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Retail Analytics

Explore the retail analytics industry—where data meets retail, transforming decision-making and customer experiences.

Data-backed retail decisions

The retail analytics industry is gaining momentum due to the rise of e-commerce, AI advancements, and changing consumer preferences. As e-commerce continues going globally, the need for sophisticated retail analytics services and tools skyrockets. Predictive analytics gives retailers lots of data to analyze and base their decisions.

Why it matters:

As big enterprises no longer dominate the retail industry, more opportunities arise for new players to capitalize on:

  • Personalized customer experience
  • Inventory optimization
  • Predictive analytics for demand forecasting
  • Omnichannel analytics

Between the lines:

Not only opportunities arise but also challenges. Be ready to handle problems with customer adoption, tech integration, data security, and fundraising.

We’ve worked with numerous retail analytics startups and mastered creating businesses that captivate investors

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What we do:

We provide fundraising assistance, manage M&A deals, and deliver strong market blueprints and persuasive pitch decks.

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Explore our retail analytics market research to find useful insights on funding, market potential, and challenges.

5.6x growth
The retail analytics market is expected to reach $35.9B by 2032.


6% increase
In profitability due to data analytics in retail.

Driven by rapid digitization, increasing demand for personalized experiences, and the expanding e-commerce landscape
70% increase

In conversion rates due to personalized product recommendations.


The projected number of e-commerce users globally by 2027.


Retailers have adopted an omnichannel strategy.


In 2023, retail analytics VC funding reached $130M

With major deals covered in:

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Marketing and advertising analytics
  • Customer experience enhancement

Top retail analytics investors

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Key startup challenges

“No pain, no gain,” states the proverb, and it can’t be more true about launching a business. So, prepare to tackle the following challenges to succeed.

Securing funds:

Given a highly competitive landscape and the high level of risk, getting funded in the retail analytics industry isn’t that easy.

Why it matters

Without sufficient funding, startups may struggle to:

  • Develop their solutions
  • Scale their operations
  • Compete with other players

What it takes:

Data privacy and security:

Retail analytics companies handle sensitive customer information, so compliance with regulations and protection from data breaches are of top priority.

Why it matters

If you fail to address data privacy and security concerns, prepare for:

  • Losing customer trust
  • Legal consequences
  • Damaged reputation

What it takes:

  • Always remember about the importance of data protection measures
  • Implement robust data governance policies
  • Comply with all the necessary regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Problems with tech integration:

Successful leveraging of data analytics in retail rests on compatibility. Data is typically sourced from various sources, including POS systems, CRM software, and online platforms. Therefore, founders must effectively manage the technical aspects of integration.

Why it matters:

Technical challenges can cause:

  • Delays in implementation
  • Data inconsistencies
  • Reduced effectiveness of analytics

What it takes:

  • Utilize robust data integration tools and platforms to streamline the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing data
  • Partner with experienced technology companies
  • Leverage scalable cloud-based solutions to overcome technical barriers

Customer adoption:

It’s not that easy for startups to make retailers implement new data analytics solutions for the retail industry. Many hesitate to invest in unfamiliar technologies or lack awareness of their potential impact.

Why it matters:

Low adoption rates can:

  • Limit market penetration
  • Slow down a company’s growth


What it takes:

  • Clearly communicate your value proposition
  • Demonstrate its benefits through case studies or pilot programs
  • Provide comprehensive training and support for retailers
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