the game of fundraising, M&A advisory, growth strategy consultancy, and outstanding presentation design.

Go deeper:

Dive into our animal health market research to unlock insights, trends, and the golden keys to drawing funding.

2x growth
The animal health market is forecasted to double by 2032.


Of consumers show willingness to pay extra for products from companies that care about animal welfare and sustainability.

Driven by the rising disease prevalence, government vaccination initiatives, and veterinary tech advances
20% loss

Of global livestock production because of animal diseases.

15% increase

In cattle productivity due to foot-and-mouth disease vaccination.


In 2022, the pharmaceutical segment accounted for over 40% of market revenue.


In 2022, the animal health venture funding soared to $1.75 billion

Key verticals:

  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostic technologies
  • Nutrition and supplements
  • Biotechnology

Leading animal health investors

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Animal health startups hurdles

Learning about and overcoming the following challenges can help understand the market better and get a competitive edge.

Regulations and certifications:

The animal health sector rests on a complex regulatory landscape. And startups must comply with all the relevant laws and standards to obtain necessary certifications from bodies like EMA or FDA.

Why it matters

Delays in product approval may:

  • Hinder time to market
  • Lead to legal issues and fines
  • Cause problems with farmers’ and veterinarians’ trust

What it takes:

  • Invest in regulatory expertise: it will help to stay informed and adapt to the changes smoothly
  • Cooperate with regulatory bodies at the early stages of product development: it will save your time and resources
  • Conduct thorough clinical trials: it will help with gaining stakeholders’ trust

Market penetration and trust:

The livestock industry is rather conservative. Traditional practices are rooted deeply. And it may be challenging for innovative animal health solutions to break through the walls of farmers’ and veterinarians’ resistance.

Why it matters

Failure to convince the stakeholders can:

  • Slow user adoption rates
  • Limit market potential
  • Increase marketing and education costs

What it takes:

  • Build strong relationships with key industry influencers
  • Offer trials to demonstrate your product benefits
  • Collaborate with established agricultural institutions (it will add to your credibility)

Funding issues:

Research and development, manufacturing, market-entry, etc… All this requires substantial capital investment. But with the specialized industry’s nature, securing funds becomes an uphill battle.

Why it matters:

No funding, no:

  • R&D capabilities
  • Scalability and market reach
  • Sustained operations long-term

What it takes:

  • Develop a clear, scalable business model and a robust financial plan
  • Cater to investors interested in agriculture initiatives
  • Conduct thorough market research
  • Present your animal health market analysis and project details in a persuasive and visually rich pith deck

Tech integration:

Planning to integrate new technologies like AI, IoT, or data analytics into the animal health industry? Must warn: it’s not that easy. First comes tech expertise and a clear understanding of livestock management.

Why it matters:

Technological mismatches can lead to:

  • Ineffective solutions
  • Resistance from end-users unfamiliar with tech innovations
  • Financial issues

What it takes:

  • Develop practical, user-friendly animal health solutions
  • Engage with end-users during the stage of development to receive feedback
  • Ensure training (if necessary) and support the tech integration process


How attractive is the industry to potential animal health investors?

The animal health industry is definitely on investors’ radars nowadays. It has steady market growth, global demand, and innovation potential.

If you are an animal health startup, how easy is it to raise funding today?

Raising funding as an animal health startup today can vary in difficulty. It depends on how well a startup can comply with regulations and its ability to innovate, differentiate among competitors, and adhere to market trends.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck and financial model for an animal health startup?

Our team usually needs two to three weeks to finish all the documentation. However, sometimes the time frames may stretch up to one month in case our experts have a lot on their plate, or the project is challenging.

What are the key mistakes animal health startups make in their pitch decks?

Most animal health startup pitch decks lack a persuasive investment storyline and a clear market decision. Plus, the absence of a robust business strategy and proof of progress. Like this, animal health venture capitalists don’t get the full picture and may shift their focus to a more promising and urgent project.

How competitive is the animal health market?

It’s a highly competitive industry with a diverse player base. That’s why standing out and carving out a market share may be challenging.

What services do you provide for investors looking to invest or already investing in animal health?

We help investment funds dig deep into prospective animal health projects through comprehensive due diligence, ensuring they back profitable initiatives. Additionally, we roll out full-fledged fundraising support for our partner fund’s associated companies.

Do you provide animal health M&A support?

Sure thing! Our team provides comprehensive M&A support within the animal health sector and beyond. Our pack of services includes searching for the most relevant deals, assessing their value, and ensuring smooth collaboration post-deal.

Do you make intros to animal health VCs?

Certainly! If your project aligns with such aspects as round size, team, and product, we can connect you with the most relevant animal health VCs. It’s a part of our broader investor relations package, which lines up potential investors, gets founders ready for the initial meetings, and helps forge cooperation post-deal.

Do you have available data or research to purchase on the animal health market?

Yes, we do! Our analysts ensure customized animal health market research. As this segment is multifaceted, we pay attention to every detail, including competitive analysis and industry reports. Plus, we utilize reliable proprietary data sources to help you wrap your head around the animal health scene.

Which growth stage of companies have you worked with in the past?

Our team offers growth and fundraising help to animal health startups at every stage of their growth journey, from the Pre-Seed stage all the way through to Series C and beyond.

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