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Transforming the way we wager with a new era of secure gambling

The gambling industry is experiencing a transformative shift powered by the adoption of advanced technologies and changing regulations. Blockchain, AI-driven risk assessment, and immersive gaming experiences drive growth in the gambling market, resulting in a more secure, transparent, and accessible gaming environment. As the gambling sector capitalizes on these innovations, it opens up fresh opportunities for market expansion and industry disruption. Waveup is dedicated to unearthing hidden opportunities in high-growth industries, such as gambling, and applying market knowledge to assist our clients in formulating and implementing result-driven growth roadmaps. In-depth industry analytics form the foundation of our services, delivering comprehensive support in design and execution of growth ventures – from securing funds to scouting for M&A prospects and crafting new market entry plans. Whether your needs are limited to gaining industry insights or you want to receive bespoke guidance, we are here to help you confidently navigate the dynamic Gambling landscape.

The gambling market is poised for rapid expansion and is expected to double in the next 7 years.


The gambling industry attracts a massive audience, with at least 4.2 billion individuals participating in gambling activities annually.

Accelerated by legalization, mobile technology, and growing global market

Legalizing sports betting could potentially generate $8 billion in local tax revenue in the US only.


Since 2019, there has been a 58% increase in the share of online gambling activities conducted via mobile devices.


Today, over 2800 online casinos are available for users worldwide.


In 2022, gambling startups have attracted over $5.5B from investors

Some of the notable rounds last year:

  • Jackpot – online lottery, $42M Series A
  • Betr – direct-to-consumer micro-betting platform, $30M Series A
  • – Esports odds feed provider, $3M Seed

Leading gambling investors we worked with

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The challenges of gambling startups

Navigating the dynamic terrain of the gambling industry requires agility, making startups grapple with distinct complexities when pursuing venture capital funding.

Assessing operational efficiency

The swift evolution and absence of standardised benchmarks in the gambling industry complicate decision-making, particularly for investors, hence requiring startups to clearly measure and communicate their business performance to potential funders.

Customer loyalty and retention

Building a strong brand presence and fostering customer loyalty are key challenges of gambling startups. Establishing a recognizable brand identity, creating a positive brand image, and delivering exceptional customer experiences are essential for gaining customer trust and drive strong retention.

Driving responsible growth

Companies in the gambling industry must ensure growth while upholding responsible gambling practices. Despite the availability of various market strategies and growth frameworks, the businesses we engage with often struggle to answer two pivotal questions – when should we scale, and how fast?

How we can help

Fundraising advisory

From diligent business analysis to storytelling and financial forecasts, we’re helping founders crystallize and structure key business fundamentals and translate them into a compelling investment opportunity wrapped in a winning gambling pitch deck.

Due diligence and portfolio support

Evaluating potential investments, conducting thorough due diligence, and supporting portfolio companies on their new fundraising rounds.

Established companies
Growth hacking

Discovering market opportunities and developing execution strategies to build actionable and scalable blueprints for growth.


Unlocking your next stage of growth

Waveup is a leading global advisory empowering companies to fuel growth, attract investments, and secure strategic partnerships.

We turn data into business insights that drive results, helping companies excel in the competitive B2C and B2B spaces across 50+ verticals, discovering and catalizing opportunities for growth.

Our investment consulting services in gambling

Market intelligence

Fundraising support

Pitch decks

Financial models

Investor research

Growth consulting

Go-to-market strategies

Marketing/sales materials

Design support

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