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Immerse yourself in the big data world, a realm of innovation and creativity. Stay ahead by tracking emerging trends in this fast-paced landscape, where the future of analysis and decision-making are constantly evolving.

Navigating the data-driven landscape for a smarter tomorrow

The big data industry is experiencing a transformative shift, driven by the exponential growth of data generation and the increasing need for advanced analytics to derive actionable insights. Although the big data industry faces challenges such as data privacy, security, and talent shortages, continuous advancements in data management tools, real-time analytics, and data visualization are fostering new opportunities for growth and disruption in the market. At Waveup, we specialize in uncovering the hidden potential within emerging and rapidly expanding industries like big data, using market intelligence to empower our clients with the tools they need to create effective growth blueprints. Our services are deeply rooted in comprehensive industry analytics, providing complete support in designing and implementing growth projects, such as fundraising, M&A scouting, and new market entries. Regardless of whether you seek industry insights or full-scope assistance, we are here to confidently guide you through the evolving Big Data market.

Investments in big data cost savings regulations have quadrupled since 2019.


An overwhelming 97.2% of Fortune 1000 organizations are committing resources to big data and AI investments.

Fueled by digital transformation, IoT growth, and increasing data volumes

87% of firms foresee digital disruption, yet only 44% feel prepared, signaling a need for big data analytics.


By 2025, the world is projected to house over 75 billion IoT devices, all generating massive amounts of data.

175 zettabytes

Worldwide digital data is expected to skyrocket from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes by 2025.


In 2022, big data startups attracted $13B+ from investors

With the biggest deals going to:

  • Big Data Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • E-Commerce

Leading big data investors we worked with

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The challenges of big data startups

While the big data sector presents enormous potential for growth, startups must surmount the complex task of persuading venture capitalists about their robust viability and impressive growth prospects.

Clear market positioning

The big data industry is teeming with startups, each vying for a piece of the market. The sheer diversity and competitive nature of this landscape make it a daunting task for startups to differentiate themselves.

Telling a compelling story

In the face of constant change within the fundraising sector, it’s essential to adapt and create a convincing business story that resonates with new investment norms. This calls for an emphasis on capital efficiency, anchoring your GTM strategy on partner and community drivers vs. extensively using paid channels, among other things.

Picking a growth framework

Even with a wide spectrum of vetted go-to-market tactics and growth blueprints at hand, enterprises recurrently struggle to identify the most suited strategy and tackle the two primary dilemmas – when should the growth phase kick-off and how fast should it progress?

How we can help

Fundraising advisory

From diligent industry analysis to storytelling and financial forecasts, we’re helping founders crystallize and structure key business fundamentals and translate them into a compelling investment opportunity framed in a winning big data pitch deck.

Due diligence and portfolio support

Evaluating potential investments, conducting thorough due diligence, and supporting portfolio companies on their new fundraising rounds.

Established companies
Growth hacking

Discovering market opportunities and developing execution strategies to build actionable and scalable blueprints for growth.


Unlocking your next stage of growth

Waveup is a leading global advisory empowering companies to fuel growth, attract investments, and secure strategic partnerships.

We turn data into business insights that drive results, helping companies excel in the competitive B2C and B2B spaces across 50+ verticals, discovering and catalizing opportunities for growth.

Our investment consulting services for big data startups

Market intelligence

Fundraising support

Pitch decks

Financial models

Investor research

Growth consulting

Go-to-market strategies

Marketing/sales materials

Design support

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